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Chapter 16: Joyride


I get up at 6 in the morning. I have been awake for a while. My headache kept me up all night. I even tried to contact my wolf, but I got no aswer. To be honest, it did make me cry a little. I missed my wolf and being a wolf.
I was basically a human, except for my advanced hearing and smell. The emptiness my wolf left behind was still there, like a black hole that would never be filled. It was hard to explain, but it was like a piece of me was missing. Rejecting my mate was like my soul and heart were ripped. But not having my wolf is like my personallity wasn't complete.

I did the yoga routine I have done since I lived with Will. Since I wasn't allowed to go outside I had made an "indoor" routine. I started with some yoga, then some push up and squads. This was something I did for myself. It was my way of pepping myself up, instead of laying depressed in my bed.

I took a quick shower and put on some clothes. Nothing special. I walk up to my nightstand and pick up my phone. I got some messages from my brother and Olli. I quickly replied to Olli, who was coming to pick me up.

Olli: hi you up?
Me: of course, when do you have to sign in?
Olli: I got till 9, so now onmw 2 you
Me: great, see you soon

I didn't know how long it would take so I got ready and head downstairs to have some breakfast to go. The old lady had made me a bag so I thank her for her kindness, take the bag and go wait outside for Olli. While I'm waiting, I eat a sandwich and text my brother. I had told him I would come to watch him in the Gamma challenge, he was overjoyed with the news.

James: Hi, little sis!
Me: Hi, big bro! Ready for the big day?
James: I was born ready! Wanna meet up later for dinner?
Me: Sure! If you win, food is on me ;)
James: YESSS free food!
Me: haha, you need to WIN
James: I will, wish me luck!
Me: good luck

I smile while looking at my phone. My brother missed me, I could tell. But I missed him as well, he was like my best friend so a week without him was ... weird.

"Hey, if you can stop texting your boyfriend for a minute to get in the car" Olli's voice teases as he stops in front of me.

I look up and throw him a smirk. When I try to open the car door, Olli steps on the gas, making the car move just before I can take the handle. Olli laughs loud at his own actions. I throw him a glare and walk up to the car to try again. This time he moves backward.
Okay, that is enough! I jump up, moving fast and sit on top of the car. My arms and legs crossed over each other and I held my head up high.

"Okay, if you want to play it like that" I hear him teasing me.

I feel the car moving and change my position to get a grip on the car. I hadn't thought this throught and to be honest, I didn't think he would actually drive the car if I sat on top of it. He wasn't carefull either. I would say he was driving like a maniac! Swinging his car from left to right and starting and stopping abruptly. I could only last for a minute before I loose my grip. The car stops and my hands slip from my own sweat. I roll forward and land on the bonnet, whincing at the pain as my hip hits the metal. Olli gets out and looks how my hands grip for my hip.

"NO I I I I didn't, you weren't, it's just ..." he is panicking, probably afraid of what Will would do if he found out.

"Olli, stop panicking and just help me in the car please" I ask him. He nods and carefully picks me up and places me in the car. When I am secrure in place, Olli goes to his side and drives to a giant building, the arena I think. It's the size of a footbal stadium, but it is completely covered. It's build out of bricks and looks a little dated, like it needs a new paint job.

Olli helps me out of the car. The pain in my hip is almost gone but I can still see the guilt in his eyes as he looks at me. He is babying me, even thought I already told him I am fine and it isn't his fault.
We walk up to the stadium and enter through glass doors. The inside of this place is more modern than you would think from the outside. Everything is lit with led lights. The dark grey stone flore matches the colors of the doors and reception. The walls are a light color and colored arrows point to different locations. From what I can see, according to the arrows, there are 3 arena's, a cafetaria and lockerrooms. But I know there is even more to explore.

Olli went to check himself in. I saw how the receptionist looked him up and down, probably flirting with him in the process. I looked around in the hall way, a lot of high ranked werewolves were gathering, I couldn't feel their aura's radiating without my wolf, but I could tell from their arrogant and smug faces. pfffft MEN.

"You look a little lost, Bambi" A voice asks me.

I turn around to see a big man infront of me. He is not huge, like James or Will, but still bigger than me. He gives me a toothy grin and I can smell his arrousal. I take a step back, being carefull not to offend the man in front of me.

"She is with me" A familiar voice says
I didn't need to turn around to know who it was. A few seconds later I feel an arm proctectively wrap around my shoulder. I look up to meet my brothers eyes with a smile.

"Thank you for finding her, but I can handle it from here Beta" James tells the stranger.

I lower my head in respect to the man before my brother pulls me with him. He leads me to a group of familiar faces and places me in the middle of the group. I instantly relax as I look to my packmembers. Alpha Nick, James, Vicky and some other members that I recognise, but I don't know their names. I am relieved that Tobias and Dana aren't in the mix, for now.

"Look who I found" James smiles at the group

"Hi guys"

They all welcome me. I get a lot of nods, pats and smiles.

"Hi Maddy, how is Moonlight treating you?" Alpha Nick asks me with a side smile.

His hair looks messy, like he just rolled out of bed. But he is the same smily nice guy I left a week ago. Well he is smily and nice to me, I don't know about the rest of the pack, let alone people outside our pack.

"Well I've had a busy week, an attack, helping with the birth of my nephew ... telling all the pack secrets" that last one I say with a wink so he knows I am just teasing.

Alpha Nick smiles and slightly shakes his head: "Good to know. But I'm serious, if anything is wrong you call me"

I nod at his request. It's weird, Nick has always been a good friend, but this last request felt ... different. Maybe it's because I have been gone for a week. That's probably it.

"Hey Maddy" Olli says while aproaching the group.

Instantly James and Alpha Nick go in full defense mode as Olli tries to get to me. They push me behind them. The other males in the group follow their action, pushing the she-wolves protectively behind them. I pull myself away from the group and speak up:

"Guys, calm down! It's just Gamma Oliver from the Moonlight pack"

They all relax, except for James. He looks from me to Olli and back.

"Hi I'm Gamma Oliver, I assume you guys are from Blue Ridge?" he asks polity.

"You two have a thing?" James snaps at me.

Olli smirks, I gasp and Nick looks tense for a moment. I give my brother a nudge in his ribs with my elbow. Vicky giggles from behind him while James shots me a glare.

"He wishes" I tease, "Anyway, this rude one is my brother, Gamma James and that is his mate Vicky. And this is Alpha Nickolas"

I leave out the rest because I just don't know their names and they aren't high ranked so I doubt that Olli would want to know.
Olli gives them all a polite nod as I introduce them to each other. When he looks back up, it's like he is looking for someone.

"You didn't bring your Beta?" he asks.

I know what he wants to do. He wants to see my ex mate and size him up.

"He had some baby trouble in the hotel, but he'll be here soon" Alpha Nick tells him, he throws a little smile at me. It felt like he wants to reassure me, but the thought of Tobias makes me... kinda sick.

"Where are your Alpha and Beta?" James asks in respons.

"My Alpha had some paperwork to do so he is handeling that at the hotel. My Beta is a brand new father and excuses himself from the competition this year. Luckily I have my best cheerleader with me" Olli gives me a wink.

James shoots my a confused look: "I thought you were my cheerleader?"

I throw my hands up in surrender: "Guys, I have enough cheer for the both of you"
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