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Starseed: The Story of Creation

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Chapter 2: My first life as a Human

My first life as a human was uniquely different than any other life I had lived before. Many of us hybrids were born, genetically modified in the womb. None of us were raised by our birth parents. None of them contested this, we were the children of the gods. To them we were chosen by the gods to be something great, they gladly gave us up. We were all taken after birth and raised together in groups. The Anunnaki taught us all many things. We were taught to communicate in a spoken language and write in cuneiform. They taught us how to effectively manage crops and grow food. How to build shelters that would hold up in strong weather. Most importantly we were taught how to mine resources on our planet.

The Anunnaki needed the resources for their artificial atmosphere, to keep it functioning properly. Gravity on earth made it hard for them to do it themselves for extended periods. My people worshipped The Anunnaki. They constructed large temples and stone shrines in their honor. My people believed the Anunnaki were sent from the sky gods to deliver all of humankind into the heavens. There were two commanders at the time, Enki, and Enlil, and they were equals in power and brothers. The one above them was known as Annu. Annu was the general of the Anunnaki galactic force and the two commanders' father. Enki felt most sorry for the troubled past between Osiris and Nibiru, he wanted to make things right; by grooming humanity and helping them evolve at an accelerated rate. Enlil disagreed, he did not want to meddle too much in the evolution of humanity, he only wanted to alter the basics of their DNA. Enlil still wanted humans to be human. He felt too much meddling would make them more like the Anunnaki and not their own species. Enlil also feared the humans could become too smart and turn on them one-day, demanding revenge for the lives lost on Osiris. Enlil was kind, but he knew he was greater than humans and did look down on us at times. As the first children, we would give birth to more children with one another, effectively creating a more advanced race of humans with our mixed Homosapien/Anunnaki DNA.

I was slightly different from some of the rest, I never understood why only a small number of us had different eye colors. I looked much like my mother, Neveah, from my second life on Osiris, I had hair unlike all of the other hybrid humans. All of them were dark-skinned, brown hair. I was born with dark skin, blue eyes, and red hair. This baffled the Anunnaki. They chalked it up to a mistake in their genetic coding and thought nothing of it. The Anunnaki also had blue eyes, so it was likely one of us could be born the same, it was just eye color and hair, there was no significance in it. My childhood was a happy one, I easily made many friends. Many were drawn to me, following everything I did. The Anunnaki were not cruel rulers. They were kind to us all and we loved them. They were our gods.

As all of us chosen children grew into adults, we eventually created the first civilization and were known as Sumerians. Our city was called Mesopotamia, life here was simple. We all mined the mountains for resources and filled the temples with gold to honor the Anunnaki. We fished in the rivers and hunted for food around our lands. Our firstborn children were educated by the Anunnaki as we were before, and with each generation, they became smarter and smarter. I never woke up from my first reincarnation on earth. The life I lived was so simple and happy, I was blinded and could not remember my mission. It had been so long since I was allowed to just live peacefully. The truth is, I did not want to remember, I loved my quiet simple life with my family.

When I became of age, I was paired up with another hybrid and fell in love. His name was Lugalbanda. A priest-king he would eventually become to our people. A man blessed by the gods. As a child Lugal and I were close, many say he was only drawn to my beauty, but Lugal loved me and worshipped me like a goddess. I was a strong female hunter, better than even most of the men. Lugal, impressed with my strength and prowess had professed his love for me many times as children, even though it was forbidden too at that age. As a child, he promised me he would get the favor of the gods one day and be blessed with me as his wife. I would always smile and give him the same response.

"If the gods deem it so, then so it shall be".

We hunted together as much as we could, it was the only time we could be alone. Being in his presence twisted my stomach, it felt like butterflies fluttering around inside me. His touch would make the hair from my arms and neck stand up. I was infatuated with him.

The day came where the females were paired up with their spouses. I was filled with boundless joy when Lugal approached me to ask for my hand.

I laughed and smiled; "I see the Gods truly did favor you", I told him.

