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Chapter 17: The Gamma Challenge


After a small debate about for who I was going to cheer, they both settled that I would cheer for James as well as Olli. I had to threaten to leave, but they both agreed.

Someone through the intercom requested that all Alpha's, Beta's and Gamma's would have to gather in their assigned lockerroom. They aren't alowed to join the crowd in case someone tries to cheat. They'll have to wait in the lockerroom until it's their pack's turn. Then they can come to the arena.

Vicky and I go find a place in the grandstand. We find a spot close to the cafetaria. It's perfect, as we'll be here the whole day and Vicky and I like to snack. The first thing Vicky does when we sit down is interogating me:

"So you and Gamma Olliver?" she smirks

"Vicky, I already told you guys, there is nothing going on. He is just a friend" I tell her.

"If you say so" she says with a huge grin on her face.

I don't get the chance to explain the situation. In the middle of the ring is a man standing tall, the Alpha of the South River Pack. He welcomes everyone and explains the meaning and origin of the challenges. Ugh I hate this part. We already know it.

Eventually he starts explain the challenges of today. For every rank they draw 2 random 'selection challenges'. They help to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

In the end, only 4 people make it to the finals. Then there is hand to hand combat in pairs. The winners of the pairs fight the last challenge.

The first selection challenge is weapons. Every Gamma choses a weapon and will have to show what they can. The jury will give point on choice of weapon, execution and impact of injury. The wolfs with the highest scores go to the next round.

Because our boys are the younger Gamma's they'll have to first. James starts with daggers. He uses two daggers and shows how he can turn and throw them in his hands. Then he starts running throught the ring, throwing the daggers in some targets, always hitting bulls eye. The crowd is impressed at his movement and I can't help but smirk at their reactions. James did good and leaves the ring with his daggers.

Next up is Olli. The jury is still writing down when he enters the ring. He looks in the crowd so I wave at him, he winks back before he turns to the jury. I only notice now what his weapon of choice is ... an ax! Pretty unique, he'll get points for that, but can he use it?

He kinda looks like a lumberjack now. He is a little shorter than the other Gamma's but he has a broad build, which makes him still look impressive and scary. So his posture with that ax makes him really look like a lumberjack.

A bell signals the start of his time. Olli moves swiftly, his ax is gaining momentum and he swings it all around him. The metal glitters in the light. It looks beautifull and dangerous all at once. He let's out a grunt and throws his axe to the target. The target just breaks in two. The crowd gasps, but Olli isn't ready yet. Olli reveals 2 smaller axes he was carrying and throws them in the air. Each axe hitting an other target. The impact is huge considering the size of the axes. The crowd goes wild while I can only look at Olli. He turns to me, giving me a wink before leaving the stage. He doesn't even look tired. It's like he does this every day... Well he probably does.

"Did you know he could do that?" Vicky asks

"Uhm no, I wasn't allowed to watch their training. I mean I knew he was strong, but that was like ..." I keep looking at the ring, at the broken target. Wow, he needs to learn me how to do that!

Vicky and I keep chatting to each other, not really paying attention to the other Gamma's. There was one with ninja stars, who almost hit the jury, so everybody laughs. We were pretty sure we wouldn't see him in the other challenges.

I told Vicky about my stay at Moonlight. How I helped to deliver a baby, taking care of the little one ... Vicky was impressed, probably because I never was interested in the baby thing. I was always more interested in becoming a warrior, but now I'm a teacher so ... who knows, anything can happen.

We are about to move to the next challenge. They call this one the death run and it's the most hated challenge. All the Gamma's have to run laps until there are only 4 left. They start with 8 so half of them will have to yield. And everyone knows that wolves don't like to yield. This is going to be a long challenge ...

So Vicky gets us some snacks and drinks. When she returns she is holding way too much food! There is popcorn, chips, nacho's, sweets and a plate of cheese.

"Vicky, what ..."

"I'm hungry okay" she snaps before I can finish my sentence."

She sits down and start to eat from the different plates infront of us. I can see that she is nervous for her mate, it would explain the food ... So I decide to join her and try to calm her with my presence. It seems to work for a bit.

In the ring all the Gamma's have gatherd and most of them are shirtless. Werewolves are pretty comfortable with their body and nudity isn't anything strange. I can smell the arrousal from a few females who are watching in awe at the half naked muscled bodies.

A loud sound signals the start of the challenge. The Gamma's start running in the ring. Everything looks alright, but after a few minutes a young Gamma trips, making a fall and taking a few others with him. There is a lot of chaos in the ring and the crowd becomes loud. Paramedics hurry to the fallen Gamma's, the Gamma who tripped has to leave with some injuries. One other Gamma has to forfit, he hurt his ankle in the fall. So now there are only six.

"Wow that is faster than I imagined" Vicky says while eating some chips.

The other Gamma's resume the run. After 15 minutes, there are still 6 Gamma's. So that means that the person running last has to leave. I am glad it's not James or Olli, I want them to win. I want both of them to win, but I know that won't happen. Still I hope they both get to the top 4.

After what feels like an hour, one of the Gammas finally yields. The crowd cheers for the 4 remaining finalists. Vicky takes me in to a tight hug and jumps around in excitement.

"He made it!" she laughs.

I wouldn't think she would be THIS happy. Yeah it is a great honour, but it also means that he'd have to fight in the finale. I know he can do it, but it is still the hardest part of the challenge. Anything can happen at this point.

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