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For Want of A Better Name

“Wise one, your counsel is like dewdrops on the leaves. It laves mind and soul leaving one satiate. But tell me old one, what really transpired at the end of the amalgamation formalities between our priests and priestesses?”

“You must have been having dreams on your own, young one. What you are asking is beyond you for now. Just note that the day came and passed like all others only it had more significance than the other days.”

“I see; and we were named after the Great River, why?”

“There could not have been a better name.”

“When will you tell me about the Great River?”

“In due course.”

“And the Okorokoro gorge.”

“In its time. Do not be in a hurry. Like the baby antelope that danced itself lame before the main dance, you need all the circumspection to see you through.”

“So all I’ve been doing are preliminaries?”

“O yes, young one.”

“Then tell me about the iroko tree.”

“That’s a long time ago.”

“But you have told me about longer times.”

“Like when?”

“Like before the birth of the union when each lived in its own cocoon.”

“No doubt you know a lot already, but the issue is from what source did this get out to get to you. You can know more than there is to know, but once it is from the wrong source it will all be mixed up. Mark the ones I tell you for they are the ones with the seal that is manifest at is the oracle.”

“I’m all ears for you.”

“Have I told you about the breadfruit wars?”

“Not yet, wise one.”

“Have heard about it?”

“Not in this world.”

“They cannot tell you that, you know why?”


“They do not know it.”

“Why is it so crucial?”

“Perhaps it holds the title for the prime cause of the formation of the union.”

“How did it come about?”

“You jump the gun, young man.”

“I apologise.”

“You don’t need to. It is with the question that a tyro becomes a pro.”

“Not when there is this need for much restraint.”

“But not when myths are in issue.”

“Why so, wise one?”

“Because of the stuff myth is made of. No sooner is it revealed than it reinvents itself and its camouflage is exposed for life.”

“Do I understand?”

“Young one, some things are better left unexplained less they rub off the mystique that rings life with meaning.”

“Or unmeaning?”

“Both amount to the same. It all depends on the polarity you are anchored on.”

“What else shall you tell me about? I’m lost.”

“I’ll tell you what you want to hear.”

“About what?”

“The Okorokoro gorge... I’ll not just tell you about it, I’ll show it to you.”

“Can a mortal enter it?”

“Follow me.”

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