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Starseed: The Story of Creation

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Immerse yourself in this riveting account of a Starseed: feel the love, the joy, the sorrow of every rebirth our Starseed tells in order to save the world. Starseed is a story of old souls who have been around since before the creation of the earth. From the planet Osiris to the Pleiades constellation. Our Starseeds have been all over the universe. Living many different lives. Performing hundreds of missions all for one goal. To ensure the creation of earth after a deadly intergalactic war with the Anunnaki and of the death of our first starseeds home planet of Osiris. This story is filled with sci-fi mystery, action, drama, and joy. It is the adventure you have been looking for. What are you waiting for? Read the first chapter now.

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Chapter 1: Birth of a Starseed

A message to the reader,

Before you embark upon lifetimes of wonder and adventure, I want you to know. When I wrote this, I intended for you to really use your creative imagination. In each story our Starseeds tell, I will try and give you a visual idea of what is happening. Ultimately, I want you to imagine: every sentence, in every paragraph; of every chapter, as a beautiful film inside your head. Our story will be told in three different parts. The first book Seth reads is about his father, our starseed Musarra. After, we will have two other characters from Musarra's story tell their versions of what they experienced, and also of their adventures away from Musarra within the stars. So if you're confused, or feel like a story arc is too vague; fear not, just keep reading. :). This story is based on actual references; in points of history, as well as the wonderful idea of a Starseed; from people all around the world. It was then molded and transformed into this explosive, heart-wrenching, imaginative story, of these souls' greatest sacrifices to save the world. I do hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it.



sometimes I wonder...

is it really worth it to be alive?

We are all born into a strange world, confused, and absent-minded; ignorant to everything around us. If you're lucky, you might end up with a nice happy little childhood. Live an eventful and easy life. In reality, most of us get lost at the beginning of it. Something along the way always happens. That one defining moment that changes everything. Whether it be in your childhood, or later on in your life. Eventually, it happens, and your whole world is flipped upside down.

I lost my mother when I was twelve. She lost her long hard-fought battle with cancer. That was my moment. My mother was a strategic military advisor and very well respected. My father was also in the military; special ops. He retired when my mother became terminally ill. They both were wonderful parents when they were here together. When my mother died, my father lost his mind a bit. He started drinking heavily and relied on prescription medications to get through his days. He was never angry or violent with me, he was a functioning addict. There were times he would get too fucked up, and I would have to take care of him. He was still always loving and kind.

He talked about crazy things when he was piss drunk. Every day he drowned himself in booze, he became lost in his emotions. Most days my father held himself together very well. As long as he took his medication he was fine, without it, he was a raving lunatic. He would tell me stories of ancient warriors who fought against the darkness in the depths of death within another dimension. He always went on about how we all needed to just expand our consciousness more and enable ourselves to exist on new frequencies.

I thought he was a drunken lunatic, overcome with madness. He would tell me, the drugs and booze drowned out the voices he fought against during the day. He would say, the memories would come back to him sometimes, haunting him in his dreams. He would always get upset with himself at the end of his ramblings, complaining, wishing he could remember more.

Whatever that meant.

I would play into his harmless delusions often. I always told him to just write down his thoughts and dreams immediately after having them, then maybe one day he could put them all together and figure it all out. My father never stopped drinking, and one day it finally killed him. My father was a broken soul who suffered from an extremely traumatic life. His methods to silence his pain cost him everything in the end. He never spoke about his life, well any real parts of it anyway. Like being a special forces soldier almost all his life. He did however go on about his fantasy world from his dreams, nothing but the ramblings of a mad man.

I was a young adult when he passed.

He ignored his health, and eventually his liver shut down on him. His funeral was small, the military paid their respects, his reception was brief. We didn't have many family members or friends left alive. Everything he owned was left to me, I was their only child.

I returned to my father's home after the funeral. It had been so long since I had been back to that house. It still smelled of him. The lingering musk of his burnt-out cigarettes still filled his room. My mother's things were still in her closet; still collecting dust from so many years. Everything was all still as I left it.

I had originally only planned on staying briefly, just to feel close to them one last time. An unexpected storm came through, the winds picked up outside and a weather advisory went off on my phone. I decided to just stay the night at the house. The roads looked too dangerous to drive on in this storm. The nostalgia of every room filled my heart, for a brief moment I felt the joy I had as a small child again. The late-night movie binges with mom, playing the newly released games every weekend on the console with dad. The family gatherings and the barbecues we had out in the back by the pool in the summer.

Memories...maybe that's the meaning of life?

Creating and cherishing the ones that make you happy and forgiving those for the ones that made them sad.

I missed my parents.

