Faulted Power

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When 13 year old Cat Potens runs away from her latest foster home, she doesn’t expect to find her family, much less her destiny. But a rash decision leads her to be hunted by one of the most dark Magjistar of all time.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter Four: Chet's Cottage

Chapter 4: Chet’s Cottage

The warmth vanished, the cool breeze acknowledged their presence. The sensation of falling vanished, as Cats feet were now resting on solid ground. The bright orange dust subsided in the wind, so Cat's surroundings became clear.
The fresh scent of pine, soil, and minerals filled the air. The sounds of birds chirping, water flowing, and trees dancing surrounded her. Cat looked around, they were in a forest. The forest was filled with thick trunks of wood covered in bright green leaves, vines, and dark moss. The ground was covered in dead leaves, branches, and mushy soil.
“C’mon, it will be a bit of a walk,” Chet said while nudging his shoulder down a dirt trail. Cat began to walk along the path with Chet alongside her. As they walked, Cat noticed the sound of the water flowing begin to increase in volume.
“Are we going to a river?” Cat asked.
“Yeah, there's one right next to my place.”
As they walked along the dirt trail, Chet constantly ducked under low branches of the trees preventing his fluffy orange hair from getting caught in the tree's grasp.
“Sucks to be tall,” Cat said with a smirk.
“Oh shut up,” Chet replied. “We are almost there.”
And just as he said, the trees became thinner and thinner. A few moments later, they came into a clearing. The stream that had been producing the sound had been revealed. Along the divet in a grassy mound, there was a soft flow of water caressing the smooth rocks covered in algae. Swimming about, colourful fish were chasing each other like a game of tag. Above the pond, there was a sturdy cobblestone bridge, with a half-mooned arch separating it from the stream. On each wall of the stoned bridge, a soft amber glow from the lanterns illuminated the pathway. Across the arched bridge was a small house. Only it was not only a house. It was a cottage, it was made from white bricks that were now worn and overgrown with vines and had made a home in between the brick spaces. The same shade amber that glowed up the bridge, had shined through the crystal windows that lined the small house. The roof was lined in cedar shingles with cobbled chimneys with smoke escaping them. The whole yard was covered in bright flowers and weeds. In them, there was a sudden movement.
“What was that?” Cat asked, pointing towards one the bushes of flowers.
“Those are flowers,” Chet said sarcastically.
“No, idiot, what’s the movement?”
“Probably Gerald or Al.”
“Who?” But before Chet could answer, a small creature popped out of the bush. Cat almost screamed at the sight of it. It was about a foot tall, with greyed, dry skin. It was skeletal-like and had what seemed to be a red hat on top of its head. It was holding a sharp tool in its hand that appeared to be a garden hoe. It had long bat-winged ears with golden earrings dangling off them, and a very large nose with multiple moles on it. Its eyes were bloodshot and tinted yellow with blood-red irises.
They looked almost agitated, Cat thought.
“Gerald and Al are our gardeners,” Chet said while Cat was staring at the twig-like goblin. “They’re called redcaps.”
“Is this Gerald or Al?” Cat asked.
“I dunno, you’d have to ask Evie. Chet shrugged. “It could be Gerald with earrings, but I’m pretty sure his eyes aren't that red.
“Is he nice?” Cat asked looking back into his mean eyes.
“Yeah of course. Here.” Chet said, turning towards one of the bushes which seemed to be growing some sort of purple fruit. He picked a dark purple one off the bottom of the bush and held it out in his palm for Cat to grab. “Give this to him.”
Cat grabbed the purple fruit, then looked over at the redcap hesitantly. It looked into her palm where the fruit resided and began to sniff the invisible aroma and trudge towards her.
“Don't worry, he won't bite unless you pick them up or frighten them.” The scars I’ve got from trying to get them out of the bird feeder are not pretty,” Chet said looking at his arms covered in small slivers and slices of scabs and scar tissue.
Cat turned her body towards the redcap and slowly held her hand out in front of the creature, careful not to touch or scare him. It slowly stepped on one foot at a time to get closer, then slowly waved his small hands around the fruit that made him look even smaller. Then once he got a hold of it, his eyes lightened, he rubbed his harsh, greasy forehead on Cat’s hand, and he swiftly ran back to the bushes.
“Wow, where did you get him,” Cat asked intrigued.
