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Chapter 19: Dinner for the Winner


All day I have been cooped up in my room, dealing with pack bussiness and other stuff. Anything to not think about my brother and his Gamma challenge. Off course I could just go and be there, but I knew Olli. He meant it when he said he didn't want to see me today. He just needed sometime to calm down.

I am about to head out to go for a run, when I bump into Olli in the hallway. He is holding his right arm in an awkward way.

"Hey, are you okay?" I ask him. He looks up, almost surprised to see me.

"Yeah, just dislocated my shoulder in the finals" He tried to shrug, but it only caused him some pain.

"How did it go?" I ask him carefully. I know we are still on thin ice.

"Highest score on the weapons demonstration, second place in overall" He said with a small smile. I could feel my own lip forming a smile and a wave of pride filled my chest. My little brother did good, even though he didn't win. It was his first time after all .

"You wanna go out and celibrate?" I really couldn't hide my excitement for him.

He looked up, almost surprised that I asked him. But he quickly covered his shocked look with a genuine smile.

"Yeah, I'd like that. Well, after a shower off course"

I gave him a nod and he turned to his room.

Maybe this day could still turn out to something positive.

>> MADDIE <<

Like I promised James, we went out to dinner and I was paying. I didn't mind, my brother deserved to get a little pampered.

Vicky and Olli would be joining us.
I was waiting for Olli to pick me up at the bed and breakfast I was staying at. He was running late so I had packed my bags already. We weren't leaving, but it felt weird to unpack for just a few days. Tomorrow would be the Alpha games, but I planned to go shopping with Vicky. To conclude the whole weekend, there would be a ball, but I wasn't sure if I would be going. It didn't really speak to me at the moment.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when my phone vibrated.

- hi Maddie, not gonna make it tonight. Sorry x (Olli)

I frowned a little. Not that I don't understand, but why send it this late?

- Not a problem! Have a good night (Maddie)

With a sigh I took my purse and coat and made my way to the restaurant. It was just a few blocks away, but the guys had insisted that they would escort me. Pfff, I didn't need a man to walk myself!

When I arrived at the restaurant Vicky and James had already arrived. I was escorted to our table. To my surprise there were three figures at the table instead of two.
The third person turned around when I got closer to the table and I was surprised to be greeted by Alpha Nick.

"Maddy, I hope you don't mind we invited Alpha Nick. He could use some distraction for the challenge tomorrow" James said while he greeted me with a giant brotherly bear hug.

"Of course not! This is your celebration, so you can invite whoever you want. Speaking off, Gamma Olliver won't be joining us, something came up" I said when he let me go and we toke our seats.

"Not a - ... wait, he didn't give you a ride? How did you get here?" My brother asked. I could see the concern in his eyes and rolled mine in response.

"James, please! It was a few blocks away" I tried, but in the end I agreed that they would give me a ride back. Even though I'd like to think of myself as an independent women, I knew there was no point in arguing about this with my overprotective brother. Well I could, but that would be endless and we'd definitely spoil the mood.

It was nice having dinner with my brother after being away. Not that there was happening much in the pack. Everything seemed to be fine. Somewhere in my mind it stinged a little to know my pack was fine without me, they didn't need me.

"Hey guys," a familiar voice spoke from behind me when we were starting our desert. The voice I wished not to hear from this soon. "Mind if I sit?"

Suddenly all eyes were on me, silently asking for my permission. But what could I say. He was still my beta so I couldn't deny him. I wished that for once I could be a badass bitch and scream at him that he should go fuck himself or Dana.
But I am not that kind of person, so I gave a small nod to indicate it was fine by me. Tobias took a seat on the other side of the table.

He started talking with the others about his day. How he lost because he was too tired and all the drama that was going on in his life. I tried not to listen, I tried to focus my attention on anyone else. But it didn't help. After what seemed like an hour, I was sick of hearing about Tobias problems.
I excused myself from the table and told them I was tired.

Tobias gave me a confused look, but I didn't care. I gave my brother and Vicky a quick hug and headed towards the door.
"I'll escort you" a voice behind me said. I turned around to find Alpha Nick behind me wit a small smile on his face.

"Oh it's okay, I didn't want to ruin your night. I can walk myself" I said, but he shook his head while laughing.

"Nah, it's not a problem. I wanted an excuse to get our of there anyway. Tomorrow is the Alpha Challenge and I could use some rest"

I nodded and offered him a small smile. We both made our way outside and walked towards my B&B in comfortable silence.

"So when are you planning to come back?" Alpha Nick suddenly asked. He hadn't spoken a lot tonight, more just nods and smiles and I caught his eyes on me a few times.

"I'm not sure," I shrugged, "I haven't really seen the pack with all the babystuff going on. So I hope I can do that next week and then I will probably head back"

His eyebrows knotted together while he took a turn in a darker street "Why would you need to see the pack. You can just head back with us after this weekend"

The atmosphere felt tense suddenly but I didn't know what to do about it. So I tried to stay calm and just follow my Alpha.
"I just, I ... I need more time" I said in a small voice. God I am so weak

Hearing my words, Alpha Nick stopped in his tracks. His shoulders were tense as he turned around to face me.

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