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Chapter 14: On my way


Since the attack on my pack, I’ve been travelling to the Alpha King to adress what happend. It took me a day to travel here and another two days before I could talk to the Alpha King. When I finally could tell him what happend, he already knew. But he knew a different side of the story. Someone claimed that I had stolen something. Not someone from my pack, but ME.

So because of the conflict there was a trial, which took another 2 days. Eventually I was proven innocent and the other pack had to pay me for the damages and an extra fine for accusing me for something I didn’t do.

I am getting ready for my trip to the Alpha Challenges. With all this frustration inside me, I am happy to beat some Alpha ass. I am one of the stronger Alpha's out there. It’s always fun to show the young alpha’s how strong my pack is. It’s a way of warning them not to come close to us. One of the young Alpha’s will be from Blue Ridge. My Beta’s cousin is the Gamma there. It will be interesting to see if his strenght is in their blood, or just training.

I get to the airport and take a plane to the South River Pack. It’s a rather small pack. They are more of a country pack, not really my style. I like it in the mountains, people leave us mostly alone. It’s very peacefull and my wolf loves to run around in the snow. I already had been a week away and he was getting anxious to get back.

A taxi brought me to my hotel, I was a day early for the challenges, but that gave me the time to explore the competition and maybe have a run.


It’s friday noon, I am packing for my weekend away. I don’t need much, just the basics. I am planning to attend the Gamma challenges to support Olli and my brother. The rest of the weekend I’ll just explore the town, read some books ... I don’t really have a plan, except for NOT attending the rest of the challenges. The last thing I need is running into Tobias. Pfffffft Even the thought of seeing him was making me tired.

I am snapped out of my train of thoughts when I hear a car honking, probably Olli. I zip up my duffelbag and throw it over my shoulder before getting downstairs.

Will and Cherry are standing in the kitchen, smiling at me.

“We have a little something for you!” Cherry yells excited while hugging me.

I whince a little at the loud noice in my ears. Cherry hands me an envelope and watches with big eyes how I open it.

The envelope is filled with money! I stare at the two of them with wide eyes.

“I ... I can’t accept this, you guys don’t need to give me money”

“We know, but you earned it. See it as a payement for all the work you’ve been doing the past week” Will smiles at me.

“No I..I didn’t do it for money, I... I ...”

“We know you didn’t, but we still want you to have it. Just promise you’ll buy something nice for yourself” Cherry smiles and gives me a pat on my back.

I realise that she isn’t going to give me an out. So I thank them and give both of them a big bear hug. Before I leave I go to the crib and place a kiss on little Mason’s head.

“I’ll see you soon Sweety. Don’t grow to much when I’m gone”

I get outside, Olli is leaning against his car, checking his phone. When I am walking up to him, he puts his phone away and smiles. He takes my bag from me and opens my door for me.

“Ow we have a gentleman on our hands” I tease him

“Haha of course, but only for the pretty ladies” He smiles while winking with his eyebrows.

I roll my eyes as I get in the car. Yes, Olli is a real flirt, but I am not ready yet to get involved with anyone. However, he is really nice and sweet, so maybe ... eventually ... I don’t know.

Olli gets in the car and turns it around. The trip will take a few hours. We’ll have to drive to the airport and take a plane to the South River Pack. We’ll be there by midnight and tomorrow Olli will start his Gamma challenge.

To brighten the mood Olli plays some karaoke music and start singing Let It Go. It’s really funny I can’t help but laugh at his act and of course join him.


I spend the day training and letting out my wolf. My wolf was very grateful for the freedom he got after a week of being locked inside. But since I shifted back, he is getting uneasy and pacing my head. It's driving me nuts! But before I can ask him what's going on, my phone rings. I look at my phone and see that it is my brother so I pick up.

"Hi Olli, are you almost here?"

"Hey Alpha, just got off the plane. I am getting to the rental car and then we'll head to the hotel"

He called me Alpha, he only does that when there are other people around. I allowed my family, Beta and Gamma to use my first name when we were alone. But when there were others around we all used our formal title.

I didn't like the fact that he brought someone, and that without telling me. Probably a chick he wanted to impress. ugh. My brother is kind of a playboy. He hadn't found his mate yet so he became a little 'desperate' and followed anything with a skirt and breasts.

"Olli, what do you mean 'we', who did you bring?" I ask in a deep and annoyed voice.

"Uhm, oh you know, just ..."

"You are NOT bringing your sl*t of the week here. I don't want to hear or see anything from her. UNDERSTOOD?" I growl throught the phone. My voice is dripping with authority.

"Yes Alpha" he says in a quiet voice.

After that I hang up the phone. My wolf is being annoying and my brother can only following his dick. It's not that he is a bad guy, I am just trying to look out for him. What if he finds his mate while holding another girl? ugh, he never thinks.

After the conversation I head to my shower and try to clear my head, but my wolf keeps pacing.

*What's up with you today?* I ask my wolf while standing under the streaming water.

*Don't know* he snaps and retreats in the back of my mind. I shrug it off.

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