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Master Acer licks and sucks my neck. He tilts my head back, and a feeling of euphoria suddenly runs through me. I gasp as his vampire teeth sink into my flesh, my nails instinctively digging into his back as desire flows through my entire being and I have to stop myself from rubbing against him like a bitch in heat. ------------------------------ Selene's mate has still never come forward to claim her, despite knowing who she is, and now she's only gone and fallen head over heels in love with the conceited immortal Fate. Her feelings for Fate are unrequited, however, as he's declared his love for another leaving Selene broken-hearted. Having recently been declared Mistress of the Moon, she needs to quickly find an alternative mate and, after rejecting Alpha Elias of the Pack of California, Selene's now agreed to become the Beloved of the cold blood vampire Raul of the Coven of the Moonlight. Is Selene's future now decided, or will the immortal Chance see it become part of the 'never-ending?' ------------------------------ Mistress of my Fate is an erotic fiction novel and is the second in a series of novels following on from Tempting Fate. This story is protected by Copyright © (All rights reserved). All characters and events are a figment of my imagination, and any reference to real people is coincidental. Word count c. 115,000

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“Fuck you’re so tight,” I growl against her ear as I thrust my length into her.

She groans loudly, her hips rising to meet mine, and I can feel her pussy clench around my cock, her body welcoming my rather large physical intrusion.

“You feel totally fucking amazing,” I whisper hotly against her mouth as I pull out almost completely and then drive back into her again with force, edging her forward, my tongue and teeth moving to her neck to lick and bite the spot where my wolf desperately wants to mark her.

Not yet.

I run my nose down her throat and inhale her scent. She smells like fucking moonflowers and white sandalwood for Goddess’ sake.

“Please Fate, I need you,” she groans desperately, begging me to finish her off, but she isn’t getting her release, not yet. I’m not fucking finished with her yet. I’m going to savour every last moment of this. She wraps her legs around my waist, pulling me closer to her heat, and I growl loudly in appreciation. I trail my teeth down to her nipples, biting them hard until she cries out at the mixture of pleasure and pain. Her nails now digging into my back, so deeply she must be drawing blood. I increase my pace, throwing her legs over my shoulders and rolling my hips against her clit then ramming my cock into her relentlessly. I can feel her body tense as her orgasm approaches.

I slow down and make her beg. And she does. Over and over.

“Patience, it’ll be worth the wait,” I whisper against her neck, trying to stop my canines from puncturing her soft, willing flesh.

I pound into her, increasing my pace and then slowing it down, edging her closer every time, until we’re both sheened with sweat, and she’s almost delirious.

I then increase my thrusts, driving into her harder and faster and deeper, and I feel her pussy clench and tighten around me.

She’s so close now, just a few seconds more.

And then I wake up.

Night after night, the same thing happens.

Fucking moon-bond.

I exhale loudly, cursing and running my hand through my black hair frustratedly then I throw the dark grey bed covers back, and I take my swollen shaft in my hand, pumping it up and down. I think of her perfect mouth and her plump lips wrapped around my cock, gagging on its sheer size then drinking me down.

My whole body tenses and I groan loudly as I shoot my load all over my stomach.

I lie there momentarily gazing around my bedroom which, unlike the stark whiteness of the rest of my private home, is in varying shades of grey, the quality king-size black leather bed dominating the room. I think of all the action this bed’s seen in the past then realise it’s seeing nothing whatsofuckingever these days apart from witnessing me jerking off night after night. I exhale loudly before getting up and heading to the en-suite bathroom, turning on the shower and standing under the blasting stream of almost scalding water letting the steam condense on the glass, blocking the visual of the world out albeit only briefly.

My thoughts drift to Selene.

I’ve always known I’d form part of a moon-bond. Anyone who undertakes the role of Fate is tied into one as we’re always paired with someone who’s claimed by the Moon.

The Moon’s decreed ruling is that it would be unfair and unreasonable if ‘Fate’ were able to choose our own mate as that would give us way too much control over our own future. Well, that’s the bullshit line she feeds us. The truth is she wants to manipulate and match all the most powerful immortals personally as she gets off on trying to create this perfect union of strengths, trying to achieve the ultimate moon-centric power couple like it’s some weird top trumps game.

She needs to get a fucking life.

Given that’s the Moon’s key aim, blatant control freak aside, I couldn’t work out why I was paired with Selene Salvatore.

Not being big-headed, well actually I am, but as one of the most potent immortals and at number three on the immortal hierarchy list when it comes to powers, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I’d been matched with someone as clearly incompatible as a mortal she-wolf who lived a perfectly safe monotonous life, who mostly daydreamed about becoming a traditional Luna and who displayed no powers of her own whatsoever.

What was she going to bring to the ‘power couple’ party?

It was a complete anomaly.

Incompatibility issues aside, she’s also the granddaughter of my greatest friend Destiny, who’s own moon-bond mate Diana, Selene’s Grandmother, rejected him as she didn’t want to live in the immortal real as she wanted a ‘normal’ life for their daughter Pandia, Selene’s mother.

