The Six Guardians

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The Eternal Night had fallen over the land so many years ago. Evil had taken over during this time, as the six guardians known as the 'Monarchs' had been trapped in an endless slumber, and the Immortal Ari had turned away from humanity in his bitterness at the humans worship of the moon. But little did the world in the Darkness know...the Monarchs were waking. (Book 1 of the Guardian Chronicles)

Fantasy / Action
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Long ago the human world was ruled by six Monarchs. They were admired by everyone, except for the immortals who watched the world and expected worship.

The ‘Monarchs’ were also guardians, creatures of this world who were more powerful and capable than humans and existed for the purpose of protecting humans, but were not so powerful that they were Immortals. They were good, and the humans saw they were good and trusted them fully. The Monarchs grew to love the humans deeply and in that love they became fiercely protective, and perhaps lost their humility towards those Higher Powers.

Blinded by the jealousy of the humans’ love of the Monarchs, Ari, the Immortal of the Rising Sun, threatened the humans to make the sun disappear forever if they did not stop looking to the Monarchs for their every need. Eventually, the frightened humans brought the six Monarchs to Ari. Ari sent the six Monarchs and their servants to exile in the deepest corner of the world in hopes that they would never be found and he could continue his reign over humanity with the other immortals.

Ari placed a curse upon the Monarchs before they left for the wilderness, however, that they might slowly lose their senses and eventually be unable to fight the beasts that would plague them in the deep forest where they would be left. The Monarchs were afraid of what this would mean, but they prayed they would survive and still be able to protect that which was dear to them; humanity.

However, the servants that were sent with the Monarchs into the wilderness were disgusted by the betrayal of humans. They became monsters as the years passed by, and they began to hunt humans that came into their exile and they worshiped the moon every night. It came to a point where the Monarchs felt they had to destroy their loyal servants as they had been poisoned by their bitterness, but the servants grew in number as they corrupted other humans to their ideals and their worship of the moon.

But there was hope for the Monarchs; an oracle that had visited them one night told them that they would see freedom from their curses and exile soon, as a child would be born into this cruel world that would aid in carrying their souls from this exile and into a new world. The Monarchs didn’t understand what this meant, but it was as the oracle said and the child was born.

But the Servants knew of this child, too, and their only desire was to destroy him. So, a battle was waged and fought for ten years in order to protect the child of the prophecy.

In the final battle of the long war, the Monarchs finally won. But they were left with ominous words from one of the wicked Servants, ‘The Eternal Night will come, and then your lives will end as the moon rises.’

Then the night sky turned as red as blood.

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