Out of the Darkness

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Chapter 6

After the demons left no one knew what to say. Even Jenkins was silent and that rarely happens. Raven was leant with her fist against the wall where she previously had Damon pinned by his throat. It was hard to determine her state of mind, I now knew what she meant about her family, I had no idea what I could say, none of us did, so we all stayed silent. Alexander took the Exitium from Clara and took a few steps towards Raven. Jonathan grabbed his arm preventing him from continuing, shaking his head at him. Warning him to just let her be. Ignoring him, Alexander continued towards her. He put his hand on her shoulder to get her attention. Raven looked at him questioningly. He held out the Exitium towards her.

“Let’s deal with one thing at a time, see if he’s right.” He said to her. She sighed and took it from him. There was a slight pause where we all seemed to take a deep breath. She turned one of the star points and they all extended outwards revealing a ball of golden light inside. Raven looked mesmerised and her eyes seemed to be following a trail inside of it.

“What is it showing you Raven?” I asked her, my voice barely audible.

“Everything.” She whispered.

“Will it show you who Damon has captured?” Alexander asked her and she snapped it shut.

“No, it won’t.” She said sadly. Then her head snapped up and looked at Jonathan.

“What?” He asked, his face filling with worry. Instead of answering, Raven concentrated for a moment. Then, Melanie appeared in front of her.

“Oh thank god.” Raven said as she wrapped the little girl in her arms.

“Well this is a nice greeting.” Melanie giggled as she returned Raven’s hug. “Did I miss something?” She asked, questioning Raven’s strange behaviour.

“You thought he took Melanie?” Jonathan asked her and she nodded.

“He was the one who sent the fire demons after her. I presumed her was just warning me that he could get to her and that I needed to be more careful.” She said to him.

“And that’s why you thought it was her when he said about the little girl.” Jonathan stated.

“She’s the only little girl that I know; I don’t understand who else it could be.” Raven said confused.

“Ok, I have missed something, is anyone going to explain what’s going on?” Melanie asked but received no answer.

“What about the guy?” Alice asked and she shrugged.

“What about the guy Ricky that he mentioned? Would it be him?” Tom asked.

“No, he wouldn’t make it that easy, even though I have no idea who that is.” Raven said.

“Well maybe talking to Ricky would help you trigger your memory? Or maybe he knows something?” James suggested.

“Yeah maybe, but considering Damon mentioned him then it means it’s not going to be that easy.” Raven replied.

“Is everyone else ignoring the blatantly obvious fact here?” Clara put in and I could tell that this wasn’t going to go well. “One of the most evil supernaturals that exist now has the power to destroy the world!” She yelled, glaring at Raven. “And you’re all here, sitting around feeling sorry for her because some demon is messing with her. She probably killed someone that he cares about and now he’s just getting pay back! I’m sure whoever he has captured deserve it anyway.”

At that comment Raven’s eyes darkened. Raven took a few steps towards Clara but she held her ground. Raven was right in her face.

“Did you not hear what he said? A little girl Clara. No matter who she is. No one deserves that, I know how ruthless he can be and if she says even one word out of turn, he’ll kill her.” Raven said to her, with her voice a low growl of a threat.

“And then it will be all your fault.” Clara stated.

“Clara, shut up.” I said annoyed, she was really treading on thin ice at the moment and she didn’t seem to realise how careful she needs to be. But in an instant Raven had calmed down and stepped out of Clara’s face.

“She’s right though, after all they wouldn’t have been taken if they didn’t know me. It’s just so frustrating that I don’t even know who I’m supposed to be saving! I can’t even use magic to search for them without knowing at least that.” Raven said as she sat down, looking at the floor. No one knew what to say so it was my job to step in.

“Well we can start by finding out who Ricky is. Can you bring him here like you did with Melanie?” I suggested and Raven’s head shot up.

“That’s a very good point. I should be able to. But as I don’t really know who he is…” She left the end of the sentence hanging as she looked up at Jonathan. He nodded in understanding.

“Melanie it’s time that you go home, your mum will be wondering where you are.” Jonathan said to his daughter.

“Are you kidding me? It’s just getting interesting! And I want to stay and help Raven.” Melanie said. Raven crouched down so she was at her level.

“Melanie, the best thing you can do to help me is to go home so I know that you are safe. And check in every few hours so we know that nothing has happened.” Raven said to the young girl but she still didn’t seem very happy.

“Fine. Good luck Raven.” She said as she gave her a hug. She then went to her dad and wrapped her arms round his neck in a hug whilst whispering in his ear. “Help Raven daddy, I don’t like it when she’s sad.” She had no idea that Raven could hear what she said so she pretended she couldn’t.

“Now go home honey and try to stay out of trouble.” Jonathan said to her and Melanie disappeared.

Raven concentrated for a moment and then a boy in his early twenties appeared. He was dressed in casual jeans and a White t-shirt, his hair was a mess and he didn’t look very happy to see her.

“Raven.” He said stiffly. I could tell by the tone of his voice that this was going to be interesting.

“Ricky?” She asked, still uncertain.

“Well who else would it be? You were the one who summoned me here.” He said annoyed. When Raven stayed silent he continued. “Did you know?” He asked her.

“Know what?”

“You know what I’m on about.” But when she didn’t reply again he continued, “Did you know I was a bird shifter when you pushed me off that cliff?” He looked uncomfortable asking her this. She pushed him off a cliff? I looked at Raven but she just looked confused.