“I was doing research for one of my book projects and I found them starving in an old ruin in Scotland,” Chet acknowledged. “They were murderous when I found them though, Evie had to train them to be decent.”
“Yeah, wild redcaps are dangerous. They carry a scythe, kill whoever they please, and soak their hats in the blood of their victims.”
“You let me feed him!” Cat yelled.
“The worse they can do is hit your foot with their tiny garden hoe or bite your finger. Which, if you forgot already, can be healed immediately”
“How’d you even get them here?”
“Evie’s a Mythic Collector, a good one at that,” Chet said Impressed.
The cat stared at him blankly.
“A Mythic Collector is someone who collects magical objects and creatures. Like I told you, she can communicate with them and shape into them, so I sent her a letter about the redcaps. She was thrilled, redcaps are pretty rare, so she wanted the opportunity to revive the population of them because they are so endangered. So a couple of years ago, she Agjisparked them here. Now Evie just lets them roam around the garden letting them eat whatever they want. She’s pretty good at her job”
“Does she sell the things she finds?” Cat asked.
“Only the things she doesn’t keep.”
“Is she travelling right now?”
“Doubtful, she would’ve told me. Anyway, I’m starving, let’s go in,” Chet said grabbing the silver handle to the wooden door, and turned it to make a way into the cottage. Chet walked in first, then right behind him, Cat walked through the opening.
As soon as they walked in, the smell of ham and freshly baked bread wafted through the air.
Chet took in a deep breath and said with a large grin, “ham dinner tonight!”
Cat immediately noticed the walls full of books and felt a rush of excitement in her stomach. The walls mirrored the outside, but instead of moss, there were clever paintings of animals, landscapes, and portraits.
The one particular painting that caught Cat’s eye was one of two people sitting on a wooden bench. Cat could recognize Chet on the left, but there was a man on the right she couldn’t quite recognize. The floor was lined in dark wooden panels and the ceiling was covered in a flowery fabric with a small, silver chandelier hanging from it. At the end of the wall was a beautiful logged fireplace. And above the fireplace, there was another painting with Chet holding a woman, which Cat presumed to be Evie. Under the painting was a shelf that held many peculiar things including a weird whistle looking thing, some glowing pictures of Chet and Evie, and a case holding a curved stick for some strange reason.
“That’s Evie’s wand,” Chet said, noticing Cat looking at the case.
“Wand?” Cat said, looking closer at the stick. Now that she thought about it she can see a worn down handle at the end and a crack up the spine.
“Yea, it broke soon after you were born,” he said with a frown.
“Evie lost a duel with her sister and almost died.”
Cat was dumbstruck, she looked down and said, “How could you hurt your sister like that.”
“Sophia is not a kind person, she was one of Ondres followers,” Chet said with disappointment.
“When do I get to meet Evie?” Cat said, changing the subject.
Chet smirked like he was up to no good, “Eve doesn’t know you're here, I will surprise her. She thinks I invited one of my cousins.”
“Will she be mad at you,” Cat said, a little intimidated.
“Oh yea she will, she was waiting to see you since she held you last. And she was like 15 when that happened. She will probably kill me.” Cat went pale, then Chet laughed. “Eve, we’re home!.”
At the moment the sound of a squeal came from the kitchen, not a second later a pig came sprinting towards Cat. But then it stopped, looking at Cat with its black eyes. Then suddenly the pale fur darkened, the black eyes turned a bright green colour, and it became four feet taller. This was the woman from the painting, Cat thought.
“Cataracta?” The woman said in a soft tone and a harsh southern accent. She reached out to grab Cat’s face, Cat was taller than her by some so she had to straighten her back. This woman dressed as if she was from the country. She had beautiful light brown hair that fell to her waist.
“You turned out just fine, didn’t ya,” The woman said with a smile.
“My name's Evelyn, but everyone calls me Evie.
“I'm Cataracta, but everyone calls me Cat,” Cat said with a smile.
Evie's face went dark. She looked at Chet. He grinned nervously as she took her hand off Cat’s face. She ambled over to the other side of the room towards Chet.

“YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE INVITING YOUR COUSIN!” Evie yelled at the top of her lungs.
“It was supposed to be a surprise-” Chet said trying not to burst into laughter.
Chet grabbed her shoulders with his hands and said, “Evie, that was the entrance of a century?”