I started looking through Dad's old boxes, hoping to find some of the old games we played when I was a kid. I came across old pictures of the family vacations we went on. I held the picture of our last vacation before mom got sick. My stomach sank, my eyes became heavy, a tremendous sadness clawed it's way up me. I shook it off and put the picture back. That's when I came across it. Up way high in his closet, a big chest sat. I had never seen it before. I pulled it down and took it over to my father's desk. I opened it up and found two large, very old books inside, and one fairly new book.

It was called; Starseed: Musarra.
The two large ones were called; Starseed: Serenity. The name of my mother. Interesting? I thought to myself. The last one was called starseed also but the name was so damaged I couldn't make it out. In the chest also, was a letter. Signed by my father. My name was written on it.


My son, if you are reading this then I have finally descended into the next realm. I'm so sorry my boy, you are now an adult as I write this so I hope you are at peace with my death. I'm alive again somewhere, I promise you, looking through the vast void of space and time, trying to feel the energy of your mother. I will find her again. I will always find her again. I know you thought my stories were nothing but the conditions of my madness, I assure you they were all true. I know I'm going to die soon, son, I remember everything now, I wrote my whole story down for you to read, just like you told me. I only wish I had done better by you in this life. You didn't deserve such a pitiful father as me. I lost myself in this life, quite a bit son, and I'm sorry for that. I hope this letter and the books in this chest find their way to you soon. I hope after you read these stories you'll wake up too. I hope you'll realize who you are truly meant to be. Maybe you'll read everything and just finally decide your old man was truly just a lunatic, and if so, just cherish the message in my stories then son. Either way, what's important to me is just that you read these stories. The three books here are the accounts of souls who lived in another time, within another universe. The story of Musarra is my account I've written down everything I could remember. Forgive me if I left anything out. I have faith you'll find all the answers you need after you've read all three books. The story of serenity was a book your mother wrote long ago. The final story is of a dear friend of mine, who we lost lifetimes ago. We bought his book badly damaged at an estate sale when you were young. We never realized what drew us to it. As we read his story, the memories flooded our minds. Mine haunting me every day, like some distant nightmare I needed to defeat. You're mother and I only thought of them as dreams at first. If only I had begun to remember our lives sooner, I could have woken her up from it. Things could have been so different. Fear not though my son, I'm going off into the great unknown to find them all again and truly finish this story. Remember that I have always loved you and will continue to always love you even through my journeys into the voids of the afterlife."

Overcome with grief, I felt the insanity my father struggled with in his final days or maybe even hours after he finished writing this. Nevertheless, I would read his stories and cherish them just as he asked. The storm was hitting heavy, I could hear the old roof creak and crack, the shutters shook violently along the outside walls of the house, I could see the trees bent over in the windows; as the wind raged down the streets.

I took the book of Musarra out, as lightning cracked through the sky, followed by thunder close behind it. I began to read my father's tale. I was not prepared for the adventure I was about to embark on. To read the stories of my father and all the lives he claimed to live; it excited me a bit. He had finally put his ramblings in order. I turned to the first page, it read,

Chapter 1: Birth of a Starseed

What if I told you everything you thought you knew...was a lie? That the world around you and everything that inhabits it...was no accident. The Earth, the planet many of us call home, was made from the ashes and dust of a great war that took place millions of years ago.

In the beginning, our solar system had many planets with life. Mars, Venus, Nibiru, and Osiris. Mars and Venus were still incredibly young planets at the time. Their lifeforms still growing and evolving. Nibiru and Osiris were twin planets, only meaning they formed at the same time. Lifeforms on these planets were very advanced and had survived for 100s of thousands of years.
Nibiru was home to an ancient race; one we know today as The Anunnaki. Osiris was home to another ancient race called the Gian's(Jy-ens). In the early years of their evolution, these races from both planets reached the stars simultaneously.

You see, they both knew of one another. From Osiris, you could see the furthest planet...Mars looked like a great big green moon in the skies. Venus, the planet in the middle, was magnificent, it had shades of a few colors, blue, and some purple. Nibiru the biggest and closest of them all, was a large red planet, it had more land than water. The strange red tint came from its oceans, where the water appeared red from the red sands that lay below. The people of Nibiru created their own artificial atmosphere in their early years due to wars and nuclear radiation that destroyed its original one. It took many years of seeing one another and a full-blown war before realizing neither race meant any harm.

Eventually, ambassadors were selected from each planet, one group was sent to Nibiru, the other was sent to Osiris. It did not take long before they learned each other's languages and cultures, they taught it back on their home planets. The relationship between the two planets blossomed into something beautiful. Just as their planets had been siblings both races got along as such. After some time, they created a galactic space station and brokered a deal of everlasting peace between the two planets, each recognizing the other as equals. For many years these two planets were at peace with one another. Together they explored their solar systems. Learning of how they came into existence and the creations of the universe. The first planet they explored was Venus. The goal for both races was to always explore those peculiar planets in the sky.