“I pushed you off a cliff?” Raven asked him.

“Don’t play games Raven.” He said and Raven looked thoughtful. The expression in her eyes changed as if she had a moment of clarity.

“So you are still determined to blame me for that incident?” was her only reply.

“Incident? I could’ve died!”

“But you didn’t.” She said and muttered “Unfortunately” under her breath. “You should count yourself lucky.”

“Lucky? That my girlfriend pushed me off a cliff? And who else would I blame?” He asked disbelievingly.
“Yourself. You should really think of the consequences of your actions.” She spoke calmly.

“Me? You are saying this is my fault?” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Indeed. You should be more careful where you decide to break up with someone. Or better yet, don’t cheat in the first place. Tell me, what did you think my reaction would be, huh? You knew what you were getting in to when you first asked me out, I never hid who I was from you. Part of me thinks you did it on purpose.” His silence spoke a thousand words. “Oh my god. That’s it? You were afraid of me so you needed a reason for us to part ways? You know there are far easier ways to make that happen.” She was angry now, no make that furious, I could detect no other emotions from her although I believe I saw a flash of hurt in her eyes. “Well to answer your question, no. I did not know that you are a bird shifter when I pushed you off that cliff.” There was a slight pause before she spoke up again. “But to discuss this wasn’t why I got you to come here Ricky.” She said, much calmer now. “I need you to tell me anything that you have heard recently about Damon.” She told him.

“That demon that was always after you? Are you ok? What’s happened?” He asked, without giving her a chance to answer one question before he asked the next.

“I’m fine, but he’s kidnapped two people and completely whipped them from my memory.” She told him and he just gaped at her.

“Shit, how powerful must he be to be able to erase your memory?” He asked.

“More powerful than I thought he was. It gets worse; one of them is a small child.”

“Double shit. Raven, I’m not gunna forgive you for the past, and I doubt you’ll forgive me either. I think we should just try and move past it though. How can I help?” He asked her.

“I don’t know if you can. He only asked me if I remembered who you were and then changed the subject. Maybe he just mentioned you so we would waste some of the precious time that we have finding out what you know, to realise that you can’t help us.” She said and I could see in her eyes that she was slowly loosing hope.

“Well if these people are close to you, then wouldn’t you have pictures with them?” He asked and she shook her head.

“I’m always moving around, getting different disguises; I wouldn’t leave evidence that would link me to a different face.” She explained.

“But what other lead do we have?” He asked and I saw Raven’s eyes flicker to the Exitium for a second but they didn’t linger.

“Could that help?” Alexander asked her, obviously noticing the same thing I did.

“I honestly don’t know, I don’t know how to use it. And I’m pretty sure that’s not what it was designed for.” Raven admitted. There was a slight pause before Alexander spoke again.

“Look, we all know what it’s like to lose someone. So if that thing can help you, then you use it. It doesn’t matter what it is supposed to be used for, you need it and you are the controller. It’s come at just the right time if you ask me.” He said.

“But don’t you think it’s all a bit too coincidental? It just seems to me that I’ve just been handed the possible solution to my problems on a silver platter. Just makes me a bit cautious is all.” Raven said.

“I find it difficult to believe that.” Clara said and Raven turned to her.

“You realise he had a girlfriend right?” Raven asked her and I wasn’t sure who she was on about.

“I don’t know who you are talking about.” Clara said, avoiding eye contact.

“Yes you do. The guy that I killed that you were in love with.” Raven said simply.

“So you do know.” Was all that Clara said in reply.

“Yes, I know why you hate me, that’s why I’ve let it slide so far. I’m guessing you have no idea why I killed him?”

“Because you’re evil.” Clara replied bluntly.

“That is debatable really. But if you want to know the real reason it’s because he was possessed.” Raven tried to explain.

“Says you.”

“What reason do I have to lie to you Clara?” Raven asked. Clara stood up and took a few steps towards Raven, they were now only a few inches apart.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe because you have everyone here wrapped around your little finger! Even Alexander is being nice to you and he hates you! Guaranteed you are actually in league with that demon and the whole thing is a scam to use us all!” Clara yelled in her face.

“So what are you proposing? That I have somehow used mind control on everyone here just to use everyone in some sort of evil scheme?” Raven asked disbelievingly.

“You said it.” Clara replied. Raven was silent for a moment.

“If that were true, then how come you’re not on my side? Do you think your mind is stronger than Jonathan’s? And Adam’s? And everyone else’s?” Everyone looked at Clara expectantly. She hesitated, thinking carefully before replying.

“I see you didn’t mention anything in defence against being in league with a demon.” She said.

“Well what really can I say? Your mind is so set on that nothing I say will convince you otherwise. And besides, that rumour has been around for a long time, I’ve given up defending myself against it.” Raven replied.

“Guilty conscience setting in perhaps?” Clara persisted.

“No, it’s just exhausting. People will believe whatever they want no matter what I say or do.” During this whole conversation the rest of us had just been standing here, observing every word, but I got the feeling that it was time to step in.

“Look, Clara, there is no way that we can prove either way about Raven. We will just have to trust her and help her free these people. I believe that much is true at least.” James put in before I could say anything. Clara just glared at him.

“I think we all just need a break. Everyone just needs to go home and sleep on it. We will continue this discussion tomorrow.” Jonathan said with a note of finality in his voice.

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