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________________________ As Ariana Beaufort attends her third year at Deveraux Academy, she quickly realizes that her reality has a lot more to it than she actually knows. During the time being, she encounters a mysterious woman who wants to shape the world to how she thinks it should be. Although, the very League that controls the dark sorcery she invests herself in warns her of the woman. They say that the woman is not who she claims herself to be. In fact, she may be the very thing that could destroy time and existence as warlocks and witches know it. Through a difficult journey, Ariana takes it upon herself to not only attempt to save the world from any harm, but also discover her long lost father whom she refuses to believe is dead due to the current world war. It is up to Ariana to decide what is right, hopefully find her astray father, and cease any threats to the human race. ________________________

Fantasy / Drama
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IMPORTANT Authors Note:
You might notice that the authors name and the main characters name both correlate with each other. After a long time of hiding, the author came out, in short, as transgender, suffering from severe dysphoria. The author chose her new name, one of which comes from a character she had created near and dear to her heart; Ariana Beaufort, the woman she dreamed to become.

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This is a work of fiction. Anything written in this work is not related to anyone or anything and is a coincidence if they do.

All rights reserved.

Status: Planning - November 4, 2019
First Chapter Published ~ February 28, 2020
Completed - TBA
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