He smiled back and kissed my hand. We had a happy life together, Lugal became a great priest-king for the gods, we had our first child together and named him Gilgamesh. It was custom that our firstborn was surrendered to the Anunnaki gods. We did not protest this; we knew his life would be filled with greatness and he would be well taken care of by our gods. We had many other children together, all born with blue or green eyes and light brown skin. Lugals eyes were blue all around and a bright slim ring of green radiated out from around his pupil, completely capturing you with his gaze. We were the only hybrids that could reproduce genes that created red hair color in the children. My children and grandchildren and their grandchildren's children would seed the earth for thousands of years. My lineage would live on for many generations on earth and my children would grow to help humanity awaken and become great.

I grew to become incredibly old in this life; even outliving my dear husband. The day he passed was hard on us all. Somehow, I always felt I would see him again one day. This thought gave me comfort. Lugal was placed in a tomb befitted for a great king. It was hard to say goodbye. Gilgamesh was at once made king after the death of his father; his story would be one known for generations to come. Together Lugal and I had twelve children and each one of them, had ten to twelve children themselves, before long I had over one-hundred grandchildren. I knew them all by name, we would sit around the fires at night, as I told them the great stories of the gods and all their adventures through the stars. The children loved the stories many inspired them to do great things.

In the last years of my life as a Sumerian, there was a great disagreement between Enki and Enlil. Both pleaded their case to Annu. Enki wanted to take humanity to the next level of evolution through more genetic modifications.

"Humans deserve to have more knowledge," Enki pleaded over, and over to Annu.

The Anunnaki would need to return to their planet one day, and Enki wanted us to survive anything once they left. Enlil disagreed and thought the humans needed to evolve the rest of the way on their own. He protested

"the more we make them like us, the less human they will be."

Annu agreed with both of his sons and decided that Enki would be allowed to pick a group of humans and start another civilization someplace else. If he chose this path, he would need to live out the rest of his years on the earth and would not be allowed to return home, he would need to be fully responsible for any way the humans may become after more DNA enhancing. He was sworn to always guide them on the right path. Enki agreed to this, he would start a new civilization, and advance human life even further; in hopes, his small group would seed the rest of the world with their knowledge.

The next day Enki chose me and many of my children and grandchildren. as well as hundreds of other hybrids and their families. We loaded our carts and we left. It was hard to leave some of my family behind, but who was I to question the decision of the gods.

During the travel, Enki decided to take a wife and create a family here on earth. This was not allowed before, the Anunnaki were not allowed to mate with the humans. This would create a half-blooded Anunnaki human being. A giant among men, a hybrid much different than us. Our DNA was only slightly altered, a child born naturally would have an entirely different DNA than our own. We didn't think much of it then, and I was so honored when he chose my eldest granddaughter. She was extremely beautiful. The wedding celebration was pure joy. she was so happy to of been chosen. I could see the love for Enki in her eyes. After the wedding, we continued on our journey once again. I became ill on our travels; I would not survive much longer. My granddaughter was with child. I sensed greatness from her womb, this child would lead the way for generations to come.

The day we arrived in our new lands is one I will never forget. The lands that would later be known as, Atlantis. It was also the last thing I would see in this life before my death. The sun glowed red, as big as I had ever seen, it was setting over the lands reflecting on the waters that surrounded it. It took my final breath away. I died; peacefully surrounded by all those I loved. They mourned as I drifted off into the afterlife. In death I remembered everything, I was confused; why did I not wake up and remember while I was alive? I had just lived that whole life never knowing who I was. It was so peaceful and happy. Was it for nothing? I hoped my children were my accomplishments in that life, no I knew they were.

The afterlife process started over as it always had. I was being pulled into the next life. This time though- things seemed a little off, just a little different than the other times, the process was rough and painful. After my first life on earth, I was reborn thousands of years into the distant future. I was an artificially created clone, manufactured for war. The year was 2801. Why was I reborn so far in the future? Humans had evolved beyond anything I had ever seen before by 2801 on earth, most of their eyes glowed bright grey; like the moon, much like Aldrin's eyes did before.

For years, the humans had been fighting a cosmic war with the reptilians. We were taught the reptilians just attacked without warning. There were no other details given to us about why this war had started or any of the events that led up to it. I remembered everything in this life, which only made it, much, much harder. Something was wrong, it was too far into the future for me to be reborn in. I should not have been born thousands of years in the future. I often wondered; what had become of all my children? Where were the Anunnaki in this future?

