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The Daydreamer: A World Of Dreams (The Dreamer Series: Book 1)

By Lexyee Uchiha All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Aamanthia Gray woke up one bright dusk morning; her bed was a mess along with her room. Her dark black sheets were on her bright wooded floor, and her black comforters were tangled around her body, holding her prisoner. Textbooks splayed out for the whole world to see, a genre for every mood, and situation.

Papers of still uncompleted homework laid on top of her dresser, next to a John Green book, she blamed the mess on the upcoming exams, at her high school.

She sighed, brushing some clumps of black hair out of her face, knowing that Demetri, had something planned for her fifteenth birthday. She grabbed a pillow and screamed into it, she didn’t know if she could hide her evermore growing affection for her stepbrother, she knew it was weird to be in love with her stepbrother, but technically they weren’t actually related.

She froze at the knock that came from her door, “Come in,” she groaned, and the door opened with a click.

In the doorway stood, Demetri Gray, dressed perfectly as always, in a dark blue tee shirt and black skinny jeans, with his black converse carefully tied around his feet, his hair nothing shy of perfection, a light brown a bit longer than usual, was perfectly curled around his face just the way she liked it. If looks could kill, he’d have been staked, buried, dug up, and then staked again for good measure.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?” Demetri asked, leaning against the door frame.

“No, you didn’t.” she said embarrassment creeping; through her body slowly she probably looked like a mess.

Demetri started walking towards her and sat at the foot of her bed, as he did so he picked up some of the books and set them aside. “I got a surprise today for you, mom and dad are going to be busy as always so you and I have the entire day to waste away.” he said as excitement, filled his eyes.

“That sounds amazing Demetri, I can’t wait,” she said, her voice croaking, still groggy with sleep.

“Why don’t you get dressed and clean up your room a bit before heading into the kitchen for breakfast?”

He got up from her bed and started walking towards the door, not waiting for her reply, “Thank you.” Aamanthia said finally.

He stopped were he was one hand already on the doorknob, “You’re welcome.” he replied not looking at her, he opened the door and stopped halfway, and looked back at her, “Put on something nice, beautiful.” he said walking out the door and shutting it behind him.

She swung her legs over, gently stumbling onto her cold, wooded floor, sending a shiver through her body. She paused at her dresser, looking up into the mirror, she looked at her reflection and thought of what Demetri had called her, “beautiful.” she stood there puzzled, he had never called her beautiful before, he had always called her pretty. Demetri sure is acting weird today, she thought.

She wondered what about her he seen so beautiful, she looked like a wreck, her long black hair was tangled leaving bunches of hair that wouldn’t come out even with the finest of hairbrushes, she tugged lightly on her hair, Nope, I’m not even going to try to brush it out. Giving her slender body a last once over she looked back at her face, seeing that her crystal blue eyes were indeed more blue than normal.

She pulled her clothes out, a black band tee, black leggings, and combat boots, walking carefully over across her room, making sure not to step on any of her textbooks, grabbing a towel out of her closet, and closing it. She sighed walking into her bathroom, setting her towel on the toilet seat along with her clothes, and opening the shower curtain, turning on the hot water, before finally stripping down to just her body. She sighed stepping into the shower, getting goosebumps as the hot water rushed down her skin.

She embraced the warm water letting it flow down her, standing underneath the shower head. She grabbed her strawberry shampoo, spreading some of the delicious smelling jell into her hand.

She tilted her head down a bit, to let more water soak her messy hair, pulling away from the water as her body protested wanting to feel the warmth of the water, as the cold air attacked her slightly tanned skin.

Stroking her hair as she lathered her soapy hands through the black mess that was her hair, trying to untangle it a bit, sighing as she had no luck.

Grabbing her strawberry body wash, she ran her fingers down her body, scrubbing at the dirt that took refuge, here and there all over her body.

She moved her head back underneath the shower head, washing her hair, moving her fingers, helping the soap out. She grabbed the handle and turned it off, slipping out of the bathtub and gently placing her flat feet, on the bitter cold floor.

Grabbing the white towel, she dried off her hair first and then wrapped the towel around her body, walking forward to the sink, and reaching down at the cabinet, pulling out her hair straightener and blow drier.

She plugged in the hair straightener, knowing that drying her hair never took too terribly long. She grabbed the cord and plugged it into the outlet, turning on the obnoxiously loud dryer, raking her hand through her damp hair.


