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Maddy had everything she wanted, everything she needed. A family, friends, ... she even knew who her mate would be. But when he returned after his beta training ... everything changed After a year of betrayal and heartbreak she leaves her pack, to start over again. But with everything that happened, can she truly start over? And what will she do as love comes knocking on her door? ...

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


"What are you planning on wearing on your big night?"

I chuckle: "what do you mean 'big night'. It's just my 19th birthday"

"Yeah, but the boys return tonight, didn't they tell you?"

~~~~~~~~ FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~


I sigh, "do you really have to go?"

Tobias smiles at me while holding me tight.

"You know I have to go. Someone needs to keep an eye on the future Alpha"

I sigh again while nestling my head in his chest.

"I know, but 2 years is a long time. You won't even be here when I turn 18"

I know he has to go. But I hate that he won't be here when I turn 18. A werewolf can find her/his mate when they and their mate turn 18. High ranked werewolf like Alpha, Beta, Gamma can feel the bond when they turn 18 even when their mate is younger. The mate only feels the bond when they are 18, it's then that the bond snaps in place.

That's what happened between me and Tobias. We grew up together. As high ranked pups, we spend a lot of time together. We became good friends.
When he turned 18 he told me he felt a pull towards me. He became very protective, even more than my brother.

Since then we believed that we were mates, but we can only confirm that on my 18th birthday.

"I know, but you need to promise me that you live your life, don't wait for me"

I frown at his comment. But he doesn't let me speak. He holds me tighter and kisses me deeply. For a second I forget what I wanted to say.

"Promise me?" He asks in a husky voice.

His fingers are under my chin and pull me up so I look in his eyes. I am mesmerized by his eyes.

"Okay" I reply in a soft voice, not really knowing to what I am agreeing.

He kisses me again before letting go. He gets in the car and waves one last time

~~~~~~~~END OF FLASHBACK ~~~~~~~~

I feel my cheeks turning red.
"Nobody told me they would return tonight. I thought they would be gone for another week"

"Good job ruining my surprise for Maddy, Vicky" an annoyed voice sounded.

I turn around to see my brother leaning against the doorpost. I give him a smile.

"Well James, you know Vicky can't keep a secret. So it's your fault really" I laugh.

He pushes himself from the door and walks to his mate. His arms snake around her waist and pulls her close

"I know, I know, but she was begging me. I can't say no to those puppy eyes" he smiles while looking at her with a smile.

I am happy for them that they found each other, but I also feel some jealousy. I want what they have, maybe tonight I finally can.

After my brother and Vicky leave my room, I can finally get ready. I was planning on wearing something casual. But now that my potential mate is dropping by, I need to up my game.

I wished Dana was here, she is way better in dressing up. She was the prettiest girl in the pack. Her blond hair, blue eyes and petite build, made her a catch for every male and female wolf.
Of course she knew she was pretty and also knew how to dress to impress.

Unfortunately for me, she left about two months ago. She was going to a baking course to focus on her baking skills. Something about decorating, I didn't really understand because I am not so hard core into these things.

After my shower, I put on some underwear, you know the kind that you wear for your mate. I brush and dry my hear and put on some light make up. After that I walk to my closet and go through it. After an hour, I still have nothing to wear besides my fluffy robe. I let myself fall on my bed and scream in my pillow.

"Why so frustrated little sis?" My brother asks. He is looking at me while leaning against a wall.

"How long have you been standing there?" I sigh.

He walks closer and let himself fall on the bed.

"Oh long enough to know you need to work on your senses" he smirks.

I push him playfully from my bed. He laughs. I know I need to work on those things. He tells me everyday that I need to work and train.

"I am serious, what's wrong?" He asks while he pulls himself on the bed again.

I stare blankly at the ceiling: "I don't know. To be honest, my wolf is running cirkels all day. When Vicky told me about Tobias I thought she was excited for her mate. But now I have a feeling, like something bad is gonna happen"

My brother takes my hand and I can feel his eyes on me.

"Whatever happens, it will be okay, you will be okay. I am here for you, always" he smiles.

"I know, it's kind of annoying" I tease him.

We laugh together

James gets from my bed and pulls me up.

"As the future Gamma, I order you to put on some clothes" he says in a stern voice.

He knows it doesn't work on me, but this is a game we played since we were kids. So I play along and bow my head before getting in the bathroom
On my way there my brother throws me some clothes.

I put on the black high waist skinny jeans and glitter top. I fix my make up and walk out of the bathroom. To complete my outfit I put on my white sneaker and some bracelets. My dark hair falls around my shoulders.

My brother isn't in the room, he probably went downstairs when I was in the bathroom. I really need to work on my senses. But I won't admit that to him.

My wolf keeps pacing in my mind.
*what's going on?* I ask her.
*don't know, something is not right*
*are you sure it's not just our mate that's coming* I ask her again
*hmm no, I have felt it for a week, but it's getting stronger and worse. Whatever it is, it's not good*
*okay, but can you calm down? You are giving me a headache*

My wolf calms down, but I can feel she is still on edge. It worries me. What could it be?

"Maddy, come downstairs. You've got company"

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