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There is a fine line in drowning in hate and disappearing into the nothingness. For the small Omega born into a Beta Family, Orion Starr, his life has been filled with nothing but bullying and torture from everyone in his Pack. The kids at school tease and bully him nonstop while most of the adults act as if he doesn't exist. Orion always felt like an outsider in his own home, always the smallest, always the weakest. Then when the Rouges came and killed Orion's older sister when he was still just learning to shift, things took a turn for the worse. His parents could no longer love him, they could no longer love themselves. They took to beating the little Omega blaming him for his weakness. Leaving Orion with no hope. After two years of Alpha camp the Alphas twin sons are coming home. Jaxson and Jace King are the next in line to be the new Alphas of the Windsong Pack and they take their position very seriously. When they come back to the Pack Lands they find that their nee found ideas need to be placed on hold to find their Mate. It troubles them that even after their 18th birthday they had yet to find their missing piece. Attending High School as seniors would not only allow them to get reacquainted with their Pack but hopefully find their Mate. When the twins run into a frightened Orion in their first class of the day, what happens to the three of them?

Fantasy / Other
Heather Punko
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Chapter One

All right everyone!!! This is the Edit I have been promising I hope you enjoy :)

[Orion’s POV]

The alarm blaring in my ear woke me from yet another strange dream. I had been having the same strange dream of two beautiful golden Wolves coming for me. They came in the night to save me from the nightmare that has become my life. I knew it hadn’t always been this way but it had been so long since I had a good mother and father that I couldn’t seem to remember a time when I felt their love for me. I guess it was never there.

I winced as I sat up, well at least I knew I was awake and not dead. I could hear the others in my family getting up and I quickly scrambled to move to the kitchen to start breakfast for them. I didn't need any more broken bones and bruises before school.

Thankfully they didn’t require much in the morning, since it was only 6 of us, and I wasn't allowed to eat at the house. Only at school. My parents and three older brothers were usually in a hurry to leave in the morning so they never wanted a big breakfast.

The oldest of my brothers, Julius was 28 and still searching for his Mate, but our mother had confidence that he would meet her soon. Julius was your typical Beta ranked Werewolf. He was 6ft 5inches of solid muscle and thought of nothing but training with the other Wolves to better the Pack. He was in line to take Head Warrior position in the next year or so Goddess willing he finds his Mate. It was a condition of any Ranked Wolf, they had to have their Mate to be chosen for the position.

My second oldest brother was Gabrial, he was only a year younger than Julius and he was too busy with studying Humans to care for finding a Mate. While he held a Beta bloodline, he was a softer Beta, as our mother called him. He was usually the one to look after me when our mother decided to take her anger out on me. He was the closest family I had.

Finally, there was my last brother, Kinder. Everyone called him Kin, but I called him the devil. He was the biggest bane of my existence and has been for years. He was the biggest of my brothers and he had a temper that outshone any in the Pack. He was in line to be the next Lead Beta of the Pack , second only to the Alphas of our Pack, who happened to be away at Alpha camp at the moment. Our parents couldn’t be any prouder of their precious son. He was their golden boy that could do no wrong.

Then there was me, the smallest and weakest in this testosterone over powered family of meatheads. I never asked to be born the ONLY Omega in an ALL-Beta family but that is what happened. There had been another in our family, my brothers and I once had a sister, Kelani. I remember her better than I can remember my mother’s smiling face. Kelani was Kinder’s twin, but she had died in a Rouge attack 5years ago trying to keep me safe. It had been a very horrible night and I have paid for it dearly every day since.

I never asked her to do that. I never asked for Kelani to try to save me. I never wanted any of this. For her sacrifice I was blamed by my own family and they turned on me, well Kinder and my own mother did at least. Cilla, my 'mom' tended to beat me anytime one of my brothers found themselves in trouble for something. It had become a hobby for her, while my 'father and eldest brothers turned a blind eyes to it all.

Kinder didn’t give a shit. He blamed me for Kelani's death and he despised me. Julius and Gabrial were more than apologetic tended my wounds whenever they had been the cause. Apologizing for their fuck-ups. Not that it mattered anyway it was an Omegas job right? At least it was my job. To take the beatings for those higher than them.

Sighing I went back to fixing everyone’s breakfast and scurrying from the kitchen to get ready for school myself. I didn't want to miss my own breakfast.

*************Time skip to school ************

When I rushed into my first period class, I was thankfully one of the first ones there. I rushed to my seat in the back to throw my bag by my chair, thankful I had gotten my window seat. The only one I ever really had to argue with it for was my best friend who should be coming in through the door in ...



“You BITCH!!” a female voice shouted to me as my best friend Cassie came running up to punch me in the arm lightly and hug me tightly. She knew not to punch too hard or she would break something.

I giggled at her antics as she threw herself into the seat next to me a sour look on her face. “Don’t look so down, we will trade tomorrow.” I said pulling on her long red hair as the rest of the class filed in. I always loved to play with her deep red hair.

The teacher came in, his face looking a little flushed and highly embarrassed as he stood in front of us. He cleared his throat as everyone sat down and looked up at him. He was clearly nervous about something and we were all very curious as to what was going on with him. He was usually a hard ass with us but at the moment he seemed to be very shaken at what he had to say to us next. It was very unusual.

“Today class we will be welcoming two new students to the school. They will be joining us very soon, but I wanted to warn you now that I suggest you behave yourselves.” he said before a knocking could be heard at the door. I could see him visibly flinch and begin to sweat as he rushed to the door to let the people on the other side inside. The other students were whispering with each other about the possible new students that were about to walk in. For some reason his words made my Wolf perk up, as he scented the air. He stood in my mind to begin pacing slowly, his attention on the door.

When the teacher came back, he was followed by the hottest two guys I had EVER seen in my entire life. Both had honey golden hair, with green hazel eyes that were searching the room for something. They both stood an easy 6ft 6inches and their bodies screamed Alpha, with all those muscles. There was something about them that was drawing me to them and had my Wolf whimpering inside of my head. He was not cowering in my head like I would have thought he would have but was paying close attention to the two that were searching the room intently, trying to discreetly sniff the air in the room. They were looking for someone very specific and I had a strange feeling in my gut. My own Wolf was pacing and whimpering almost like he wanted out. Like he wanted to go to these two strangers. Which was not like him at all.

However, I was very shocked and surprised when those two sets of identical hypnotic green hazel eyes landed on me and a set of growls filled the classroom. Everyone’s absent chatter seemed to die away and from where I was sitting ss did the entire world. Because the next thing I knew the two absolutely mesmerizing males were standing right next to me, their eyes flashing colors, their chests booming with growls, as the one word that I never thought I would ever hear slipped from their mouths in unison ......

“Mate” They growled lowly, getting shocked gasps from everyone in the room.

I felt my world go suddenly black as my body hit the floor of the classroom.

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