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The fantasy world I live in is called Operia. Operia is a world split into five different sections. We call it tiers. In each tier, there is one leader and god that they believe in. Once the mortals died out, the only species left in Operia were supernatural beings and animals, some feral and some sane. The five gods decided to split their people into sections, so no more spices go extinct. Rohana Gaia doesn't understand why they live in tiers based on their personality and wants. She understands why the gods did what they did, but this is bound to be trouble. Tiers are gonna get competitive and go to battles. We can't grow and adapt as faes living together in tiers. Like her mother used to tell her, If you are afraid, you can't be brave now, can you? ----------------- Rohana is a slave in Ceswill. She doesn't remember how she got to Ceswill. She doesn't remember anything from her childhood, her parents. She remembers nothing of anything. Just her life in Ceswill. Rohana is planning to escape. ------------ WARNING! ** This story contains soulmates, but it doesn't work like in the werewolf books. They don't figure it out straight away. They figure it out over time** Also a slow-paced story, so be patient. Includes enemies to lovers as well! You can also find this story on Wattpad!

Fantasy / Romance
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Species explanation.


This book contains werewolves, high faeries, regular faeries, and elements.


Werewolves live in a pack. The leader is an alpha; the alpha has a second-hand man called the beta. The alpha is often the most vital member in the pack.

In this book, the alpha is Vivian Brunimir. Her beta is Balor.

High faeries and ″lesser″ faeries.

The High Fae are a group of faeries known for the ruling nobility in the fae world. They differ from the lesser faeries by their human-looking appearances, save for their delicately arched ears and longer limbs. Any other difference will mark a faerie as ‘lesser’ faeries.

The High Fae are stronger and more powerful than the average faerie, and they may possess unique abilities that vary with their level of powers.

High fae is a race of immortal beings that possess incredible physical beauty. The faes do not age, similar to other living beings. They can potentially live forever. Faeries can not die of old age.

Most of the tier leader’s will be high faes because of their family status.

In this book, the high faeries are f

Kodac Brunimir Leader of Codra ″tier-one.″

Kodac’s power: Werewolf/shapeshifter. Fire element and air element.

Kodac is originally from Ledrar (tier three). He overthrew the leader of Codra for corruption. He handed his alpha title down to his sister Vivian Brunimir.

Kodac’s mother was a high fae with fire and air elements.

Kodac’s father was a shapeshifter.

Theo and Ophilia are leaders of Atrena ″tier two.″

Theo’s power: He can read the minds of lesser faeries

Ophilia’s power: She can feel the emotions and wants from lesser faeries

Theo inherited the Atrena tier from his father and married Ophilia later on, and now they rule atrena side by side.

Vivian Brunimir is the leader of Ledrar ″tier-three.″

Vivian brunimir is the alpha of the ledrar pack. Werewolves/shapeshifter’s do not have fae powers. So Vivian rules as an ordinary alpha.

Werewolves/shapeshifter are the only species in Operia who is destined to have a soulmate.

Vivian and Kodac do not have the same mother; Kodac’s father cheated on Kodac’s mother and impregnated another woman.

Nero is the leader of Slana ″tier four.″

Nero’s power: He can create snow with a snap of his fingers

Nero inherited his position from his mother.

Valior is the leader of Ceswill ″tier five.″

Valior’s power: even though Valior is a tier leader, he isn’t a high fae.

Valior’s father overthrew the Ceswill leader and killed him. Valior inherited the position his father had.



If you have the earth element, you are Stable and resilient. Earth is the element of solidity and support.

What can you do with earth element?

For instance, you can make grass grow however long you want. You can call out to nature.

This element provides the Guardian with the ability to manipulate anything geologic, ranging from plants and trees to minerals and rocks. Earth’s power is a relatively vital element as it can completely cave in areas and destroy the land around the Guardian who uses it.

*you can open the earth and bury a person alive.


What can you do with a fire element?

The one who carries the fire element can start a fire using his mind.

**you can set people on fire.


capable of taking any form. Water is pretty much always seen positively, symbolizing adaptability and healing.

What can you do with a water element?

You can make water capable of taking any form. It also kills fire.

**You can drown people with water.


The element of change and movement; unpredictably calm one moment and flying into a tempest the next. Therefore, what it lacks in raw power it makes up for in offensive and defensive maneuvers.

What can you do with the air element?

You can see swift through the air by controlling the wind to wisp you away. Not for miles, though, makes you capable of leaping through the air.

**you can pull all air away from people, making them suffocate.


Fire is not evil but is made stronger by either air or earth, considering that wood and coal are earth. Air is more substantial than water or earth for the same reason. It all comes down to purity. Air is purer than water, water purer than the earth, and fire purer than earth.

Operia and each tier differences are explained on the next page.

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