Did I want to take a chance on history repeating itself after watching my friend be almost destroyed by being rejected and losing his daughter at the same time?

No, I didn’t. Fuck that.

Who would willingly sign up for what Destiny went through?

I didn’t reject Selene, though I considered it countless times. The Moon must have paired us for a reason and given I’d waited over two millennia for my mate what difference was another few years going to make. It’s not likely I’d be offered another anytime soon, if ever in fact, so I couldn’t afford to make a rash decision hence why I was taking my time on the matter much to everyone’s frustration, especially Selene’s.

So I observed her from time to time, watching for any changes, waiting for the eureka moment that would clearly explain why we’d been Moon matched, but nothing materialised, her life was routine, and her current preference seemed to be for it to remain so. There was no obvious or apparent reason why we’d been paired.

I couldn’t figure it out.

Everything changed on her twenty-fifth birthday.

My fucking perfect life became continually interrupted when Selene started to talk at me non-stop all day, every day. The moon-bond enabled me to hear her thoughts and they were all being directed at me telling me she wanted to change her ‘ending’ as she wasn’t sure the path she was on was compatible with her inner wolf.

I ignored her ‘elegant mouth’ initially, but she wouldn’t give it up. I want to say I admired her resilience and determination, and that’s why I eventually listened, but it was more a case of not being able to tolerate the relentless vocal torture. She was adamant she needed to change course, and it was apparent she wasn’t going allow me or my sanity any respite until I helped her do so.

What she didn’t realise, of course, was that I was her ‘ending’. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted her to be mine.

I mean we were polar opposites for Goddess sake.

Anyway, I had no choice.

I was going to have to meet my moon-mate.

So I did.

Four months after Selene first contacted me, I met her in an elevator and even though Penny muted the moon-bond as much as she could the moment our eyes met the connection was pretty much instantaneous.

She took my breath away with her tall, lithe body, her long silver hair and those mercury coloured eyes that were trying to search my soul.

Not that I would ever let them.

I’m Mr. fucking unreadable apparently. Or that’s one of the names she calls me, among several other just as colourful ones.

I smile to myself.

I stood beside her in the lift that day, and her unique scent engulfed me.

Moonflowers and white fucking sandalwood.

My concerns with our pairing were significant as, given the importance of the ‘Fate’ role, it can’t ever be compromised in any way. Selene was mortal, her wolf was high maintenance, and she had no powers. All of those were problems, big ones, unsurmountable ones.

That’s all recently changed, though.

She’s now an immortal and is Mistress of the Moon, answerable only to the Moon Goddess herself.

She has many powers now, even more than me, pushing me down to fourth place on the hierarchy power list.

Her high-maintenance warrior wolf will be kept entertained doing the ‘vigilante’ side of her new immortal realm based role.

Every box ticked.

Just as the stars were all pretty much fucking aligning, Selene eavesdropped on a private phone conversation between Penny Moon and me and, without waiting to hear all the facts she stropped off on one of her frustratingly regular tantrums and agreed to become the beloved of Raul the cold-blood and she’s now wearing his betrothal ring.

This all happened yesterday.

Today I’m on my way to meet with Penny to see what, if anything, can be salvaged.

I dress in a pair of dark blue jeans and a vee-neck soft wool black coloured top.

I admire myself in the mirror, taking in my handsome dark reflection.

I know I look good.

Am I conceited, vain, arrogant? Yes.

Do I care that people know I’m a narcissist? No.

Selene will like what I’m wearing, and she may turn up at Penny’s house while I’m there. If she does, I want her eyes to be on me and her thoughts to be of me, no-one else.

I’m Mr. fucking vain too apparently.

I shrug.

Fair enough. I do have to own that one.

I shoot my reflection one more admiring glance before transporting myself to Penny’s office at her home. When I get there I find her looking out the window at the scenic lush green forest surroundings which, in the main, cover the immortal realm city, her fingers nervously drumming on the ledge.

I clear my throat, so she knows I’ve arrived, and she spins around.

“Fate, how are you?” she asks, looking at me with a concerned expression while trying to read my face.

Not sure why she’s even bothering to try. She knows I never give anything away.

I glance around her rather impressive office, taking in the dark wood-panelled walls and floors, and the over-sized walnut desk. Books cases stand tall and proud their shelves puffed out with self-importance that they get to hold the histories and laws of the Moon alongside a diverse array of the finest selection of books on magic, powers and witchcraft. There are mixing bowls and vials of all shapes and sizes scattered throughout the space many containing unlabelled liquids of different colours all likely for a variety of purposes, all looking innocent, many likely not.

I take in her dressed-down appearance of black jeans and a black vest top. It still surprises me how much she and Selene look alike, the Moon Goddess gene being prevalently predominant in both of them.

They could be doppelgangers if it weren’t for the noticeable height difference and eye colour among several other minor things.

Not that I’d ever want to fuck Penny.

“I’m fine. What’s the latest?” I ask getting straight to the point.

I’ve never had the patience for small talk so my direct approach can come across as abrasive and rude. Penny knows me better than most, so she knows that’s precisely what it is - abrasive and rude.