Venus was even more beautiful on land than it was in the sky. Venus, still in its toddler years of development, was just starting to experiment with the types of species it could create. It was mostly a water world, with an abundance of marine life. Beautiful water creatures beginning to evolve into intelligent beings. Venus had four landmasses, each about the size of North America on earth today. The creatures on land were vibrant and colorful. All seem to be on a vegetarian diet. Beautiful multicolored birds flew everywhere. Their tails causing an illusion of a fire in the sky trailing behind them. Many to this day say they resembled what we call a phoenix on earth. The Forrest was littered with monkey-like species. Life was everywhere you could not compare half of the planet's lifeforms to anything that existed back home today.

A Gian's warship was of the first ship to land on Venus; the Anunnaki was set to land the next day. The gians were given a mission to explore Venus, while they were out walking around the perimeter setting up their mobile lab, preparing for the Anunnaki arrival. The Gian's stumbled upon a crashed craft. It was exceptionally large. They knew it did not belong on Venus. They knew the anomaly did not match anything else found on the planet. The Gian's decided to investigate, thinking it may be some ancient structure. Here is where our story takes a turn and spirals down a dark path. The team arrived at the site and found a crashed ship, as well as a race of advanced reptile creatures roaming around outside of the crashed vessel. They all had thinly armored suits on with medals in the middle of the suits. The medals were round spheres entirely made up of serpents intertwining with another. They stood very tall, some fourteen feet tall, they had thick scaly dark green skin, long tails like a lizard. Their teeth lined their mouths like small alligators snouts. Their yellow eyes slightly bulged from the heads. Each toe and finger had small lion-like claws emerging from them. They were operating technology the Gian's could not recognize. It had seemed they were in distress. Their ship had crashed. The team did not advance towards them for caution. They knew they could not communicate with these reptilians so it would be pointless to engage. It did not matter, the reptiles were waiting for them already. The team was ambushed. It was so fast I'm not sure even the gians realized they had died.

I would give their killers names and describe them, but it would be pointless as their actions are the only significance to this story. For now, we will call them assassin blue and assassin red.
They appeared from the trees behind two members of the gians team. In an instant the gian's throats were slit. Assassin red threw a large curved sharp metal dagger, it flew through the air; severing a gians head from his body. Before any of the bodies even dropped dead, the two assassins charged at the remaining three gians, assassin blue charging two at once. The remaining gians, finally, hearing the bodies drop turned to look behind them. Assassin blue's next targets were the first to die. They saw the reptile for only a second before assassin blue leaped into the air, carrying two swords that lit on fire, with a single jump splitting the two in half, the two halves fell on the floor, where the gians met their flaming demise, turned into piles of ash. Assassin Red's target was the only one left alive. The reptile grabbed her by the throat and lifted her several feet into the air, watching with pure satisfaction, as he strangled the life from her. She pleaded, over, and over, to please stop. Begging for mercy with any cry she could get out. Once the reptile was satisfied it snapped her neck like a twig. These species would be later known as the reptilians. They are a giant lizard-like race from the constellation of Draco. Not all are pure evil as this band of miscreants. These were some of the worst but not the worst of all.

The reptilians were a nomad lifeform in the universe. Eons of years old, their planet died long ago. From thousands of years of constant warfare. They then searched for a new home for a long time. They were turned away for their appearance or hunted down everywhere they went. Almost all the species would die off during their time of resettlement in the cosmos. The ones that were left became space scavengers. The hearts of their children and their children's children would blacken for years till there was nothing left. Judged and hunt down would no longer be their way of life. This race would eventually become the pirates of the universe, one of the oldest at that. They cared for no one, and nothing but their own, they would seek peace from no one. They had another secret as well; after many years of being lost in space, barely surviving on their ships...they evolved, giving them the ability to shapeshift. A gift from their God of the cosmos they claimed, the God who saved them as they were lost in the darkness of space, their beloved great dark god Nergal. The God of war and death is feared by all life in the universe. By the time the reptilians acquired this ability, they were too far lost and sought nothing but revenge on all that lives. In the name of Nergal, they would set the universe back as it was...nothing but darkness.

Back on venus, The reptiles tracked the gians base down. Two Gian(Jy-en) cosmonauts stayed behind to work on the base, they just so happened to be outside working on a power generator. Like prey, the predators quickly and cleanly exterminated them both with ease.
Imagine the setting, an old medieval execution, as they both knelt working on the machine, their heads lowered, working peacefully, ignorant to the carnage that awaited them. In the corner of your eye, you see a shadow faintly appear. Everything just starts spinning, until it stops. You look, realizing you're gasping for air, staring into these large yellow eyes engulfed in that same black shadow you just saw a second ago. Confused, ignorant of your own beheading. Everything goes dark, there is nothing. You are dead. That is what it was like for my team and me. This was my first life and my first death. My team and I were slaughtered, butchered, put to death for no wrongdoing. The fate we suffered was tragic and meaningless. What were we thinking? Did we think we were so intelligent we could be the bosses of this solar system? We were dead wrong.