When her hair was finally dry, she grabbed the straighter and started to do her bottom layers, when there was a knock.

“Hello?” she called pausing, what she was doing.

There wasn’t an answer; brushing it off as just her imagination she grabbed her hair, straightening it out again. Then she heard the knock again, she set the straightener down and held onto her towel as she grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

She saw her stepmother on the other end, “Hey, sweetie.”

“Oh, hey mom.”

“I’m really sorry we can’t stay for your birthday, it’s just it’s im-”

“Mom, its okay.” She said waving her apology away, her mother sighed and hugged her, Aamanthia awkwardly wrapped her arm around her stepmother.

“I love you, we’ll make it up to you, I promise.” her mother said releasing her and hurriedly walking out of her room.

Aamanthia sighed; her stepparents were always busy on her birthday, she grabbed the straighter and returned to her hair.


Aamanthia walked down the hallway and was greeted by Demetri alone in the kitchen getting her plate ready; he looked up at her as she came in.

“Wow, you look stunning,” he said, she blushed sitting down in one of the chairs. “Thanks, you don’t look half bad yourself.”

“Why thank you, I made your favorite, strawberry pancakes,”

“Thank you!” she squealed.

“You’re welcome.” he chuckled setting a plate of freshly made strawberry pancakes, down in front of her.

“So I was thinking we could go shopping, then go do anything else you want for the rest of the day, and then to settle down we can watch the sunset at the beach,” he said looking up at her, his brown eyes glistening.

“Sounds awesome!” she replied, a bit excited.

Demetri, took her plate after she was done and quickly washed it, setting it inside the dishwasher before taking Aamanthia by the hand out the door and locking it.

They walked down the driveway, and down to the sidewalk, he let go of her hand, looking over at her and smiling, he nudged her shoulder, and she nudged him back playfully.

After walking for five minutes they finally reached the store they were looking for, Hot Topic. Aamanthia rushed inside, “I’m home.” she sighed out, taking in the scent of new clothes, Demetri chuckled as he walked in, seeing her in total bliss.

Aamanthia, always loved going shopping with Demetri, because he never complained about how long she took to find the clothes she wanted, but she finally settled on two new My Chemical Romance tees, a Black Veil Brides hoodie, and Pierce The Veil leggings.

Demetri handed the cashier who was a boy, and was fairly attractive, who was also Aamanthia’s longtime, childhood best friend, Ryan Potrovus.

“You still owe me a date, pretty boy.” Ryan said said looking at Demetri, his green eyes shimmering; the boy had a faint Italian accent, along with his pale complexion.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, Ryan.” Demetri said waving him off, chuckling to himself.

“Hey, Ryan.” Aamanthia said hugging him over the counter, they had been best friends since they were five, the trio used to hangout a lot more than just casual hellos but ever since they started high school, Demetri had soon been engulfed in the popular group of kids, while she and Ryan where misfits. She missed the days where the three of them would hangout and become lost in each others company, but as they got older they began to drift apart.

“Hey, Thi. Happy Birthday, hold on while I get your present from the back.”

“Ryan you really didn’t ha-.” she sighed as he had already disappeared, she hated it when people spent money on her.

Ryan came back with a small box, and handed it to her, taking the small box into her slender hands, and popping the lid open she gasped at what she saw.

“Oh Ryan, you didn’t have to.” she said looking down at the necklace that lay before her, it's purple butterfly pendant glistening as it lay, connected to a silver chain.

“I wanted to, you’re my best friend, when I saw this I immediately thought of you, you remind me a lot of a butterfly.”

“Why is that?”

“Because butterflies are beautiful and graceful, and so are you.” she blushed, holding the necklace out to him so he could put it on her.

She turned around and felt Ryan’s cold hands against the back of her neck, and pulled her hair up. “Be careful, okay? You’ll only get hurt with him.” he whispered into her ear, she nodded confusedly, as a chill went through her body.

She turned around and faced Ryan’s green eyes, “Thank you, Ry.” She wrapped her arms around him, over the counter.

“You’re welcome, Thi.” Everyone always called her by her full name except Ryan; he always had a nickname for her.

Aamanthia and Demetri walked out of the store, after saying one last goodbye to Ryan.