My first life as a human had so much beautiful meaning. My next was filled with fear and sorrow. I had no real parents in this life. I was a human clone. A living being still, but rather than a mother and a father. I was raised by a computer and a scientist, synthetically grown in a tank. My closest friends were the psychologist provided by and required to use by The Galactic Federation. We were bred soldiers, forced to fight a never-ending war. Humans had been fighting this war which had now raged for many years. The draconian's; the evil slimy reptilians had declared war on all of the earth. The humans were forced to defend themselves and almost lost everything in the process. Every country on earth united creating one government system long ago. They created a massive space program for planetary defense and joined The Galactic Federation. An alliance of many planets and species in the universe. The earth was known to be one of the most well-guarded planets in the galaxy. The human skepticism about the good of the universe saved them. They knew they were not alone; they also knew not everything alive in the universe was good.

The day the draconian ships attacked the earth, its orbital satellite shield system deflected every shot. The reptilians knew this was possible, but overestimated their weaponry strength. It bought the earth tons of time to get into position and return fire. It bought them many years after. But the reptilians kept coming back every decade or so and raged war for years. It almost brought humanity to extinction. Extinction may have been the whole goal of the war all along. The humans never considered the possibility that the clones would have living conscious souls, or maybe they didn't care. Nevertheless, we were bred: trained, fought, and died alongside humans in battle. Just more of us than them. As a child, many of them did not live past two, if they could not function to expectation, they were put to rest; at peace, smiling, laughing, playing with their robot simulated mothers one last time. They were given a small synthetic drink before bed, kissed their mother's goodnight, and never woke up again. It was a peaceful way to go; they felt nothing. Death as a child seemed better than the life we would live out. They produced millions of us for war.

By the time I turned eighteen this war had raged for eight years. My life as a child was terrifying. Most of us were forced into horrible dangerous jobs if we didn't do well in the Academy, the grunts of the military. The pawns. Pure cannon fodder. Many of them never survived their first battles. I didn't have much trouble with any of it. I was top of my class in most of everything, when I graduated, I would be given the privilege of choosing my job. My only competitor was Beth. Beth was stunning in every aspect, Pale complexion. Bright white eyes much different than the rest of us. Her hair, white as snow, always in a bun ready for a fight. She was the toughest girl I knew. I loved her from afar. Love was forbidden for us. The desires of the flesh were not allowed while we were in service. It was earned after our war service was completed. I never could tell her my feelings. I hoped she had known and felt the same. I often thought our competitiveness with each other was our way of showing it. She was cruel to me mostly. We grew up together seemingly emotionless. It would never stop the feelings I had for her.

We graduated from the academy and got to pick our jobs. Everyone was shocked when I picked one of the most dangerous jobs in the service. A starship dropper. My job was simple. I dropped from alliance ships in mid-space, onto enemy ones carrying quark bombs. Our mission was to handicap enemy warships in space battles. Most of the time, we were targeting their shield generators. The enemy ships that got close enough; could not detect small human-size objects on their radars, we were much too small to be perceived as a threat by their shield systems, which focused most of its energy deflecting the energy blast from the alliance warships. So, a warship in a dogfight could fly close enough to the enemy warship, ejecting you out into space, in a small torpedo canister at extremely fast speeds. We had to wear an armored space-suit to withstand this. You pulled the latch when you have reached your target, and the casing breaks apart. Our suits were equipped with a propulsion device that can bend the force of space to move us around defying the vacuum of the cosmos, it also kept us alive. Once we got close enough to the enemy ships would land near our targets, using magnets in our suits boots to stabilize ourselves on the target. We usually placed two highly advanced Quark explosion bombs right into their main engines or any weak spot that can be seen where we landed. These bombs were devastating and not allowed for use on the planet. It could wipe out entire countries from the blast, it was so powerful. The reptilians had not expected us to have this kind of technology yet. This job was not easy, as they had many small gunships waiting for us every time we dropped. We launched in dozens, each of us defending those with the bombs, even at the expense of our life. We would fight off the gunships the best we could with our handheld beam cannons, most missions were a success at the great cost of our lives. This was the best stealth response earth had. Deciding victories almost every time. Giving alliance warships plenty of time to finish them off. After you hit your target and placed the bombs. You would drop back onto earth blowing the bombs you placed once you have reached a safe distance. Our suit protected us upon re-entry onto the earth. Our suits were equipped with thrusters to reduce the G force for a safer re-entry. This process took an incredibly long time, many lives were lost in the process, every bomb I blew, I just hoped my crew had managed to survive, many never did. War was brutal, every mission I went on I lost almost everyone. There were times some survived; then never seen again, I never knew what happened to them after. After I blew the bombs, I ejected my spacesuit off to lighten the load and engaged my parachute, floating down to the ground. Watching the hellfire of battle, unfold above me in the heavens. If you get good at it, and by good, I mean lucky, the whole job is quite exhilarating. We were heroes, many of us had decided many battles in the past.