The reptilians managed to steal the gians ship. To them the technology was primitive. They figured it out quickly, with ease. As they headed out to orbit, they boarded the gian warship in space, shapeshifting in disguise pretending to be those they just killed. They boarded every level of the ship and began to slaughter everyone on board enslaving those that lived. The reptilians annihilated the entire ship's forces without ever sounding an alarm. As the reptilians finished wiping out everyone, the Anunnaki ship was approaching. Without warning, the reptiles began to blast the Anunnaki ship away, with the Gians warship. Caught off guard, the Anunnaki did not stand a chance. They were not ready for a fight as it approached the planet. In a matter of minutes, the Anunnaki ship crashed into Venus.

Back home, both planets started to accuse the other for what happened. They both claimed the other had betrayed them out of greed, wanting Venus for themselves, things became hostile, it eventually grew into an interplanetary world war. The gians, so determined to win had almost depleted their planet of its resources near the end. The war raged for years, both planets changed themselves at lighting speeds, to the point they were unrecognizable. Nibiru had an extremely powerful transparent shield covering the whole planet. Osiris's attacks on Nibiru became obsolete. There would be no victor to this war. It was all meaningless, billions would die.

The Anunnaki technology started to become more superior after a while. They attacked Osiris and all its forces with a constant bombardment of high-powered laser strikes right into the planet, over, and over, till finally, Osiris's shield fell.

About Ten years before this I was reborn. I am not sure why I chose this life; it was even more tragic than the last. I'll forever be grateful for the love it taught me. Let me explain some about rebirth. When you die everything goes dark, but not for long. Eventually, there is a light of life put before you, if you follow that light it will lead you peacefully into the next part of existence. Some of us get torn from that path by some cosmic intervention, or by pure willpower. I was pulled from my path by the cries of a soul overcome with pain and sorrow. Her cries hurt my soul, it tugged me closer and closer. The pain in her voice pulled me closer in. I wanted nothing more than to help this woman, to save her from her pain, her voice, sobbingly pleading with the words,

"Please come back to me".

I had turned away completely from the path of light I was originally following, I moved closer, and closer to her voice. There was darkness all around me, with many white lights faintly in the distance. All of which, I could see and hear as whispers in space. Hers drew me in the most. I was able to see her now. Laying in her hospital bed. I could tell she was from Osiris. She was holding her newborn child it was lifeless. Just a frozen shell, she was sobbing. Her husband held his hand on the empty shell's head, he held his wife closely with his other arm. The doctors began apologizing.

"We're so sorry Nevaeh,"

It only made her cry harder.

"Nevaeh...what a beautiful name,"
I thought.

I could not take it anymore, I wanted to help this woman. Her cries, her sadness I had to help, I was willing to do anything to ease her pain.

Suddenly, after that thought, I was staring back at her in her arms. Her eyes, I'll never forget the beautiful bright blue of them. It was like looking into the depths of an endless ocean of love and happiness. The pain began to wreak through my body, as my spirit synchronized with the shell. I started crying out in pain! Oddly enough, this brought a smile to her face and what would be my new father's too.


she screamed in joy sucking the tears in. Pulling me up to them both,

"HES BREATHING LOOK!" She shouted at Aldrin trembling with joy.

"Hello, beautiful boy. We are going to name you Musarra, for you shall shed your light on the world, bearing the inscription of the king." She said still trembling in disbelief

Aldrin was my father in this life. He pulled us both closer, the tears swelling in his eyes now. The pain started to fade, along with my memories. I looked into my new parents' eyes as they held onto me, kissed me, and cried together, joyously kissing each other, the pain was gone now, from us all. The doctors took me away so that I could be given an examination. Once it was over, I was given back to my parents, they told her it was a miracle I was still healthy, let alone even living at all. By then, my memories from my prior life were gone.

My father was a general in this awful war, and this war would make my second life truly short. Still, it was the best 10 years I ever lived. My father was away a lot, protecting the planet. When he was home, he was hard and brittle on the outside, but still somehow managed to always show his love for us. The horrors he saw, and knew of destroyed him, increasingly each day. He was the strongest man I had ever known. Despite everything, when he was with us, he was there. I would look into his eyes sometimes; his eyes were a bright shade of grey almost glowing, they were kind eyes filled with sorrow. My mother was a retired Warship engineer, she created all the ships used in battle for the war. She retired shortly before the war started to start a family. She was one of the smartest people I had ever met. She had dark skin, red hair, and bright blue eyes. She was beautiful. My father was a yes man to her every need. She had him wrapped around her little fingers. My father was a giant, standing ten feet tall. Muscular body type. Scars riddled his body, one across his face, pale skin like a ghost. One look at him and many would run in fear. Not my mother, she was short. Only six and a half feet tall, slim body build. She never feared him, sometimes it was quite the opposite.