“Yeah, I’m sure y’all enjoyed yourselves plenty,” said Evie.
Evie looked over at Cat and said, “Who’s ready for food, I cooked up some ham.”
Chet looked up and said, “It was quite a journey, Cat and I could go for some food.”
He was right, Cat was starving, and the smell of the food made her stomach grumble. All she could think about was how good the food will taste.
“Yea, food sounds nice,” Cat said in a polite tone.
Evie walked over to the dining room, which was connected to the kitchen, and pulled out a chair for Cat to sit in. The table was already set up beautifully. The wooden spoons and forks were placed perfectly on each cloth. There were green bowls full of different Gelatines and puddings. There was an enormous bowl of fruit salad with things that seemed like they were fresh from the garden. In the middle was a perfectly roasted ham. It was outlined with vegetables to make it look even juicier.
Evie sat to the side of Cat while Chet hovered over the ham. Cat could tell he was taking in the smell because his chest rose and his. And like it was nothing, Chet waved his hand over the ham. Now the ham was perfectly sliced into many pieces. Then with another hover, the pieces of meat lifted from the tray, then made their way to the original plates. Chet made another hand movement and the fruit, vegetables, pudding, stuffing, and all the other food found their way to each plate next to the ham.

Evie and Chet looked at Cat as Chet said, “Well, dig in!” and with that Chet scarfed down his food with a big red hand mark on the side of his face. Evie looked frustrated with Chet, but he didn’t seem to notice. Evie ate formally, cutting the ham into tiny squares, then chewing with her mouth sealed shut.
“I'm 13, no need to impress me,” Cat said with a chuckle.
Evie laughed with her, and with that, she scarfed down her food even more vicious than Chet was. Cat did the same. It was even more enjoyable than Cat thought. The food on her taste buds buzzed, and the flavours jumped in excitement. The fruit was perfect.
Chet and Evie finished before her, but they stayed at the table, anyway. A minute later Cat had taken the last bite of meat her stomach could take. She was aching from being stuffed, but she loved the food so much. Evie grabbed the plates and washed them in the sink. Everything that seemed to be a metal in the normal world, was wood in this cottage. Only the
“Ready for bed?” Chet said.
Cat was super exhausted, but she didn’t think she could sleep after all that happened in the day.
Cat then, nodded her head.

, and Chet nudged his head towards the hall. Each side of the hall held a door. One in the centre, on the right, and one on the left. “Which one will I be in?” Cat asked.
Chet looked on the floor and waved his hand in motion again. The hideous carpet on the ground had turned into a trapdoor.
“This one.”
Cat was a little offended, but she walked down the set of steps, anyway. Once she had gotten down there she was immediately in love. The room didn’t have walls, but shelves upon shelves of books. Cat didn’t know how it was possible, but there was a window shining the night sky through it. There was a set of cushions that seemed to be a reading area, it had little plants and a jar of pencils on the window trim.
On the left side of the room was a big bed with blue sheets and huge white pillows. Lay on the bed were a towel, a hairbrush, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a carving knife, and a bottle of what seemed to be a perfume. On the table next to the bed, had an ancient olive-coloured lamp with a box of what seemed to be sweets. ‘
“Now you are grateful, this is my reading room, and I had to move some bookshelves to get that stuff in here,” Chet said.
Oh whatever Chet, you’re excited to see me. What’s this?” Cat asked, pointing at the box.
“That is a pack of gum,” he said with a smirk. But they have an added twist to them I think you will find rather enjoyable.
Cat looked at the box, concerned, and said, “I’ll try one tomorrow, I'm exhausted.”
Chet smiled at her and said, “Okay, but you’re getting up early for breakfast. Not my rule, Evie’s, blame her.”
Cat groaned, and said, “But, but the sleep.”
“Yea I know kid, I hate her for it too,” Chet said with a chuckle.
“All right, well goodnight Chet,” she said holding out her arms.
He gave her a grin and wrapped his arms around her.
“Goodnight kid, I'm glad we get the chance to know each other this week.”
“Me too,” Cat said with a smile. She was happy. She found a family.
Chet walked out of the room saying, “Put the candle out when you’re done.”
“Plan on it,” Cat said with a yawn.
Chet closed the door on himself, and Cat could hear his footsteps climbing the ladder.
