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Chapter 13: Guilt and plans


The fighting was finally over. We were attacked by another pack and rogues. They worked together, just to try and overthrow us. Pfffft as if.
Alpha Alex is interogating some of the rogues we captured, while I am making sure that the pack is safe.

My wolf is pacing in my head, he wants to go to our mate and check up. I want to go too, but I have first some work to do to make sure she is safe. I sent Olli to check up on them, but it didn’t calm my wolf. Only her smell and holding her in my arms would calm him. I try to focus on the last of my work when I get a mindlink from Olli.

*Will, you have got to come home NOW* he tells me

I let everything go and run to my house, I don’t know what is going on but I just have to get to my mate. I push everything aside untill I see my beautiful mate. She is laying in a bed in the bunker and she was holding something. Our pup.

My eyes get teary and I join them in the bed, holding them both tight. I am so happy that everything is okay, even thought I hate it that I wasn’t there to help her. My wolf kept saying we had to come home, but I thought it was just to make sure she was safe.

“Are you alright?” I ask in a whisper.

“Yeah, Maddy took care of us, she is a real angel” Cherry tells me in a soft voice.

When the doctor arrives, I stand up, giving him room to work. I don’t like another man so close to my mate, but I know he is only here to help.

I look around in the bunker. Someone made food, prepared diapers ... Maddy! I can’t see her in the bunker. But her smell was here. Then a flash of guilt hits me. Maddy was here, she was standing in defence mode, ready to protect my family and I ... I just pushed her away. Yes, I was acting on instinct but ...

I see some blood on the floor and kneel, SH!T I hurt her! Cherry looks at me confused.

“What happend?” Cherry asks me in a worried voice.

She can feel my change in emotion. I wave it away for a moment, I need to focus on Cherry and my little pup.

“Are they okay, doc?”

“yes, both very strong and healthy. I would recommend to move them upstairs for fresh air, but I have a feeling that was your plan” he smiles at me.

The doctor stands up and walks out the bunker. I follow him for a moment.

“Hi doc, can you do me a favor?” he turns to me and bows his head.

“uhm my cousin she ..”

“I’ll go check up on her too. I saw her walking upstairs when I got here” he gives me a polite smile and walks upstairs.

I thank him and get back to Cherry, she is cuddling with our pup. I carry them upstairs to our room, so they rest in a nice warm bed and join them. Cherry is holding our pup and I hold her in my arms while I keep looking at my little man.

*Beta?* the doctor is mindlinking me

*Your cousin is alright, she is sleeping and has a small headwound. Nothing to worry about. I’ll be going now*

I thank the doctor and smile at my little family. I am relieved that Maddy is alright, but I still feel guilty. She was only helping and I thank her by wounding her. I’ll have to make it up to her.


It’s been a week since Cherry gave birth in the basement. I still can’t believe it, well it’s not like the little boy let’s me forget it. Will named him Mason and made me his godmother. He felt bad for pushing me, even thought I told him I understood.

Anyway it’s been a long week. I tried helping with the baby and cooking as much as I could, which made Will feel even guiltier. He insisted that I would take it slow because I was supposed to be on a break. But I am not the type of girl that sits around. Cherry was very grateful that she didn’t have to worry about the food and could just focus on her bundle of joy.

“Hi everybody, how are you all doing?” asks Olli when he enters the house.

He tries to visit daily, but with the Alpha away on bussiness or something and Will taking care of his family, Olli was very busy.

“Hi Olli, want to sit outside for a bit?” I ask him.

“Sure, as long as there is no baby there” he jokes

I lead him to the porch outside where we sit on a bench. It’s winter and everything is still covered in snow, but I liked the cold wind in my face. Because we are wolves we don’t really get cold, but we still feel it.

“So, wanna tell me how you really feel?” Olli asks.

I look up to him, a bit confused.

“Even though I only know you for a week, I also know your ‘not really fine’ face. So just tell me” he shrugs

I sigh “okay, I’ll need to work on my face. But to be honest, I am exhausted. All the work helped me not thinking of home and my ex, but I feel like I need a break ... from my break.”

“Why not tell them?” he asks while he gets a little closer.

“Because I don’t want them to think I'm ungrateful. They gave me a roof above my head.” I confess

“We don’t think that Squeeky” Will says, he was probably eavesdropping. He joins us outside and crouches in front of me.

“Maddy, I told you to take it slow for a reason. You know what, take the weekend off” he tells me

“The weekend? Where am I supposed to go? I can’t go home and tell them I am home to take a break from my break” I laugh slightly.

“You can come with me?” Olli says. Will glares at him, giving him the stink eye.

“I mean that I am going to the Alpha challenges. Beta Will is staying here and Alpha Alex is meeting me there. So it would be nice to have someone with me on the road there. And you don’t have to stick with me, if you want to explore town or something ...”

“That is actually not a bad idea, Olli” Will smiles. “What do you think?”

“As long as you and Cherry don’t mind”

“You are going, I don’t want it on my conscience that you are languishing here" Cherry speaks up from inside the house. Are they all eavesdropping here? Damn wolf hearing

"So that's settled, this weekend you are going with Olli ... But Olli, you behave!" Will growls

Olli puts his hand in the air as a sign of good fate.

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