My mother was very torn about this war as well. She tried to drown out her painful emotions over the atrocities of the war, with love and affection for her family. Still, at times when she thought she was alone, I could hear her crying; I would come up behind her and hug her tight. This always made her better. I spent a lot of time with my mother, and older brothers, and my sister. I was the youngest of four. We were privileged to live the life we did in this time of war. We never understood that, until it came to our front door. The shield that protected Osiris for so long was finally taken down. Osiris was hit so many times directly, huge holes were burned through the ground that went for miles, lava would spew from them destroying any living things around it. In the end, after ten long years of fighting, Osiris became unstable at its core. It would not be long before this planet was no more. As Osiris became unstable, the planet launched a full evacuation. It was pure madness, my mother rushed us to gather our things, a military transport ship came to our home. My mother quickly grabbed us and we ran out to the ship. Things were exploding all me, people were screaming. Ships were falling from the sky like giant flaming balls. Everything was terrifying. The Anunnaki realizing the death of the planet Osiris would affect life on their own also evacuated their planet.

Gians did not have much time to evacuate, they tried to rescue as many as they could and got as far away in their ships as possible. Once our transport ship reached my father's warship, everyone quickly boarded. Our depart trip into space was extremely bumpy, rocks were shot out of the ground straight into the air. The rocks destroyed many ships trying to flee in the process, we were even hit a few times, we still managed to escape. Watching Osiris die, was as simple as watching a bright light flash and dissipate from far away. I remember as my father held me in his arms, my siblings all wrapped around mother sobbing, we watched the blast that destroyed our home from the windows of fathers ship. It was so bad it knocked our ships back some. My mother cried silently, heartbroken, as we watched the death of our home. The blast from the death of Osiris also sent Nibiru flying out on an elongated orbit and threw Venus so close to the sun it destroyed everything on it. All forms of life were vaporized, instantly blowing chunks of water into space creating ice comets everywhere.

Mars which was a planet still in its infancy was blasted with such cosmic force it ripped all the water and vegetation from the surface. Destroying the mountains and leveling the terrain. If the planet had life, it was either hurled into space or underground, where it would more than likely always stay from here on out. Mars became a dry, frozen wasteland, with barely any atmosphere to protect it.

Few of us managed to get off our planet in time. Since my father was a general of the Gian Space Fleet Forces, we were lucky, or maybe we were not. Death would have been quick and painless, had we died with our planet. It would have been nothing compared to what was to come.

Aldrin commanded a large warship, but it was not able to house much more than its crew. We had two other ships that made it to us, they would not survive long, as most of them had been damaged badly from fleeing the planet. If any other ships had made it off the planet, we did not know where they would go, or if they would even survive. Our ship managed to survive in space for a short time before we encountered a warship of our own. Most of us were starving. We started to rejoice thinking it was here to rescue us. Many on board had already died, my mother was extremely sick; my father was weak from starvation. He and my mother both had sacrificed so much so we could live longer. I was just a boy then, but I wish I expressed to them more, how much I appreciated them valuing our lives so much over their own.

My father tried everything he could to communicate with them, but they just kept approaching. They shot at us, blowing a huge hole into the ship's deck below. Engines began to fail, people began to panic. There were about a hundred soldiers left alive and a handful of passengers, mainly women and children. The soldiers barricaded us in the cafeteria, and I could hear the men screaming, getting into battle stations. The weapons system was offline, and the ship was irreparably damaged. I remember seeing debris, and bodies being sucked out in space; from the holes blown into our ships, in the windows around me. I heard gunfire being shot in the halls, and screams of horror everywhere, I was terrified. My mother held me close and shielded my siblings behind her. The enemy blasted through the doors blowing all the men guarding us away. My father still fighting somewhere in the ship, defending us. Tall reptilian creatures walked in, as tall as my father. They began roaring and screeching at us as they walked further into the room. Such courage my father had. Outnumbered eight to one, that did not stop him. He came charging behind them as they entered the cafeteria we were trying to hide in, firing his pistol, taking one down from a shot to the back of its head, then shot two in the legs blowing their limbs clean off, causing them to fall, he unsheathed his sword, quickly, with two slashes cut them vertically in half. The fourth one grabbed my father from behind as it rushed into the cafeteria behind him, father plunged his sword into its sides, it let him go, he turned to it and sliced its hands clean off. The fifth reptilian came in, charging at him, sacked him to the ground roaring at him for intimidation, father sprung up quickly and with one swoop of his legs, Aldrin dropped the reptilian by kicking it off balance, causing the creature to fall to the ground. As it began to sit-up upon its knees first, Aldrin stabbed it in its chest with his sword and up through its skull. Two more rushed at him he raised his gun, but it would not fire. With a quick dodge of the creature's weapon, father swung his sword and decapitated the sixth creature, but the seventh one grabbed him and tossed him across the room by the door. The eighth reptilian walked in the doors as my father had been tossed near it, it picked my father up in a chokehold. It was strong and my father could not break its grip. My father had reached his point of exhaustion. It began Squeezing the life from him, he screamed out in pain, his face turned red quickly, it squeezed tighter and tighter. Aldrin looked at my mother, tears pouring from her face.

