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Chapter 11: Gamma, meet Gamma


I didn't like to leave Maddy alone in the house. Yes, she had Cherry and I feel like they already are becoming fast friends. But still I felt a little guilty. I hadn't thought this throught. Maddy had Gamma blood, what gives her a stronger aura than other wolfs.

For now it was safer to keep her in the house with Cherry.

I get to my office to find a stack of papers. I hate paperwork, but it comes with the job. I have to read them and give my okay before presenting them to the Alpha. If I try my best, I can finish early and then help with the warrior training.

After an hour most of the paperwork is done. I am about to finish when the door of my office opens.

"Hi Will, back so soon? Was Blue Ridge that bad?" Gamma Oliver asks.

"Hey Olli, it was okay. Just some family drama, so I had to cut my trip short" I tell him while finishing the last paper.

"Yeah my brother told me you brought back a girl. What's up with that? I mean you already have a mate" he asks me confused and almost accusing.

Of course Olli had heard about it, he was the Alpha's little brother, same age as my cousin James. He got the position of Gamma because our previous Gamma didn't find a mate and did not produce an heir. The Alpha appointed his brother, because he only wanted people around him he could trust.

"Yes I brought back a girl, but she is my cousin and no, I will not arrange a date for you. She is here because she needs a break from her old pack"

"Interesting ..."

"Stop that!" I growl at him.

I know he is a good guy, but he follows anything with skirt and a heartbeat. I don't want to put any pressure on Maddy. She had been through enough.

"Wait, is this the same cousin that rejected her mate because he slept with her best friend?"

"I see news travels fast" I mumble.

Olli looks at me with compassion. He eventually promised to not flirt with Maddy, but he still wanted to meet her.

We walk together to the training grounds. Alpha Alex is already in the ring, giving clear instruction. After that he steps back and the warriors start sparring. After a minute he notices us and walk up to us. He nods and stands besides us.

Alpha Alex is ... quiet. He doesn't speak alot, it gives him a more dangerous vibe. But behind closed door he is more relaxed and a great friend. He just doesn't like to show that infront of everyone.

"Hi Big Bro, after training we are going to Will's house to meet his cousin from the Blue Ridge Pack ... Wanna join?" Olli asks.

"No thank you, I have to prepare for the Alpha challenge next week. Don't forget you two also have to fight" Alex says, not looking at us.

"Yes, we are training twice a day like you wanted us to do" Olli says.

Alex just nods and keeps watching the warriors. We have a strong pack. Everybody trains in self defense and our warriors get the best training in a variety of material arts. Every two year a pack organises the Alpha challenge. It's a friendly competion to showcase the strength of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma. There are different categories like weapons, agility ... and the most important hand to hand combat.
There is no real price but high ranked werewolf are very competitive. So winning alone is a price.

After the warrior training we walk to my house, I can smell the scent of my beautifull mate mixed with food. She can cook, but there is room for improvement. But this food, it just smells heavenly.

"Cherry, I'm home!" I say while entering the house.

"Cherry went to the store, it's just me" a voice says.

I walk up to the kitchen with Olli close behind me, to find Maddy in the kitchen. Hair is in a messy bun and her apron is covered with food.

"Sorry for the mess, I am a messy cook" She says with a guilty look.

"Maddy, you know you didn't have to cook for us" I tell her.

"I know, I just wanted to do something to show how gratefull I am" she smiles.

Her eyes divert to Olli who is standing behind me. Than she gives me a confused look.

"Oh yeah! Maddy, this is Gamma Oliver" I say while stepping aside.

Olli immediatly takes the oppurtunity to come closer and shake her hand.

"It's nice to meet you Gamma Oliver" she says with a little nod out of respect.

"Just call me Olli!" he smiles, "hmmm your aura ... your not a regular wolf, are you?" he questions

Maddy's eyes widen and she takes a step back. Her eyes dart between us, she doesn't know what to do and I realise I forgot to tell Olliver that Maddy is a Gamma. Not that he would mind, but his inner wolf can see this as a challenge.


I can see the eyes of Gamma Olliver flicker. I take a step back. My wolf wouldn't want me to be submissive, but I know he can see this as a challenge. I quickly look at Will, to help me.

Will quickly intervenes: "Maddy has Gamma blood, her brother James, is the Gamma of the Blue Ridge Pack"

Oliver's body relaxes: "Ah so you are here to tell me how to beat your brother in the Alpha challenges"

"Well I got very clear instructions NOT to do that, sorry" I smile at him.

"No problem, I can beat your brother without any help anyway"

I can't help but laugh at that, Will joins me.

Oliver... I mean Olli, decides to stay for dinner and even helps me cleaning the kitchen. He tells me about the pack, and the landscape. He even invites me on a tour tomorrow, but Will frowns at that. Will only allows as to go if he can join us. He is acting just like James would.

Speaking of James I have to send him a text to let him now I am okay. I decide to send him a picture of my home made lasagna. He is instantly jealous, haha

I do miss my family, but I got a feeling that I am gonna like it here in the mountains.

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