Cat grabbed the things on the bed, set them neatly on the bedside table. She walked across the room to explore the wardrobe. When she opened, she expected to find some terrible and dusty clothes. But what she found seemed to be Evie’s old clothes. There were jeans, T-shirts, and even shorts Chet wouldn’t approve of most likely. On the bottom, there were thousands of socks, with millions of varieties. This made Cat remember when he had told her that Evie collected things. There was also a suitable amount of shoes to choose from, but Cat decided the grey sneakers would do. There was also a draw for pyjamas that Cat found, it included many onesies, some old clothes that couldn’t be publically worn, and some casual shorts and Chet’s big T-shirts. Cat wore a plain
white shirt that was about 4 sizes too big, and some shorts that Evie had picked for her.
Cat looked at the books once more, feeling a rush of excitement run through her. She saw some classics, as well as some old textbooks and stories. Cat noticed one book in particular, or more she noticed the name of the author. It was called life alone by Chet Potens. Cat was excited, but also angry. Chet didn’t tell her he was the author of a novel. She flipped to the back and saw his portrait staring back at her with his wide grin.
Cat lies down on the bed, It was not lumpy like the St. Hamlins bed, it might’ve been the comfiest bad Cat has laid in. She felt like she just fell into a cloud. And without another movement, Cat fell asleep.
Cat drifted off into a deep sleep. She was no longer in the comfortable bed, she was in the middle of the ocean, no way to escape. The blue waters crashed onto rocks, the sound of seagulls chirped, and life seemed endless. There was a cave hidden in the rocky shore. Cat needs to know what was in the cave. She heard a voice calling her name from it. “Cataracta,’ It spoke. It was so drawn, Cat needed to see what was inside. She needed to see who or what was calling her name. “Cat,” The voice said once more. Cat started going towards the cave, she couldn’t stop herself, she was just floating towards the cave. All she could hear was whispered, they were so loud she couldn’t think. They were irritating her, they wouldn’t stop. “Cat it repeated.” She was at the opening of the cave, she was about to go inside the cave. “Cat,” she heard again. She couldn’t speak or even think. Cat was now deep inside the cave. And with one more, “Cat,” big green eyes, opened before her. Then she opened hers. Chet was shaking her.
“Cat,” he said. He had a face full of worry. Cat could feel her face dripping in sweat.
“Chet,” Cat said while wrapping her arms around his neck. Giving him a firm embrace. “It was awful, I couldn’t do anything.”
“It was just a dream, don’t worry about it.” He said with an understanding smile. But Cat knew it was no dream. It felt so real. Those whispers, that cave, those big green eyes weren’t just a dream, it couldn’t have been.
“But It felt so real,” Cat said with a tear. Cat could tell it was still early, and that she had woken up Chest cause he was wearing a golden robe.
Chet yawned and asked, “What happened.”
“Well I was in the ocean, and there was this cave. These voices kept calling my name, forcing me to go inside this cave. I wasn’t alone in the cave either, I saw these big green eyes in there with me. It was whispering.”
“Don’t worry,” Chet said in a concerned tone. “You’ll be alright.”
Chet’s smile and hugged cheered Cat up, “Maybe it was just a dream,” Cat thought.
“Okay, just a dream,” Cat said with a yawn. “What time is it?”
“Around 4 in the morning,” Chet said with a laugh. “Haven’t gotten up this early in years. You gave the cottage quite a shake”
“A shake?” Cat asked with fear.
“Yea thought it was an earthquake.”
“ I'm so sorry, I didn’t know-”
“It’s alright it's right,” Chet interrupted.
“Just go back to bed for a few more hours, and I’ll see you in the morning.”
“Okay, I’ll try,” Cat said.
Chet handed her a goblet of violet liquid and said, “drink this, It will help.”
It smelt of grapes, so Cat decided it would taste like grapes too. She couldn’t be more wrong, the liquid tasted like pure cough syrup. She was disgusted but swallowed, anyway.
“What the heck was that?” Cat asked outrageously.
“It's Somnus Potion, it will calm your brain, reduce your thoughts, then put you in a deep sleep.”
“Oh,” Cat said.
Chet gave her a peck on the forehead. The world became dark, Cat became super comfortable, all of her problems and worries faded, she felt like she was floating as if the world was blank.
