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By CeceD13 All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


The girl raced through the trees. Her bare feet pounding on the dry, brittle leaf litter underneath her. Her blood was singing through her veins, her heart pounding. She felt as if the beating would rip a hole right through her chest. Her muscles screamed and cried for her to stop. But she knew she couldn’t. She had to keep going.

She ran on and on, farther and farther from everything she knew and loved. Farther from warmth, farther from safety. But her home was no longer safe. Not anymore. Not ever again. And all because of her. Because she was too scared. All because she couldn’t do the right thing. And now she would have to pay.

She ran and ran. Every pore on her body pleaded and begged for her to stop. Just for a second, they said, just rest for a second.

But if she stopped to rest, worse things than death awaited her. She had to keep going. She had to leave this place. She had to-

The girl stumbled, and fell. Her foot seemed to be caught on a rock. She yanked it free, and yelped in pain as a terrible ripping sound reached her ears. The girl sat up right, blood pounding in her ears, and examined her foot. She couldn’t see an immediate threat, so she stood up. She instantly regretted the decision. Pain splintered throughout her leg, blinding her for a second. Dark spots flickered throughout her vision, but she dismissed the pain, and tried running again.

She got barely a meter before she fell once more, scraping her arms on the underbrush. She felt all sense of hope gradually fade away as she realized, she wasn’t going to make it. She heard the distant sound of footfalls pounding after her. They were coming, and they would have no mercy. They would kill her slowly, torturing her, cleaving her soul from her body.

But she wouldn’t let them get her alive. She would tell them nothing. Nothing. Everything she knew would be safe, dead with her.

The girl felt for the knife carefully concealed in her thin gown. Her slim fingers grasped the cool hilt, and pulled the weapon out of it’s sheath.

Her pulse quickened as the footfalls came closer and closer. She raised the knife to her chest, sending a silent apology to her family. Hoping that they knew how much they meant to her, and how she wished she could have saved them.

As the girl’s pursuers came into view, she pressed the tip of the knife to her chest, feeling blood bead on her skin. With a shaky hand, she pushed, and the knife plunged into her chest, ending everything.

The world went black, and the girl slumped to the ground, her body limp and lifeless. At last, she was safe.

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