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The Ninth Dimension

By Jay Orion All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Ally Ducharme finds herself in an anthropomorphism. Her story restarts into a place named Inner Elemente, the most mystic place of Planet Elemente. Fragments of stories, ideas, names are drawn out of time written in the stars and cast for Ally as she goes to the Transcendent of Life in hopes of being granted a wish. Her wish is to regain her lost memories along with two other companions Spring and Peter. When Ally finally rediscovers her past, she is given a burden unlike anyone else and must do everything in her power to help the burdened and stop the one responsible for creating such a crime. Join Ally in her mindless journey to recover her memories and solving the problems that could potentially destroy the universe!

Chapter 1: Discoveries

Elemente Magicians' Motto: Magic taken to the next level

She was breathing heavily as she ran. There was absolutely no way she could win. At least she used that spell preventing her enemies to move dimensions. She waved her wand quickly, sending a powerful wave of clear energy at her greatest enemy, but the man blocked the spell easily.

"Say goodbye! You are in the way of my plans!" a man shouted.

"Wait! Let me say one more thing." she answered.

"What is it?" the man sneered.

"For as long as my spirit lives, you will never have access to what you treasure!" she shouted back, "And my last spell prevents you from moving dimensions!"

"Who do you think I am? I will find a way to get what I need!" the man sneered. He waved his demon scepter and with a violent twist in the air, she disappeared.

"Is she alive?" a boyish voice inquired, "She's not breathing!"

"I think she's dead." a girl answered. They were in the middle of a field of grass on their knees.

"Can I stick my fingers in her nostrils, Spring?" the boy asked.

"Peter, no!" Spring shouted back. The sound of a hand slapped at another and Peter saw his hand in the hands of his predator.

"Just because she's dead does not mean you can play with her like a toy!" Spring scolded Peter.

"Hmph! I wish this galactic isolation was over. I want to go back to school!" Peter answered.

"What? We are safe here! We can't let anyone in or out even if they are our own people. It could be a trap!" Spring answered, "Only the most powerful of our people can enter. At least that's what mother said."

"Why do you always talk about your mother? She's not that great... and you sound way smarter than you look." Peter answered.

"Come on, Peter! You know who my mother is? You know who I am, don't you?" Spring asked.

"Ya, ya, ya, yak. Speaking of yak, do you have yak cheese?" Peter asked.

Spring whipped out a book out of her handbag and whacked Peter on the shoulder.

"Yak cheese, is that all you can eat?" Spring asked, "Forget it! Be grateful that we are living at all!"

Spring whacked Peter again.

"Ow! That hurts!" Peter cried, "I'm bored! Can I open her eyelids?"

Before Spring could stop him, coughing sounds exploded below them. The supposedly dead girl has awoken. The field of grass released massive amounts of chlorophyll and looked greener than ever. The girl looked very lost. She looked alarmed at Peter's hostility.

"Don't move!" Peter shouted. Spring noticed that the girl entered their home planet.

Only the best wizards, the Naturers can enter our home planet. Or, a Naturer sent her here, Spring thought.

Spring whacked Peter on the arm again, disarming his wand.

"Please excuse Peter's misbehavior. My name is Spring." Spring introduced herself.

"Thank you. My name is Ally Ducharme..." Ally introduced herself. She looked very blank. Peter looked at Spring.

"Spring... she looks weird." Peter whispered.

"Shush! Your three other sisters think you are more weird." Spring answered.

"You always bring up my sisters! They are too bossy!" Peter answered. Ally stood up. Spring as well.

"Peter, stand up and meet our guest!" Spring hissed. Peter too stood up. It was silent for a moment as they were observing each other.

Ally observed Spring's white hair with almost no pink pigment left in her hair. Spring looked wise beyond how she looks. She wore a long sleeved white shirt with a flowing skirt that blew along with the wind. Spring looks like a very lovely girl. Her beautiful sky blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and comforting smile felt like a blessing from the world.

When Spring observed Ally, Spring noticed that her flaxen hair was cut fresh and she wore a white sleeping gown. Ally is very pretty, but looks strong from her sharp hazel eyes.

Peter wore a white t-shirt and short jeans, stressing the fact that Peter is a very innocent boy. He wore brown eyes and had the most beautiful hairstyle ever that made him look much more innocent. He has brown hair as well that contrasted greatly with the sky.

Ally then noticed that she wore night slippers. Spring and Peter were barefooted. There is no doubt about it. Ally looked very lost.

"Are you lost?" Spring asked.

"I don't know..." Ally answered.

"Do you remember what happened yesterday in your life?" Spring asked.

"I forgot..." Ally answered.

"How about your favorite color?" Spring asked again.

"I..." Ally began and sobbed, "I don't even know who I am! I don't have a place to call home!"

Spring and Peter nodded sympathetically.

"Don't worry," Peter answered, "You can live with us!"

"You are just a little kid, Peter! Why don't you ask your mom first?" Ally asked.

"My mom does not live with us. You see, I'm the boss of my house. I approve Peter's decision!" Spring answered.

"Yay! Now that is a new discovery we have made in months!" Peter shouted.

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