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Homecoming for Lemonade

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In order to move forward with his life, Andre "Lemonade" Lemmons has to let go of the past and embrace the new normal where depression is no more and superheroes are rulers. Here, in vivid detail, is a story of lies, romance, teen angst, and self-acceptance

Fantasy / Scifi
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Prologue: The Declaration of Mental Liberation

The rising number of suicide attempts and fulfillments are based on the staggering rise of cases of depression and anxiety levels, more notably in teenagers ages thirteen through seventeen and in young adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. And with the dynamics of family and society ideals changing and after the formation of the Great American Combine (the merge of the countries of Canada, Mexico, and the USA); the rates are still high, but now are manageable thanks to the establishment of the Demigod League and its subsidiaries under the leadership of President Alan “Mr. Valiant” Vaughn- the first superhero to be elected president. He and Vice-President Shanice Lincoln (the wife of Clark “Godspeed” Lincoln) have made it possible to help at-risk teenagers and young adults and have them undergo a strict therapy regime at the many superhuman-owned hospitals that would make them forget their old lives and make them a part of the growing superhuman race and make them immortal.

The country has made a lot of progress, but there are still many teenagers who are under the influences of suicidal thoughts and anxiety problems. And the many men and women of Congress and the House of Representatives are making a huge investment on the youths of the future. We’ve survived countless plagues and wars back during the start of the twentieth century and have seen many teenagers succumb and fall victim to many counterculture ideals that have fallen to our world. The arrival of 2010 assured us that our time has come to completely make a drastic change into the minds of the youths today.

Therefore, it is noted that the people of the Great American Combine have officially labeled depression and anxiety as extreme mental illnesses, thus prompting the victim to begin the therapy and the road to being cured and go from being a part of the problem to being a part of the system.

It is so ordered.

-Valarie Jocelyn Sotomayor (D-MO)

*Revised and executed by President Alan “Mr. Valiant” Vaughn as of June 1st, 2018.


The age of superhumans have officially taken over the world and have declared depression and anxiety as extreme mental illnesses. And they have made strides to cure teenagers and young adults. But they have also taken their old identities and memories and erased them before making them into the ideal superheroes that the general minority population have idolized over.

This is the story of Andre Lemmons, a young man who is sent to Westover House for Boys (one of the main superhero-maintained mental hospitals for wayward youths and run by his godfather the President and top leader of the Sons of Apollo, the all-male branch of the Demigod League) after being caught with a gun by his aunt and uncle months after losing his family to a car crash. He is one of the inevitable young men and women who will be assimilated into being a superhero. Here, in vivid detail and through the unspoken words he is forbidden to speak unless during his therapy sessions with his godfather, is the journey of Lemonade.

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