Cat opened her eyes, the sunlight pierced through the fake window, the sound of birds chirping and redcaps working filled her ears. She’s never had a night of better sleep in her life. It was the most relaxing thing ever. She had no dreams, just comfort. She stretched, looking at the old clock on her bedside; she saw it was 11 o’clock; she had been asleep for seven hours. She felt wide awake; she felt like she could run a mile. She rose from her bed and read the book Chet wrote. She soon figured out it was about his life. It was an autobiography. She soon found out his birthday was August 23rd or 2 days before hers. He grew up with his parents, his sister, and his brother, her father. There were pictures of Cat’s grandparents and aunt, but the picture of her father was completely scratched out. But she noticed a scar on his cheek.
A smell erupted from nowhere. It was the smell of sausage, eggs, and toast. Cat knew Evie was cooking up breakfast. Cat a placed her book on her bedside table and walked up the ladder to the hall. The smell got even stronger. Cat’s stomach growled as she saw Evie cooking in the kitchen. Juicy, brown sausages were sizzling on the pan, the perfectly toasted toast was placed on three plates, crispy bacon was resting next to the sausage, perfectly fried and scrambled eggs were sitting on the plate next to the toast.
“Rise and shine,” Chet said from the dining table, lowering the newspaper he was holding. His big white grin lightened the room.
“Good Morning,” Cat said, giving him a wide smile.
“I see the potion worked.”
“Yes, very well.”
“Yea,” Cat said, sitting down. “You didn’t tell me you were an author, Chet.”
“I dab into the arts of words every once in a while.”
“I read one called Life Alone.”
“Yes, that’s my autobiography. Just tells you everything I told you already.”
“Well, I didn’t know my father was a dragon trainer, and I didn’t know you were in a coma from a duel you had lost to my dad.”
“Well, I felt that was a tough subject to discuss.
“Chet, I want to know everything. I'm a tough girl, I can handle it.”
Chet set down his newspaper, The Magjistar Gazette, and finished chewing his sausage. He cleared his throat and said, “Everything I know is just a theory. Anything anyone knows is a theory, Everything I told you was facts, You don’t need to be worrying about that.”
“But Chet, I hate not knowing things,” Cat said with a pouty tone.
Chet laughed and said, “I’ll tell you everything that I know, but if you want to know the theories and rumours, then there’s a book downstairs about it. It looks in the H’s until you find hidden theories, then flips over to the C’s till you find Cataracta Potens.”
“ I'm in a book?” Cat said before she got out of her seat and ran.
“EY!,” Evie yelled. “Eat your breakfast before you go back.”
“Oh yeah, sorry I forgot,” Cat said walking back to the table.
“Just got a little excited.”
“Yea, well Chet and I are gonna go on a walk while you read,” Evie said while setting Cat’s plate with 2 omelettes resting on it. Cat scarfed down the food just as vigorously as Evie. When Cat was finished she saw Evie look half proud, half surprised. Then she put her plate in the wooden rack, then ran downstairs to the reading room. She searched hundreds of books in the H section, finding things that she will read later. Finally, she found a book called, “The Hidden Theories of the Magjistar World, 21st Century Addition By Tevyn Harkins. Cat flipped to the C’s. After a minute she found it.
Summer has come, it was hot. Chet had stopped giving Cat lessons on different subjects saying, “It's summer break.”
Cat didn’t get the chance to finish middle school because well she didn’t even know where the nearest one was, so she had gotten lessons from Chet. Even though it’s true, summer break is here, Cat couldn’t help herself, she loved to learn, she wanted to know more about The Magjistar World. She soon found out Magjistar had their independence day in August. She’d learned there was a war in the 13th century with the non-Magjistar. They’d lost, which caused Magjistar to go into hiding, securing their independence on that day.
Outside you can see the garden starting to bloom, you could see redcaps sweating and cursing at the heat, you could see a perfect river that Chet and Evie would swim in often, making them extra happy. Chet said the water has magical properties that enhance moods and energy. Cat learned to believe everything Chet told her because she didn’t know what was possible anymore. The one time she went into the river, she did feel more positive, but she didn’t know if it was the water, or she was just having fun.
Summer at the cottage was perfect, the best Cat had ever experienced. Chet and Evie were the best people Cat had ever met. Their relationship was beautiful, they loved to be close and love each other. Every weekend they’d go out and eat together, and leave Cat alone at the cottage. She used this time to read up about the world. Cat had learned so much. She learned about Magjistar history, she read all the types of powers they could have (Casters and Elementals being the most common and even Magjistar currency.