“What do you want to do now?” Demetri asked smiling down at her.

“Go get lunch.” she replied, feeling the pendant against her collarbone, it was like having a piece of Ryan with her, she couldn’t stop thinking about what he said, what had he meant by his warning?

Demetri, grabbed her hand and took her to Drew’s, her favorite restaurant. She ordered a hamburger and fries and Demetri, ordered a BLT sandwich, in the process the waitress flirted with him, she felt awkward, as jealousy bubbled up into her stomach.

Why the hell do I feel jealous? He’s my brother! Adopted brother. She reminded herself they weren’t actually related.

Demetri, noticed her unease and spoke up, “Are you okay? You look like you’re about to throw up.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She lied, brushing him off with a smile.

“So what do want to do next?”

“Go for a walk at the park.”

“You could be doing anything and you want to go walk at the park? You never cease to amaze me.” he sarcastically, remarked.

“Hey, don’t judge, at least I’m easy to get along with.” Demetri reached over the table wrapping his hands around her fingers; caressing the soft calluses she had on her hands, from doing yard work around the house.

“That you are, I was only joking, anything you want, Gray.” The waitress came back with their orders, slipping him her phone number on his napkin.

“You aren’t actually going to call her are you?” she asked and quickly regretted even asking.

“Of course not I’m already in love with a certain someone.” he answered with a smile, before crumbling the napkin and throwing it on the floor.

“Who?” she asked, curious and jealousy getting the best of her.

“Is your food good?” he asked, avoiding eye contact.

“Yeah, how’s your food?” she asked.

“Pretty good actually.” he said.

After they finished eating, Demetri paid the bill, and they walked out to the park hand in hand, “Seriously, who are you in love with?” she asked him as the park came into view, she felt him tense and he squeezed her hand lightly.

“You’ll find out sooner or later.”

“That’s hardly an answer, Dem.”

“Well aren’t you miss noisy today,” he said sarcastically.

“Sorry, I’m just really curious.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it.” he said nudging her shoulder, she quickly returned the soft nudge.

“Did you hear about the new Harry Potter?” he asked knowing she loved the book series and movies.

“Wait, what? Really? Oh my god that’s amazing!” she said jumping up and down, and he smiled at her.

They walked for a bit longer and talked about their favorite movies as the sunset came into view.

Demetri grabbed her hand and pulled her along to the beach, she nearly tripped on her face as a rock stood out of place, but Demetri quickly caught her, not letting her fall, “Don’t worry I got your back.” he said looking back at her.

The bright orange sun had just began to set and it was beautiful, the dark blue sky had started to melt into the orange sunset making a beautiful, breath taking sight. Demetri stopped on the sand; Aamanthia could feel the little pebbles, under her boots.

“Breath taking isn’t it?” Demetri asked her looking straight into her crystal blue eyes, still holding her hand.

“Wow, this is amazing Demetri.” she said breaking eye contact, hoping he couldn’t see her blush.

“I got a surprise for you.”

“What is it?”

“Close your eyes! No peeking!” she nodded her head, swearing she could see a tinge of pink on his cheeks.

She closed her eyes, feeling her butterfly pendant jump against her neck, as her heartbeat raised, Demetri let go of her sweaty hand and brought his hand up to her face, resting it on her chin, her eyelids fluttered open, looking into Demetri’s soft caramel brown eyes, for the first time in his life, he looked vulnerable.

“I said no peeking,” he said moving a strand of hair out of her face.

He leaned in close, his cool breath tickling her, she sucked in a breath feeling the blood rush to her face, moving her hand up into his long hair, pulling gently on a lock.

She pulled him closer, as their lips brushed; her body shuttered sending a chill down her body. Demetri took his free hand and wrapped it around her lower back, pulling her the rest of the way into the kiss.

They moved their lips in unison, tugging his hair gently, making him gasp, she had no idea what she was doing, letting her body take the lead, she slipped her tongue into his mouth, tasting the inside of his sweet orifice, as a soft moan escaped him. All her childhood and teenage years, she had wanted to do this, and now that she was, it didn't feel the way she thought it would, she always imagined sparks flying everywhere but all she got was an amazing kiss, she didn't feel any magic. Maybe it was because it was her first kiss, but she was glad that she could finally kiss, the boy she loved.  Demetri, had to pull out for air reluctantly, if he didn’t do it, she would let them suffocate to death.

