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Savage Jaxson's tale. Continued from FOREVER KNIGHTS: Emergence & FOREVER KNIGHTS: Rise of the King of Assassins. Savage Jaxson works to thwart the demon master, Radix from taking over Ardae. Attempting to free the countries of Ardae from twisted kings and queens. And return to the less fortunate, all that's been stolen from them. Savage Jaxson: I was raised in the Grier Citadel, feeding on rats in the dungeon. Until the day my father decided to have me drowned. To hide his greatest secret...What I am. Something even I don't know. But along the way I was trained by the demon master's fiercest warlord. Chavias Derenoe who became like a father to me. And I'm a creature of fierce loyalties. Since then I have begun to keep my promise to Chavias to find as many of his former brethren as I can...The Forever Knights...

Fantasy / Romance
Manda May
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1718 - The Beginning of Something New

This is from the tale of the Forever Knights but it is focused entirely on the roles Savage Jaxson, King of Assassins plays. If you’d like to read it singularly about him, this is your book.

You know my name.

You know what I am.

And soon everyone will. I am the King of Assassins. And, oh have I been busy...

1718 Meadowbrook, Grier Country


Chavias, Radix’s fiercest warlord was watching a creature delivering one of the demon master’s notes to a boy he wished to recruit.

And I’d rather be anywhere but here. Chavias thought as he climbed down the tree situated outside the young man’s window. As his feet crunched to the muddied earth, he heard a familiar whoosh and felt the weight of his crow landing on his shoulder.

“Hello, Thadeus.” He reached up and caressed the bird’s back. Watching the jostling of the coach leaving Worthington’s drive.

Another soul for Radix to consume. He was vaguely disappointed the boy hadn’t resisted the demon master.

But unsurprised nonetheless.

“Don’t look so forlorn.” An unemotional voice above him had him lifting his eyes.

Savage Jaxson. A grin already pulled at Chavias’ face as he spotted the shadow perfectly balanced on a narrow branch above his head.

The boy he'd raised in the demon's lair. And most definitely, Chavias' favorite person.

Thadeus turned on Chavias’ shoulder to stare up at the other man. Squawking and bowing up. Flapping in objection to Savage’s spying.

Chavias gauged the distance from Savage to the tree he’d been crouched in outside Worthington's window. How much did he see?

"I watched the whole thing.” Savage confirmed.

The crow cawed.

“You are aware, even I, find you unsettling?” Chavias commented.

Not an easy feat to make me uncomfortable. But he manages it...

“You should.” Savage strolled along the branch. Tilting his head down to look at Chavias.

“What are you up to, Lad?”

He doesn’t like being called ‘Boy’. Chavias was aware.

Not since he escaped Radix and established the Blue Lark.

“I’ve a question.” Savage paced along the branch, thoughtfully.

How does he balance so easily? Chavias wondered, not for the first time.


“I saw something.” Savage said pensively.

“Something unusual, I take it?”

“It was a child with this…” He paused, brow furrowing as he walked the length of the branch. Waving his hand as he searched for a word.

“Hurry, Lad.” Chavias glanced around for Cimmerii. Certain they were likely close.

I don’t’ want to call him Savage, in-case Cimmerii are listening.

“Light. All,” He framed a head and shoulders. “Around.”

You can see lights around people? Like Sebastian?

“It’s beautiful.” Slight excitement entered Savage’s voice.

Excitement? Chavias had never heard more than passing interest in the younger man’s voice.

“White and shining. With some gold.” Savage detailed. Still moving along that blasted branch as though it were an expansive walkway.

“I’ve heard someone speak of something like that before.” Chavias commented.

Sebastian, King of the Castle of Water.

“What is it?” Savage crouched on the branch to look at Chavias.

A Watcher. A fallen angel reborn in human form.

“Something. Rare. Something Radix will want to own or kill.”

“No.” Savage went eerily still in his characteristic way. Saying nothing more.

He won’t let that happen. Chavias knew.

A Noni squealed in the distance.

Returning this way.

“I have to go.” Chavias said urgently. Knowing Savage was Radix's most desired target.

“I know.” Savage stood and began strolling back toward the trunk of the tree.


“Yes?” His head whipped to look over his shoulder.

“Keep her safe.”

He grunted in agreement. “Chavias?”


“Are you ready to be free yet?”

“No…” He whispered, eyes falling to his boots.

I can't escape the demon's lair yet. There's still much I must do from within it.

There was a long silence during which, neither of them moved.

Savage waited for him to say something more, but Chavias turned instead, and aimed for the shrieking Noni.

“Be safe, Chavias.” Savage’s words carried to him.

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