The currency Magjistars used was called Malemia. Mal for short. In the same book, it showed how much each was worth in USD:

United States Dollar (USD)
Ɇ1 Eris=$0.27
Ꞡ 1 Genti=$1.89
Ⱥ 1 Arum=$13.23
ᵯ 1 Mantum=$92.61

This made Cat wonder how she was going to pay for all her school supplies, and she wasn’t so keen on asking Chet for any. Cat wasn’t sure what Chet’s income was like, but based on what she knew; he only had an author's salary, because he was a retired Clavier. Evie also kept more stuff than she sold.

“Chet, Evie?” Cat asked one morning during breakfast.
“Yes, babe,” Evie said, turning away from her pancakes.
“I was reading last night, and I read about Magjistar currency. Which made me wonder how I'm going to pay for my school supplies and my tuition.”
“Oh hun,” Evie said with a slight snort. “You have money all ready for you to spend at the bazaar.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’ve got plenty, you're lucky to have come from a dense and rich Magjistar family. Your grandparents were wealthy people, and when they died their Mal went to your dad because he is the oldest. But now that your dad is out of reach, all of your Mal is waiting in an account waiting for you to take.”
“Mal?” Cat asked.
“Yea, In your world, you call it Quarts and Ickles,” Chet said proudly.
“Oh yeah, I forgot I read that you call It Malemia instead of money,” Cat said. “And Chet, It Quarters and Nickels, not Quarts and Ickles.”
“Anyway,” Chet said, taking the attention away from his mistake.
“You’ve got plenty of Mal to spend on school tuition and supplies.”
“And even if you didn’t, we would be happy to pay for you hun,” Evie said happily.

That night Cat woke up. It was very late, and her throat was very dry. She hopped out of bed to go get a glass of water.
As she lifted the trapdoor open she noticed Chet’s and Evie’s bedroom light was on from under the door. Voices came from behind the door. Cat didn't want to be nosy, but she couldn’t resist temptation. She pressed her ear against the door, waiting to hear clearly.
Evie was crying
“It’s alright, we will figure it out,” Chet said with a letter in his hand.
“Roth said it, we will never have a child,” Evie said pointing at the letter. “ I'm incapable.”
Tears were starting to run down Chets face too. This was none of Cat’s business, she forgot the water and went straight back down to the reading room.
Cat couldn’t believe it, Evie and Chet wouldn’t ever have a child. She laid in bed until the thought drifted from her mind as she went back into a deep slumber.
The next morning Evie and Chet were their usual selves, pretending nothing happened the night before. Cat accepted it, as it was probably one of the worst things to ever happen to them.

It was Evie’s birthday today. This was when Cat found out Chet and Evie were a little insane. Instead of surprising Evie with a cake and a present. Chet spent a month planning for it. It was going to be the biggest one yet. Evie loved animals and candy. So he knew exactly the thing. He had learned a spell that would turn the entire forest into a Candyland. He would turn the entire forest into candy then he would get her a graffilius, which is a very rare, bluebird, with magical powers invested in their blood, feathers, and saliva. They were very expensive, but Chet had an excellent amount of money saved for her birthday every year. He ended up spending about 57 mentums on him. Then she decided to name him Tweety, even though he made less of a tweet and more of a squawk. Cat nicknamed him Toot. Cause he let one rip every once in a while.
Every morning Chet, Evie, and Cat would all take a walk in the forest. Evie would find animals that were hurt lost and she would bring them back to the cottage, and she’d paint a landscape if they haven’t seen it before. Chet would gather unique resources like wood, stones, and water supply. He’d also write details in his journal about nature and feelings for his books. Cat would explore the forest, then climb trees and hills.
The forest was a beautiful gift from mother nature. The green never ended, the colourful insects flew around everywhere, the waters rushed against the land, and it made Cat feel home. Chet enjoyed showing Cat different spells and charms. He even let her attempt one, which she failed most of the time. The one time she managed to do any sort of spell was when Chet tried to push Cat into the river. She had managed to float above the water for a few seconds before falling into it scraping her knee.