“You have no idea, how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he said breathlessly, resting his forehead on hers, she wrapped her fingers around more of his hair.

“Well, you should’ve done this a lot sooner.” she said pulling him back into a kiss, feeling him tense, and then he moved his hands back down to her face, cupping it as they kissed.


“This ice cream is the bomb.” she said as she took another bite out of her snicker’s ice cream, it had chunks of caramel, nuts, and chocolate, while Demetri had a strawberry milkshake.

“Can I have a taste?” he asked pulling her into kiss, licking the residue of ice cream on her bottom lip, pulling away he licked his lips.

“That is really good.”

“Right?” she nudged his shoulder, looking up at him, Why is he so perfect?

They finally reached the driveway of their house, and Demetri pulled his keys out, unlocking the door and pushing it open, before stepping inside and taking their shoes off. Aamanthia walked into the kitchen, and threw away her empty cup of ice cream.

She walked back into the living room, seeing Demetri lying down on the couch, watching some show on the television, she sat down next to him, and crawled on top of his chest. He smiled and wrapped an arm around her and pecked her lips gently.

“What are we watching?” she asked

“Dr. Phil.”

“Oh, my favorite.” she said getting interested into the show, laying her head on his chest.


“Cat fight.” she whispered out sleepily, as the two girls in the show, got up and started to hit each other.

“I will never understand how girls fight, one minute they’re best friends the next they hate each other, and then they go back to being sisters, girls are confusing.” Demetri said still looking at the show, when she didn’t answer he saw she was asleep on his chest.

He smiled grabbing the remote, turning the television off; he gently slipped out of her grasp and stood up, putting an arm around her waist and the other around her back.

He carried her bridal style up the stairs, opening her door, seeing that she didn’t clean her room, he smiled down at her as he walked carefully to her bed, setting her gently down, and sliding the covers over her body.

He bent down and kissed her forehead, turning around to exit her room, as he felt a hand on his wrist, he turned around to see her looking at him.

“Stay with me, please.” she murmured

“If that’s what you want.” she nodded, scooting over pulling the covers back, patting the empty place for him to join her.

He took her silent invitation slipping under the covers, she didn’t hesitate to wrap her arms around his waist, laying her head on his rapidly, moving chest.

After a minute or so, she whispered, “Demetri, your heart is so loud, it’s hard to go to sleep.” He chuckled, moving a hand through her hair.


Aamanthia woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of the front door being broke open, “Demetri,” she shook him awake and he looked at her with wide eyes, slipping out of the bed, he grabbed the baseball bat, that she kept on an old trophy shelf, because she used to play softball.

“Hide.” he whispered to her.

She did just that without a word, knowing that their lives were in danger; slowly creeping to the bedroom closet, worrying she might make the floor creek.

Demetri walked slowly, towards the side of the door for any intruders who might step foot in the bedroom, Aamanthia was already in the small, tight closet, she had grabbed a knife her stepfather had told her to keep for hunting purposes, she was glad he did otherwise she would’ve been unarmed.

They heard footsteps coming from just outside the door, and then they suddenly stopped, Demetri was ready to swing the metal baseball bat, and the door handle was starting to turn, and then it opened, he swung the bat colliding with something or someone, before being picked up by the throat and thrown across the room.

Someone had stepped inside the room, she couldn’t tell whom because it was so dark, whoever it was they were really tall, and muscular, the being brought out something from their pocket, it glistened in the moonlight. Demetri must’ve been knocked out when he was sent flying across the room, because he wasn’t moving. Walking closer, the mysterious being made it’s way to Demetri with the knife in it’s hand.

Her heart was pounding; she couldn’t believe this was happening to her, her entire life she had been good, quiet, friendly, and sweet, not causing problems with anyone, and now someone was trying to kill Demetri, she knew Demetri would be furious with her if she revealed were she was to save him, but she couldn’t live with herself if something happened to him.

The being walked even closer to Demetri and rose it's knife to stab him, not thinking she sprinted out of the closet towards the being and brought her knife down and stuck it in it’s back, the being flinched and was caught off guard, and she was struck in the head by something hard and cold, and then she fell down slowly, laying down next to Demetri, with a knife protruding out of his chest was the last thing she saw before everything went black.

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