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Chapter 10: Cherry pie


I wake up in my cousin's car. The dirt roads we were driving, are full of holes. If it wasn't for my seatbelt, I would be flying in the car.

"Ever heard of asphalt?" I tease Will.

He smirks: "Ever heard of keeping your entrance a secret? Nobody will look for a powerful pack on a dirtroad"

It does make a little sense, but I was not going to admit that.

"Well if you guys are so powerful, why hide?"

"We are not hiding. It's just a precaution. Our allies know how to find us and the rest of the world, well they don't need to know. This way we have some privacy"

Again, a very good answer. I just nod and focus on the view outside of the car. I must have been sleeping for a few hours because he sun is rising. We are surrounded by mountains, hills and thick forrests. Everything is covered in a snow blanket. The snow is glittering, making it look like a winter wonderland. I get why they would want some privacy here.

We arrive at a giant gate between the trees. I remember them from when I was a little kid and we visited my uncle and aunt. The gate was huge back then, but it is still massive. They seem to recognize my cousin immediatly and the gates open. We pass a few guards and I see the younger one winking at me.

After 15 minutes we reach a wooden house, it's a big house, but not big enough to be a packhouse.

"Welcome to my home", Will tells me. He looks proud at his home.

'Thank you, it's beautiful" I tell him, he is almost glowing with pride. Something tells me he build it himself.

We get out of the car, my cousin takes my suitcase and duffelbag. I want to help, but he gives me a glare and I know I will not win this battle. We walks up to the house, when Will suddenly stops.

"We need to be very quiet. Cherry is ... Well ... she isn't really a morning person. More like a morning dragon" he winks at me. I laugh a his comment when the front door flies open. Reveal a pregnant girl. She is holding her belly and her face is almost as red as her hair.


HOW DARE YOU COMING HERE WITH ANOTHER GIRL!!!" she growls, looking between me and Will.

Will steps in front of me, shielding me from his mate's fury. She really isn't a morning person.

"Cherry, calm down! This is my cousin, Madeleine. She will be staying with us for a few weeks"

I take a peek at Cherry from behind Will. Her face immediatly changes. The anger washes away and makes place for joy and a little guilt. I see she wants to come to us, but she is struggling in her waddle. So I walk up to her instead. When I am close, she pulls me in a tight hug.

"Oh I am so sorry for growling at you. Please forgive me and my hormones" she says while pulling me even tighter.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, I would do the same" I smile at her.

"It's so nice to meet you. You can tell me everything about when Will was little, I think I have an album somewhere around ..."

"Before you girls go and gossip about me all day, I'd like to give Maddy a tour of the house" Will interups

Cherry sighs: "Fine, in the meanwhile I'll make some hot chocolate"

With that she waddles of into the house. Will walks up to me, slightly shaking his head and smiling.

"She is a handful, but I love her"

Will gives me a tour of the hous. It has 2 floors and a basement. The first floor is the kitchen, living area, bathroom and Will's and Cherry's bedroom. On the second floor their is another bathroom and 3 bedrooms. I tease my cousin at the site of 3 bedrooms. He calls it 'planning ahead'.

I get the bedroom closer to the bathroom and with a view of the mountains. It's a beautiful room with a light grey and icy blue color scheme. We put my stuf there and go meet Cherry downstairs. She is waiting for us with hot chocolate and cherry pie.

"Wow this pie is delicious", I complement Cherry.

"Well why do you think everybody calls me Cherry?" She asks me.

"Because it's your name?" I am not sure what to say. She smiles.

"My real name is Charlotte. But I loved baking pies and my cherry pie was my specialty, so your cousin here started to call me Cherry. And it sticked, now everybody calls me Cherry, but I like it"

"Will and his nicknames. He still calls me Squeeky" I shake my head while speaking and point my fork in his direction.

"You don't look squeeky to me" Cherry tells me while glaring at Will.

Will laughs: "She was squeeky as a kid!"

"I was only squeeky because you pushed me out of a tree" I say in my fake angry voice.

Cherry on the other hand gives him an angry stare: "WHAT DID YOU DO?"

Will throws his hands in the air to surrender. "She is fine, we were all fine, she was just ... squeeky" He teases

"It's alright Cherry. I know he only says it out of love" I give him a wink

After that we all laughs and tell stories about our childhood. Apparently Cherry came from a farmer pack. When Will saw her he almost immediatly marked her and took her with him. Will indeed built the house himself when he was 18, hoping to find his mate. It's kind of romantic. But it also pains me to hear that their life was like a fairy tale while mine was like a ... greek tragedy.

I helped Cherry cleaning up, while Will got to the packhouse for Beta bussiness. Before he left he asked me to not go out of the house without him or Cherry. I think he is worried that other packmembers could see me as a threat because of my Gamma aura.

So after cleaning up, I head to my room to settle down. While unpacking, some tears left my eyes. They didn't feel like sad tear, more like happy tears. It felt like a weight getting of my shoulders.

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