Out of the Darkness

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Chapter 21

We arrived at the clearing first and were then greeted by more men Jonathan had apparently managed to contact.

“Andrew, thank you for coming.” Jonathan said whilst shaking his hand.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Andrew replied.

Whilst the others who accompanied Andrew were introducing themselves I kept an eye on Raven to see her reaction to this. She didn’t seem happy about the extra help Jonathan managed to rope in. She met my gaze and seemed to understand the question in my eyes.

“They don’t know any of the plans, the formations, what everyone can do. This could blow everything apart.” She told me. The introductions came to a halt as everyone turned to Raven.

“That doesn’t sound very grateful.” Andrew’s friend Steven accused. Raven ignored him and turned to Jonathan.

“You may trust them but I don’t. Especially him.” She said with a pointed look at Andrew.

“Raven, these people are my friends and they have come to help us. You have no right to accuse-“

“He led the demons to your family the day your daughter went missing.” Raven interrupted and silence filled the air.

“Do you have any proof?” Jonathan asked stiffly.

“Just this.” Raven stepped forward and pressed her fingertips to his temples. I wasn’t sure exactly what she showed him but when she pulled away Jonathan was still.

“And you’re sure about this?” He asked her. She nodded. He turned to Andrew, outrage burning in his eyes.

“Jonathan, you know I wouldn’t do anything like that. We have been best friends for years! You’re seriously going to believe Raven, of all people?” He questioned.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Raven asked calmly. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that he knew of her reputation.

“Well if you trust her so much I presume she told you where she got that necklace from.” He retorted.

“We are all wearing them Andrew.” Alexander sighed.

“That’s not what I was referring to.” Andrew snarled, staring Raven down. I watched carefully, knowing full well that Raven’s temper didn’t last long when she was being accused. Jonathan stepped towards her and clasped the necklace in question in his fist, analysing it carefully. He looked in to her eyes.

“Raven?” She looked disappointed that he was rising to Andrew’s bait.

“I was given it when I was young, I took it back from the demon you were holding captive.” She explained.

“Who gave it to you originally?” Raven was about to answer, paused and then thought for a moment.

“I…I’m not sure.” She answered.

“How convenient.” Andrew commented. Raven glared at him.

“Damon must have erased that part as well.” Raven said as she turned back to Jonathan. “But I don’t understand, its just a necklace, what importance does it hold to you?” She asked him.

“It has my family crest on it.” He replied.

“Oh.” Raven looked down at it.

“So now you’re trusting a thief instead of one of you closest friends,” Andrew chimed in. Raven unclasped the necklace and let it rest in Jonathan’s hand. He looked in to her eyes for a moment, deciding who to believe. He turned to Andrew.

“Get out of here, I’ll deal with you later.” He tried interrupting him but Jonathan continued. “You are the cause of my daughter being missing all these years, you’re lucky I’m not just killing you here and now.” He threatened. A moment later, Andrew and everyone who came with him disappeared.

“Jonathan I-“ Raven began but he stopped her.

“I believe you.” Was all he said. She nodded.

We surveyed the area to check for any traps that had already been left for us by the witches. When walking further in to the clearing we heard a click beneath someone’s foot. Everyone froze. Raven’s head shot around and soon found the cause for worry. She hurried over to Alexander’s side and knelt down by his feet.

“Don’t move.” She cautioned. Lying flat against the ground she analysed the wires of the bomb Alexander just activated. Her hand dashed towards the device quickly and snapped one of the wires. “It’s deactivated, you can move now.” Alexander hesitated for a moment. “You’ve come here to help me, I wouldn’t say it was ok if there was still danger.” After a moment of looking in to her eyes, he lifted his foot. “It was only meant to be a distraction, now for the real danger.” All heads snapped to the other end of the clearing, except for Raven, whose eyes were glued to the centre of the clearing. “And so it begins.”

Just as she said that approximately ten demons transported in to the exact spot that Raven was watching. We jumped in to action immediately, with Raven taking the lead whilst some held back, our strategic planning preparing us for this. It took us only a few minutes to take out the demons and then all was silent. We re-grouped and waited for the next wave of battle.

“Why send their demon minions in first? Is it really just as a distraction?” James asked of no one in particular.

“In chess the pawns always go first.” Jonathan stated.

It was at least five minutes before anything else happened. Then everything seemed to come at us at once. There were four more waves of demons, which we took out just as easily as the first. Thankfully, Raven’s crystal necklaces also protected us from their magic. With demon corpses littering the ground it was surely time for the witches to arrive. I was right.

Their figures appeared on the far side of the clearing, all walking in a tight formation with three clear leaders at the front. Their eyes were piercing and were directed at Raven. I studied her face and noticed something flicker in her eyes. I felt a slight press on my mind, almost like a soft knock at a door. I lowered my mental shield to let Raven in.

‘My vision showed four main witches. The leader is missing.’

‘And this worries you?’ I asked curiously.


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