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Chapter 18: The Gamma finale


After a two hours break, Vicky and I got back to our seats. Because Vicky was my brother's mate, she could go to his lockerroom and cheer him on. But I just had to wait until after the finale. Vicky tried to convince me to tell them I was Oliver's mate or Nick's but I felt weird about that. Plus I didn't know if Tobias would be there.

When I see Vicky, her cheeks are red, her hair is a mess and she has a smile plastered on her face. Yes, I know what that means and no, I am not gonna mention it. I don't really want to know what Vicky and my brother do when I am not around. So when she sits down I just offer her some nacho's.

"So ... I heard Tobias isn't going to the finals of the Beta challenge" Vicky tells me while picking away the jalapeno's from the nachos.

"Ow, what happend?" I ask her

To be honest I kinda forgot that the Beta and Gamma challenge were on the same day. Not that I was planning on attending the Beta challenge. I was curious though, why Tobias lost. He is a strong Beta, from what I remember from his training.

"Well the Beta's had parcours as second selection and apparently he fell from the monkey bars. He's fine but can't go to the finals" Vicky stated. It was like she didn't even care.

I felt weird. I hated the fact that our pack couldn't go for the triple win, but on the otherside I couldn't help but smirk. He didn't make it, he wasn't the strongest beta.

The Alpha of the South River Pack enters the ring and the crowd immediately gets quiet. He announces the top 4 and reminds of what the rules are. It's hand to hand combat so they can't use weapons or shift. The ones who shift are disqualified and get suspended from the next Alpha Challenges.

Further more he asks the crowd to stay calm. Troublemakers will be thrown out.

After his speech, the first duo gets in the ring. It's Olli and an other Gamma I don't recognize. Again Olli searches the crowd and gives me a wink. I realize that I am probably the only person here to cheer him on, so I'll try and do my best.

The fights starts and the two Gammas circle around each other. The other one lunges and Olli, but Olli uses his strength against him. The Gamma tries again and I realize that Olli is trying to tire him out. That eventually happens, the Gamma is panting loud and that's when Olli goes for it. In a few swift movements he throws the Gamma on the ground and holds him in a tight grip. The Gamma yields and Olli wins. I stand up and start clapping and shouting. Olli gives me a smile before leaving the ring.

Next up is my brother and the Gamma of South River Pack, I think his name is Caleb. The crowd goes wild for their own Gamma. When they settle down the fight starts. James doesn't waste any time and catches Gamma Caleb of guard while he was still winking at some of his fans. The fight continues as they dance around each other. They lunge at each other and start wrestling. For a moment Gamma Caleb takes the upper hand, but James throws him off by pushing him of with his legs. He quickly sits on top of Gamma Caleb and holds him in a tight grip with his hands on Gamma Caleb's back. After a minute the South River Gamma yields.

Now Olli and James will fight the last challenge. I feel a bit conflicted. I want them both to win. Pfffft let's just see what happens.

They both enter the ring and look our way. Olli gives me a wink as always and James blows a kiss to Vicky.

"Who do you think is going to win?" Vicky suddenly asks me.

"I really don't know Vicky. I have always trained with James so I know he is strong. I have never seen Oliver train but he obviously is very strong"

Vicky nods "Yeah did you see what he did with that ax?"

"Yes I know, let's just see" I tell her while watching the two of them in the ring.

The fight had already started. They throw a few punches at each other, but there is no major damage. It looks like they are just trying to see what the other will do.

Olli lunges at James trying push him of balance, but James is fast, like me, sidestepping Olli. Olli is strong, but James is faster, giving him quick and efficient punches. This goes on for awhile, Olli gives one hard swing and James a few quick ones. They are both getting tired. Suddenly James uses our 'family secret move' and overthrows Olli. But Olli is too proud of giving up, he starts struggling until there is a loud snap.

Olli yields and James let's go of his shoulder. He helps Olli to get up and I can see that Olli's shoulder is dislocated. It hanging limp on the side of his body. When they both get up, Olli acts like a good sportsman. He smiles at James and shakes hands.

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