Cat enjoyed life at the cottage. She was never hungry, she always had fun, and there were fresh things to learn every day. Cat knew it would end and even though she was sad. She was excited her adventure would start; she was ready to go to the Academy she’s heard so much about. Cat was eager to learn magic like Chet and Evie have shown so much of. Chet had told her he had a best friend named Liam that had worked there. He told her about how they were troublemakers and they’ve gotten a lot of detentions together. Which Chest seemed to be proud of. Evie said once Cat had accepted her powers, it would be super simple. But she had no clue what her powers were. Which made Cat angry, and she even stopped believing them. But she remembered she can’t talk to the redcaps and break a chain without touching it. She also felt a power in her veins when she was angry, which she had promised Chet not to use cause she could go bad like her father. Cat knew she wouldn’t. She wouldn’t even think of killing someone as innocent as the people he’s killed, like her mother. She didn’t understand why he did that to her. All she did was care for him and their daughter. Cat remembered when she felt alone because her mother was gone, then she blamed it on her father. She would be sure to kill him if they’d ever meet. But now that Chet and Evie were in her life, she saw the good in them and felt that they cared for her deeply, even if they’d just met two months ago.
It was time summer was ending. August had hit Cat and Chet where to go get her supplies for the Academy in a few days. Then Cat would be on the ship to the Academy. Cat still could not use her power. Cat knew she’d be the only one in the Academy who’d not be able to use her powers. The first day was on her birthday, so Chet and Evie decided they’d celebrate the day before. Cat said she wanted nothing, but she knew they were planning something huge. Which she kind of enjoyed even though she hates attention. Chet and Evie were very open and loved to celebrate every holiday. It seemed there was a holiday almost every day at t the cottage, if there was a holiday somewhere in the world they would find out about it, and celebrate it. Some days Evie made-up holidays like Pie day, where Evie made hundreds of pies, or like Fly day, where Chet, Evie, and Cat all went flying magic carpets Chet enchanted.

Cat wakes up extra early that morning to prepare for the Academy. She quickly changed into her uniform and turned on the radio to her favourite station. As she listened to the sounds of the guitars Blair she heard an angry Chet yell, “Turn it down, we need sleep.”
“Not today you need to help me get ready to go to the Academy.”
“Ugh, but I don’t want to.”
“But you’re going to because you can’t, let your niece miss the ship.”
“I’ll be up in a minute, just let me sleep.”
“But Chet.”
“What Cat.”
“It’s my birthday today.”
After she said this, there was silence. Then she heard the trapdoor open. A voice saying, “all right hun, we will dis as girls. Chet isn’t so keen on helping you pack at 5 in the morning.”
It was Evie; she had bags under her eyes, and she yawned with every minute. “Oh, and happy birthday.”
“Thank you,” Cat said with a smile.
“Your welcome,” Evie said with a long yawn. “Haven’t been up this early since our last night terrors.”
“ I'm sorry, it’s just I don’t want to be late, and I don’t want to forget anything.”
“No no, It’s fine. I won’t see you until Christmas, so I want to spend as much time with you as possible.”
Cat smiled and said, “Thank you so much for this.”
“You're very welcome,” Evie said with another yawn. “I'll brew up some tea while you finish packing your uniforms.”
Evie climbed the ladder back through the trapdoor slowly, it seems for the first time, Evie was tired. Over the summer Evie never seemed to be tired or seemed to lose any energy whatsoever. She was super energetic and was always up for a run.
Cat put several rolls of parchment, quills, led pencils, a ton of books on Magjistar, and she even found a little pocket she could put her Putatio Dust in.
Steps could be heard from the other side of the room where the ladder was, Evie had come back. “Breakfast and tea will be ready in half an hour,” she said.
“Yes!,” Cat said enthusiastically.
Evie laughed and said, “Would you like me to get your supply list from upstairs.”
“Yes, please,” Cat said.
“All right, I’ll be back,” Evie said, climbing the stairs again.
Cat couldn’t think of anything she forgot, so she began looking at the bookshelves to find books she’d want to read at the Academy, so Evie didn’t have to send her books immediately.