This life was lonely and so full of pain. I still had no clue what was happening...

I was very confused most of this life. I remembered my past lives. I could never understand what my mission was in this life, or why I missed thousands of years of reincarnations. Where had it all gone? What happened here on earth? Why did the reptiles decide to attack? Even the appearance of humans was all different now. Each now had the same eye color as my father Aldrins on Osiris. It is all happening again, and I was defenseless to stop any of it. I could not lose them again, certainly not this fast.

My last mission before I turned thirty came. I could not believe I made it this far. The pain of the thousands of lives I had seen die in my life weighed heavy on my heart. Our survival rate was 0.3% of all of us sent into battle. I was a rare exception.

I was assigned to Beth's command for my last mission. She was a warship commander now and made quite a name for herself, the great strategist. I was excited for my last mission to be with her but also dreaded it at the same time. This would be one of my hardest missions I ever faced. The reptilians had swarmed in droves of warships above our planet. Our mission was to take down the enemy command center which was being protected by two large heavily armed enemy warships way out in space. While earth defended against the hordes of reptilians, we were to head far out and take down the command center. If this mission were a success it would cripple the reptilian fleets and effectively end the war, or so we thought.

The moment our ships reached orbit we were immediately hit by the two enemy ships. We engaged our shields and fired back. The enemy ships stayed far away from us; the ships would not leave the command centers side. For hours, our ship was bombarded with constant gunfire. The enemy ships were too far away for us to drop on them to take down the shields. The mission was quickly failing, and we could not take much more gunfire. Our shields were starting to fail. The mission seemed lost; I could not let this happen. I approached Beth and I offered my life to save the ships. I would be shot out into deep space in a capsule, as close as I could get to the enemy warships to take them down. This mission was suicide and would take an exceptionally long time to get that far. I would not be able to return from this. If it meant I could save my crew and most of all Beth, then I would happily lay my life for hers.

Beth just needed a short window to get through the two largest ships and blow the command center to hell. Beth did not want to accept my proposal at first, but she knew there was no other way. She approved my request to drop. She never looked at me this last time we spoke, her back was turned to me the whole time staring out the large window into the void. In the reflection of the glass she stared from, I could see tears roll down her face. It hurt me inside, in a twisted sense at least I knew she did care for me.

To my surprise I was not alone, many of my fellow droppers were willing to die with me. All pledging their lives in one great glorious death for the earth. All of us loaded up in our canisters and were shot out deep into space. We used every ounce of energy our suits had to get there; we were fired straight to the enemy ships. They were caught off guard not expecting us to have kamikazes on board. We were not met with any resistance. The first group of starship droppers reached their ship and blew their blast immediately. We knew they had sacrificed their lives to save everyone. We knew we had to do the same. To do what we were bred to do. You could feel the heat from the blast of the ship beside us. We watched as Beth blasted it more into kingdom come with the warship's weapons, each explosion pulsating us. Within a minute we got close enough to the engines to blow the shield generators on the second ship. I took one look back as Beth continued blasting the reptilian ship, I imagined her looking out the window down at me. I hoped, in her heart, she knew I loved her dearly. As soon as I reached the ship, we blew the blast. I hoped it saved them, I hope it saved them all. I never even got to see what became of them. A huge flash of light was the last thing I saw, and I was pulled out into the afterlife once again, it was so fast I did not even realize I was being born into my next life.
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