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Chapter 12: A day to remember


I wake up pretty early, there is no sound in the house. I am used to getting up early and do my morning routine. But my Alpha told me I couldn't train here... ugh.

Instead of my usual training, I chose some yoga poses to strech and wake my body. It is not the same, but it'll have to do for now. After half an hour, I sneak to my shower, making sure I am as quiet as a mouse. I don't want to wake the dragon, if you know what I mean.

When I am fully dressed, I get downstairs and make some breakfast. I make enough scrambled eggs for all of us. It doesn't take long for Cherry to emerge from her bedroom. She looks tired, but smiles when she sees the food.

"We should keep you around" she tells me while eating the scrambled eggs.

Cherry is so hungry that she eats everything, every single crum. I just let her, she needs it more than I do. I just settle for some cereal and yogurt.

When Will shows up, he is freshly showered. He looks confused to the empty pan and than to his mate.

"The early bird catches the worm" she smiles with a teasing tone.

So Will helps himself with a bowl of cereal like me. We joke about the fact that we are more afraid of his pregnant mate than the Alpha.

"I can beat Alex if I want" Cherry says in a proud tone while puffing out her chest.

"Of course you can" I reasure her. It was enough for her to waddle of to shower and make herself 'battle ready' for today.

"So when is Olli coming?" I ask Will, I am excited to tour the pack.

"Well, Olli will not be joining us. He missed his training yesterday because he was eating your delicious lasagna. The Alpha was pissed so he'll have to train twice as hard today" Will tells me while we get out of the house.

"Wow, he sounds like a grumpy guy" I say and Will laughs

"Yeah he kinda is, but if you really get to know him, he is the most loyal and caring friend anyone can ask for"

We are walking to the packhouse when everybody around us freezes. I see there eyes widen and then everyone starts running. They probably got a mindlink, but I'm not part of the pack, so I didn't get the message ... litterally.

"Will, what is going on"

He looks at me, like he had forgotten I was there.

"Rogues, you need to get home. Help Cherry! There is a bunker under the house, GO" he orders me.

Immediatly my instinct takes over. I run to Will's house and find Cherry panicking. I calm her down.

"I am here for you, we need to go to the bunker"

She just nods and follows me to the basement where the bunker is. I open the door and help Cherry down the steps. I can hear the growling and barking coming closer. I want to help outside, I know I can, but Cherry needs me more.

I lock the basement and bunker. The bunker has a few beds, some canned food, an electric stove, water ... everything to survive here for a week. I am impressed at how prepared my cousin is, does this happen alot?

I'm ripped out of my thoughts by a screaming Cherry.

"What's wrong?" I ask her.

"I don't know, it hurts ... I think the baby is coming!" she yells in panick.

I look at her legs and see her water broke. SH!T

"This can't be happening, not now! I have another two weeks to go!" she whines.

I get up and prepare for the birth. We can't go to the hospital, it's too dangerous outside. I grab some towels and blankets, boil water ... everything they tell you in the movies. I am NOT a doctor and have no idea how to do this.

My instinct kicks in ... again. It's a different kind of instinct, not the fight or flight kind.

I help Cherry to a bed and make sure she is comfortable. Okay, I try, she is very uncomfortable because she is in labor. The towels I got earlier are used to lay underneath her.

I take a damp towel in one hand and Cherry's hand in the other. I try to calm her down and wipe away her tears and sweat.

"Did you know that when Will visited me as a child he would tell me he was my long lost brother?" I tell her.

The thought of her mate seemed to calm her down, so I kept talking.

"I thought it was so cool to have another brother in another pack. Of course he was my cousin and not my brother, but I always liked him. I felt always safe with him. Whenever he would come over, there was an instant connection. It didn't feel like we didn't see each other for a year. That's what I like about Will, he feels like home"

While I am talking I keep wiping her face and checking her vitals. My story calmed her, but the pain was getting worse.

"THE PUP IS COMING" She yells, her eyes are full of panick.

"It'll be okay, I am here, for both of you" I tell her

A few moments later a beautiful baby boy is born. I clean him and hand him to his mother. She smiles and holds her little boy in her loving arms. I help her clean up and make sure she is comfortable.

"You have any names in mind?" I ask her softly while looking at my little nephew.

"Will was going to name him if it was a boy" she says in a sad voice.

I take her hand. "Everything will be okay, just rest for now with your pup. I'll watch over you two"

She smiles at me with sleepy eyes and I can hear her heartbeat slowing down and then keeping steady.

Meanwhile I make some food with the cans in the bunker so she'll have some food when she wakes. After that, I tear some sheets into makeshift diapers.

I feel my body is getting tired, but there is no way I am going to rest now. I need to stay awake and protect Cherry and her baby. I don't know for how long we've been here, there is no clock and our phones are still upstairs. Stupid, I know.

Suddenly I hear banging on the door. I jump up and get closer. Carefully I open the door of the bunker. There is nobody, the sound is coming from the basement door. So I carefully walk up the stairs and open the door ajar and peek behind it.

It's Olli. I open the door and embrase him.

"Are you okay?" he asks me after I pull away again.

"Cherry, she ... she had a pup" I stumble out.

Olli's eyes grow big and then get foggy. He is mindlinking someone.

"Will and the doctor are on their way" he says.

I smile and get back downstairs while Olli stays upstairs.

Cherry is still sleeping, I smile at the sight of her holding her pup.

I hear someone throwing the door open. I jump in front of Cherry ready to defend them. The foorsteps are getting closer. Will jumps down and runs inside. He pushes me aside to get to his mate. I lose my balance and fall, my head hitting the floor. I wince a little and grab my head with my hands.

I stand up and walk back upstairs. They probably want some privacy. And I feel like a third wheel. I get upstairs and show the doctor the way to the bunker. After that I walk to my room upstairs. My head feels heavy and I am exhausted.

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