"I'm sorry Nevaeh" he tried to say,
"I'm so sor-" he tried to choke out his last words.

My father's eyes glowed so bright they were almost white, drowned out in red all around his pupils, I'll never forget that look on his face. The fear for those of the ones he loved, being unable to save them, not knowing what fate would become of them next. The pain and fear he felt coursed through me. He stopped moving, the seventh reptilian shot my father directly in the side of the head, right in front of me, even though he was already dead.

I broke free from my mother's grip, I screamed in horror, running to my father's body. The reptilians threw his lifeless body like garbage to the side. Once I reached him, I fell to the floor, mourning, over his body, not daring to look at his face. My father was my hero, he was everything to me...I was only ten. The lizards started speaking to each other, they spoke in clicks and screeches. I was filled with rage, I pulled my father's small knife from his side and ran to the closest reptilian to me. I went to thrust the knife into his stomach, but it did not even penetrate its armor. The lizard seemed to laugh, then smacked me so hard it sent me flying, it was then they started gathering all my people left alive, including my mother and siblings. I found a gun lying next to where I was and started firing, I hit the one that killed my father in the face, blasting a huge hole through his head, instantly killing it. I remember hearing my mother screaming trying to run to me. I looked into her eyes one last time. There they were again, just glowing the brightest blue, drowning in an endless ocean of red and tears. That familiar grief filled her eyes again, the same as the day I came to her.

A reptile grabbed my shoulder and thrust a laser-type sword through my stomach. I fell to my knees after it pulled the laser out, then flat on my stomach. My mother fighting, trying so hard to get to me. The reptilian that stabbed me smacked her on the back of her head once she got to me. Knocking her down, it dragged her by the hair to the middle of the room for everyone to see. I knew what followed next. It then pulled her up by her hair, she dangled there, telling my siblings to run! As soon as she spoke it slowly, carefully beheaded her as she screamed "RUN, R-". Her cries sounded like glass shattering around me. My siblings frozen in fear, cowered in the corners of the room as more reptilians came in and moved closer to gather them. My body was too weak to fight, all I could do was cry. It showed her decapitated head off like it was a trophy to everyone around. When it was done it tossed her head to me. I was too weak at this point, I knew it was about to end. The remaining reptilians started to tie everyone up and shot those that resisted. The ones that did not were escorted out into a far worse life than death. Harvested by the reptilians, to be sold off into a life of enslavement, or became a food source. I closed my eyes for what seemed like just a few minutes. When I opened them again, I could see that everyone was gone. I laid there cold and dying, blood pooling around me. All I could hear were alarms and bodies twitching on the grounds. My mother long dead, my father who laid just a few feet from us gone as well. I just wanted it to end.

I began to hear another ship docking. They must have come back to finish me off I thought. I could hear footsteps running and voices speaking a language I had never heard before. My vision started to haze. In walked these bright creatures, glowing it seemed. What were these creatures of light? One walked towards me noticing I was alive, frantically calling the others over. Organic beings walked to me after being summoned by the creatures of the light. They started scanning me, instantly I was levitating, they were rushing me to their ship. One spoke my language and told me I had lost too much blood and my wounds were too great; I would not survive. They were surprised I had lived as long as I had already.

There was nothing that could be done. I was not afraid; I was ready to go. They said a wonderful choice awaits me in the afterlife. A choice that could save the universe or forever destroy it. They explained how we all just keep going on after death. New bodies, new worlds, we could even choose the lives we would live next. To help other races and planets grow and to ensure they could be protected from events like this from ever happening again. They said one day a new world was going to be born from the ashes of war and death in this solar system. This world would be called Gia named after the people who had to give their lives for its birth. We would eventually call this home Earth. Home to humanity and many other species from all over the known universe. This planet would become the universal symbol of peace in the universe. To ensure that peace, many highly advanced life forms from the universe would volunteer to be reborn on this planet, a Starseed is what they would be called. We would need to mold earth into something great and protect it.