Cat knew she’d be taking Chet's autobiography, The hidden theories and myths of the Magjistar world 21st-century edition by Tevyn Harkins, A history of Magjistar by Catherine Mateth, and The unleashing of power by Dylan Potens. She Found that book about a week ago and found out her great uncle was an author who had the same problem as Cat, and he wrote his experience In the book. It shows how he used his emotions to overcome. He was what’s called an Orensial. It’s what She thinks Cat is, but everyone else thinks she’s an Arsenal. “
Evie came back down the ladder saying, “breakfast is ready. I also couldn’t find your note, so while you go eat Ima look down here.”
“Okay, thank you,” said Cat with a smile.
“No problem at all.”
Cat climbs the ladder once more to go get breakfast. Once she’s up, she runs to the table where only one plate sat. It felt weird eating alone, but Cat knew they were tired. Cat heard screams from downstairs. Evie was howling in pain. Cat ran down them as fast as she could, Chet was already there. You could see his orange dust fading away.
“It’s okay Hunny, you’ll be alright,” Chet said to her. He looked over at Cat and said, “Evie is a little sick.” Evie was on the floor, very pale. She didn’t seem too happy to be awake. Chet murmured under his breath, and Evie and Chet agjisparked out of the room. Cat knew they’d just agjisparked to their room, so Evie can lie down. Cat walked up the ladder to go see what was happening. When she entered the room, she saw Chet at his brewing station brewing some potion. In a few minutes, he got a silver goblet and poured a blue liquid into it. He walked over to Evie and said, “Here’s a Draft of Sana.” She drank it in two gulps and fell asleep.
“What was that,” Cat asked Chet.
“It was a potion of sana. It will heal her. She gets sick every once in a while.”
“You remember when I told you about the duel Evie had with Sophia?”
“Yes I do.”
“Well, to have a wand, you must need your Magjistar stone. I'm guessing you’ve read about those”
“Yea, every Magjistar has a stone they need to control their powerfully.”
“Yea, but if your stone breaks, you’ll die. Evie had her stone in that wand.”
“Where is it now?”
Chet looked over at the bed where Evie laid, making sure she was asleep. Then he walked over the wall and waved his hand. Where there was once a wall, there was now a vault door. He waved once more, then the door opened. It was filled with nothing, nothing at all, but a small green stone at the end. Chet walked in and picked it up. It was tiny but brightly glowing green. It lit up Chet’s hand. Cat noticed at the edge, there was a bolted crack running up the side. “I keep it in here to prevent Evie from using it.”
“Can she still use her powers?”
“She can’t turn into anything huge, like dragons or bears. She can talk to them, but it’s like a whisper. Her powers are faulted, just like yours.”
“Is she going to be okay?”
“Yes, she will be. But it seemed to be worse this morning.”
“So she will not die?”
“NO!” Cat had never heard him yell, it was scary. “She will not die, ever!.”
“Okay, well,” Cat said while Chet walked over to his desk to grab a piece of parchment. He began to write with a big green quill. Chet dipped his quill in his ink, then he wrote. After a few minutes, Chet folded parchment in half, set it on the bedside table, then kissed Evie on the forehead. He and Cat walked out of the room, closing the door.
“Go finish your breakfast,” Chet said, seeing that her plate was full.
“Okay,” Cat said.
“I’ll get you a letter, so you can stop worrying about it.”
Cat sat down at the dining table and finished eating the cold breakfast Evie had made her. After a minute she finished and put her plate in the plate rack. Chet came into the room with the list in hand. “Got it, you used it as a bookmark for one of your books.”
“Yes hun”
“I think maybe you should just drop me off at the ship and come back here to take care of Evie.
“No, she’ll be fine. You need me now. That potion lasts a few weeks, and I made a lot of extras. Plus” Chet reached in his pocket and pulled out a heart-shaped locket. When Evie’s in anger, or she’s sad this thing vibrates and it will take me to her location.”
“That’s adorable, you guys truly love each other.”
“Yes, I love her more than anything.”
Cat beamed at him and said, “ I'm all packed, is there anything else.”
“I guess not,” Chet walked over to the front door.
They left the cottage, Cat knew it would be her last time for a long time. This made her sad, but she was excited to go learn how to ride dragons, agjispark, and even to the assignments given.
They walked on the cobble, crossed the wooden bridge, and into the same area Cat had entered the cottage for the first time a few months back. Chet held his hand out to Cat. She grabbed his palm, knowing what would happen. Chet looked towards the sky, smiled, then closed his eyes. A warm breeze flooded the air, orange dust surrounded them, then the ground disappeared from beneath their feet.

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