She moves across to sit behind her desk, her chair almost enveloping her tiny frame, causing her to look almost childlike, like she’s playing at being a grown-up. I take the seat opposite, leaning back in the worn brown leather with my hands behind my head, and my legs stretched out in front of me.

‘Vain Fate style’ is Selene’s name for this pose, and it always results in one of her ‘feast on Fate’ moments.

I smile inwardly at the thought as I await Penny’s response.

“I’ve not spoken with Selene today yet Fate, but I’m expecting her within the hour. Will you still be here when she arrives or will you get off beforehand? At the moment, I only know what I told you yesterday. That she’s accepted Raul’s offer and that she’s wearing his betrothal ring,” she replies, and I can sense her frustration.

She likely feels partially responsible for this turn of events as she had me on handsfree and that’s the reason Selene overheard our conversation in the first place.

“She didn’t really say much more than that, but I expect I’ll hear more today. I can give you a call after I’ve spoken with her if you like?” she continues.

I nod.

“Fate, if Selene asks about your moon-mate, what do you want me to tell her,” she looks at me questioningly.

Up until now, I’d not wanted Selene to know I was the other half of her moon-bond. Given the importance of my own role combined with the apparent insurmountable compatibility issues between us, the Moon granted me anonymity on the matter with serious consequences for anyone who breached the ruling or revealed my identity.

“Don’t mention to her that it’s her please, Penny, but can I ask you to do one thing,” I reply, my face impassive.

She nods.

“Yes, of course, Fate. What do you need me to do?” she asks, looking at me expectantly.

“Turn the moon-bond back up,” I say my tone contemplative.

“It won’t take Selene long to work out who her moon-mate is once that’s been reinstated and I’d far rather she worked it out for herself as opposed to it just blatantly being announced,” I add.

“Of course, Fate,” she says, opening her laptop, no doubt busying herself with restoring the bond.

“So how does it feel to love someone else other than just yourself, Fate?” she says with a smirk, her eyebrows raised.

I look at her. My face no doubt registering the fact that I’m not at all amused by her question.

“Given the current situation Penny I’d much prefer to return to being my previous selfish, narcissistic self,” I reply with a long drawn out sigh.

Penny chuckles.

She looks over the top of her screen at me as she types.

“Fate, I’m concerned Selene’s going to find all of this unforgivable you know. That you encouraged her to go on these visions, that you played with her emotionally as well as physically, and all the time, you never told her about the bond. Even if she can break things off with Raul, which is unlikely given she’s accepted his betrothal ring, my concern is that she’ll tell you to go fuck yourself, Fate. I know I would,” Penny says, leaning back in her chair looking at me.

“I mean it’s not that she doesn’t love you, but that may not be enough if she feels you manipulated the situation and deceived her. I get the feeling that trust and truth are two traits Selene holds in very high regard. You didn’t want her and then Destiny didn’t wish to get involved as it was too close to home for him. Selene’s future isn’t something that should have been gambled with, Fate. She’s far too important and far too influential. You should have realised that the moment the Moon chose her as the recipient of the vial bracelet.

Unfortunately, all that’s happened now is that both you and Destiny have left her to Chance and his silly laws of probability. You know how much of a loose cannon he can be. It’s all on red or black with him,” Penny continues to witter on like I’ve not already considered all of this.

“Yes I realise I could have done things differently Penny, but I’m not Time, I can’t go back and change anything now, and I did what I thought was right and with the best of intentions,” I mutter lowering my hands and intertwining my fingers across my front.

“You should have discussed it with her when you first met her, Fate. She’s a grown woman. She would have understood your reasoning and likely agreed with you that, at that point, you weren’t compatible so your being together wasn’t feasible,” Penny continues, most likely worried how her new second in command is going to react to her having kept all of this from her too.

I shake my head.

“To be honest Penny, I’ve a feeling that all the events leading up to this moment were meant to happen and that little, if anything, could have been done to change their order, sequence or this end result. Selene’s future was always going to fall under Chance’s remit, and I’m not sure he’s finished his little mind games where she’s concerned yet. I’m pretty sure he’s coerced all of this deliberately and intentionally with his key aim being to piss me off,” I reply raising my eyebrow at her. She knows I’m right.

Penny nods in agreement.

“Where is he by the way as I haven’t seen him for months?” I ask curiously, not that I want to see him as he’s incredibly irritating and smug with it.

Penny shrugs.

“I’m not sure, Fate. You know how he likes to flout the realm rules. He’s probably off making a nuisance of himself somewhere and playing roulette or poker with several people’s lives, Selene’s being one of them,” she says with a worrying frown.

She sighs loudly.

“Anyway, you’re likely right, Fate. I think when it comes to Selene’s ‘ending’ things are far from being concluded or set in stone” she says, closing her laptop finally and looking across at me.

“One thing’s for sure, though,” she says folding her hands in her lap, “she’s going to know imminently who her moon-mate is as the bond’s now fully reinstated,” she adds with a small grin.

“Then let the games begin, Penny,” I reply, a wry smile on my lips.

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