Earth would be formed from the Remains of Osiris and everything that was thrown into space from Mars and Venus. This planet would need protection and if I chose, I could be reborn on this planet for eons. After witnessing the destruction of my planet, I could not say no to this opportunity. Besides, the other choice was to keep being reborn repeatedly into a blissfully ignorant life, never remembering who I was before, which did not sit well with me after what I had gone through. I needed to stop these reptilians from harming any more souls. I started to remember my other life as I drifted off into death, slowly everything in sight got farther and farther away until everything was dark. I remembered now, I had already chosen a life before. I chose Nevaeh and Aldrin to be my parents without ever truly knowing why, other than to save them from their grief at the time. Their souls cried out to me, they didn't deserve to be hurt so much. They didn't deserve to die that way. I saw the white light before me. I did not even go near it this time. I drifted off into the dark abyss and wandered for so long. I never saw another white light calling out to me for some time, completely consumed by the pain of loss I felt, I was lost in the darkness for so long. Eventually, that dark abyss started to shape into the universe around me, I took this chance to explore its wonders, calming my emotions until I was finally drawn to my third life.

The light echoed purity and peacefulness before me. It was irresistible. Something my soul had longed for after being lost for so long. I was reborn onto the planet Pleiadean, in the Pleiades constellation, it was home to the same light beings I had just seen in my prior life. They were worshipped there by the majority of the other organic lifeforms. The gods of the Pleiades took a purely physical form of light. They were said to be the creators of all of life in the whole universe. The rest of us had distinguished organic forms all unique looking in our own ways. The only thing we truly shared was the color of our blue eyes, which radiated bright blue like Nevaeh, was my mother from this place? It was an honor to be reborn on this planet, everyone knew who they were now and before. It was a peaceful world, where everyone worked together to better themselves and the planet. Pleiadeans had been around for hundreds of millions of years already. They were one of the first lifeforms to evolve into a higher intelligence. Money and material things were not needed here. All of them worked as guides and Lightworkers for the beings of light, the explored the universe, traveling the stars in search of new life and dying life to save. I was a mere cadet on a starship in this life at first. It was dull and hard in the beginning. I could never stop thinking about Nevaeh and Aldrin, wondering what became of my siblings. The life they were forced into, the horrors they would live out. It terrified me. I tried to look for them all. I was never successful. The reptilians were completely out of reach to the Pleiadians. The darkness of their God Nergal consumed them, they would have no other deities.

They say the trauma would make a Starseed mentally stronger for what is to come, it made this life hard to live through. I learned so much during my time as a Pleiadean. Once I became of age, I was given the choice to retire, and live out the rest of my life in peace with a family in the homeworld. Eager for more knowledge and the hope I would find the souls of my last family, I declined. I began to feel happy and joy still in this life. I died an old man on my starship as the commanding officer. I was enormously proud of this life and the lives I saved in it. That is another story in itself, I'll save it for another time.

I was reborn many times after that, the fourth being on a planet that revolved around the sun, Sirius, which was a dying star then. It was an incredibly old star. I helped head the space program there for evacuation and relocation of all those who lived in that solar system. I would not live long enough to see this be carried out. I had a happy life, with a wife and a child I loved. My son followed in my shoes and took over the program after I passed. I knew he would make me proud. The only mission I had on that world was to raise him right, to ensure one day he would save that world and become the hero he was destined to be. After my death, I stayed around awhile in spirit and watched as he saved his whole solar system. He was a decorated hero in that world. I was enormously proud. I lived a life as an Andromedean next, it was another military life trying to ensure order in the galaxy, then a Lyran, this life was hell from the start. Another horrible war between planets in the Orion constellation and the planets in the Lyran constellation. A war that had raged for centuries, stemmed from a territory dispute over planet colonization. After a long hard-fought war, I finally put an end to it. I brokered peace throughout that part of the galaxy. After my death, they built megastructures in space to honor me. The structures greeted all those that came to the planets while simultaneously letting all know these parts were protected and at peace. I then lived a life as an arcturian, this one had great meaning and education, the arcturians were a mystical race in the cosmos who had learned to harness some of the powers of the universe into their technology. I died early in this life, a funny death brought upon by my own clumsiness while experimenting with their great technology. I was reborn many lifetimes in many different worlds until I was finally reborn as an Anunnaki on Nibiru.

My life as an Anunnaki was particularly interesting, their planet had not been destroyed by the blast of Osiris. They had managed to enhance their artificial atmosphere enough to withstand the blast and then rebuilt whatever was destroyed. They could survive for a long time without being close to the sun. They also had many encounters with the reptilians over the years and had eventually learned of what they did. The day they destroyed Osiris, became a day of mourning. The whole planet ceased everything and mourned for the people of Osiris every year on that date. They had a memorial for all to see. The Anunnaki had recovered the stolen Gian warship, they froze the bodies of the reptilian lizards in amber, fossilized imprisonment for all eternity, placed on display for all to see. The reptilians had become mortal enemies of the Anunnaki now. This would be another of my many short-lived lives. I was born an extremely sick child. My mission in this life was to only comfort my parents on this planet. I had to ensure when I had passed, they could continue their important work in peace. They were both genetic scientists, working on trying to eradicate a disease that destroyed our genes. A deadly disease had been working its way through the genes of this race since the end of the great war with Osiris. The very same disease that was killing me.

