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Christmas Factory

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Chapter 1

“Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how beautiful are your branches, Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how beautiful are your branches. You shine above, so beautiful, Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree… how beautiful are your branches…”

In a minor valley, in a minor factory, lived an insignificant family. The smallest of all, the Christmas elves, they waited upon Christmas to decorate the towns and celebrate what they loved most, Christmas.

“Get those strings in order; we have one day till Christmas arrives,”

Grandpa Gold demanded, the smaller worker elves scattered around to pull the string tightly, another group of worker elf clipped the lights neatly onto the string

“Beautiful, they will love it,”

Grandpa Gold commented as the worker elves folded the string of lights neatly tugging it into a small box. He balanced himself on his crane as he walked towards the next area where the small worker elves worked on wrapping the presents

“Wrap them neatly, once we deliver them, I do not want them to tear,”

He demanded once again, few of the worker elves nodded their heads and continued their duty, they glued the bows neatly on top of each wrapped box and pushed them down the roller, Grandpa Gold nodded his head and walked towards the next area where they were busy decorating the Christmas tree

“Oh, how beautiful are this tree, truly, it has been standing on the same spot for the last 100 years and it will keep standing for the next 100 years,”

“We’re ready Sir, we can start loading,” He belly laughs, and the minor elves follow him toward his carriage, another group of minor elves start setting the strings on the reindeer's, “Make sure they are tight, I do not want to lose another one this year,”

They nod their minor heads… “All set, Sir,” He climbs into the carriage and place the presents next to him, “Happy Christmas to all,” He belly laughs and he roads off…

Each house he passes, minor elves drop the presents by the family trees, until they reach one house where the children sit wide awake waiting for their presents.

“They are awake Sir,” “Throw some sleeping powder in there and then drop the presents, a minor amount,” They nod their little heads, and slowly make their way down the chimney, they sprayed a little sleeping powder and the two minor children yawn onto the couch.

They place the presents and return them to him…

The minor elves start decorating the town, lights and presents on each block, every tree is beautifully decorated with different colored lights and every sidewalk is perfectly swept…

“Oh, what is this?” “We forgot a present? It’s almost dawn,” “Do not panic, if the child is awake, we will simply sneak it in,” “How Sir? The parents will also be awake,”

“The window… there, it is open,” The two minor elves position themselves toward the window and sneak inside, each noise they hear, they hide, each child they hear, they hide… until they reach the tree and place the presents underneath… they sneak back and he proudly cheers them…

His belly laughs and the two minor children sprints to the window pointing at him, “Ho, ho, ho, Happy Christmas…” “Sir, they saw us,” He winks at them, “Children keeps our belief going…”

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