Many thought it was atonement for what they had done to Osiris. One thing remained clear, the race would go extinct if they did not find a way to eliminate the gene that caused this disease. I never cried about anything in this life, the pain I felt in the shell I was in, was nothing compared to the pain I had felt in my soul, for the lives I had lived before. I always was in good spirits and cheerful when I could be. I made my parents laugh and smile. Told them I was so proud to be their son, cause one day they would save the world. We were happy, even when we were not. In the end, I laid in my bed as they held me close, I was at peace with the outcome. This life had another mission I did not see. It was for me, one of forgiveness for The Anunnaki. I had no room for hatred on this journey. I knew my parents would be strong enough to keep on in this life and finish their work. Passing away in this life hurt just as much to me as any of the others. I had grown to love them both so much. I knew they would become the heroes they were meant to be. They both held my hands as I laid in my bed. Gripping tight, my mother brushing my hair with her other hand. As I began to wheeze on my last breaths. My father began to cry, as he pulled my hand to his lips to kiss them one final time goodbye before they became too cold. My mother looked at me, she told me it was okay; I could let go, I did not need to suffer anymore. My father apologizing, because he could not save me in time. I looked at them both, my final words, I told them I loved them one last time. I said I was so proud to be their son, I told them to please continue their work, though they couldn't save me, I knew they would save billions of other people all around the world. I told them, I would find them again in another life and I would make them just as proud of me as I was of them. My death will have meaning. I took my last breath and was gone. They mourned as they needed and continued their work. They went on, had more children, and saved the planet with amazing breakthroughs in genetic technology eradicating the disease.

I chose not to be reborn for quite some time after this life. I decided to spiritually travel to other planets, some with no lifeforms, some dying and giving birth to new things and destroying things in its wake. Stars that ate its children, destroying everything around it. Stars that became black holes and sucked everything through it not allowing any light to escape. I watched new planets grow and new lifeforms come into existence. And others go extinct. I was mesmerized by all the beautiful colorful clouds of gasses that lit up the darkness of space. The universe was the most chaotic place I had ever seen. It was no surprise much of its lifeforms acted the same way. Although with every act of chaos there was always beauty that followed it.

My journey through the universe had finally brought me to the planet I had agreed to protect. Earth, it was breathtaking. It was similar to home on Osiris. With its blinding blue seas. The blue that drew me to it from the darkness of space, the beauty in it. The same shade as my mother, Nevaeh. The release of all pain, the overwhelming happiness, and joy surged through my spirit. It was her eye staring at me from the depths of space, drawing me into the earth, I had found her at last. Then a shade of grey rotated from behind her slowly and pulled me even closer, the same grey as my father Aldrins eyes had been. He was her moon, staring down at her. Forever locked in an eternal gaze. Even in death, they would be together forever. Twin-souls swore to be together for all eternity. Still, even after all these years, they refused to leave and took responsibility for this war. As I came closer I was instantly overwhelmed with love. I would never leave this place. For the rest of eternity, I would protect them. Nothing would ever take them from me again. The planet was beaming with new life and water. I watched her smacked several times by comets and asteroids left over from the great war. Her moon, still trying to protect her, took most of these hits whenever he could. Even in death and beyond he would still protect the one he loved. Still, protection from the chaos of the universe was a hard task for anyone. Many meteors smashed into her wiping out life many times. Each time it hurt her increasingly. Regardless, she would always start over again. Finally, after a long period, together, they held out just long enough for evolution to start to take place. Soon, I would be able to be reborn once more, this time on earth.

It was then, I saw Nibiru return. The planet of the Anunnaki. It had come back around on its long orbit, close enough for the Anunnaki to bring their ships to earth. I watched as they landed on earth. It was their first time seeing it after human evolution. The Anunnaki were millions of years old by now. Their technology had evolved beyond anything I had ever known. I watched as they landed on the planet and greeted the walking chimp-like men. The Anunnaki knew of the origins of this planet and saw the trouble it kept having keeping life. With their superior genetic technology, they started to mutate the DNA of early humans. The Anunnaki wanted to help by speeding up the evolutionary process. Making them more intelligent; forcing them to evolve faster. I was instantly sent back through the tunnel of light and reborn. I was an infant. I remember looking at The Anunnaki surrounding me. My head became cloudy my first rebirth as a human and I could not remember anything. This was the second time it had happened.
This human brain was different and hard to control at first, I forgot everything. I was very confused, till eventually, I did not think about my mission or my past at all. I did not even know it existed anymore. This new body and brain had not experienced it. The human brain was powerful and suppressed my subconscious memories deep into my soul, I think it did this as a defense mechanism, thinking it needed to protect me from the trauma I had experienced over the eons I had lived.

I was born a female in this life. I would never know my mission; I do not think that mattered much though. I would fulfill it no matter what.

Chapter 2: My first life as a Human
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