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Chapter 2


My heart is beating in my chest while I go down the stairs. What if they are already here? Would they first go to the packhouse? It was all so ... so ... exciting?

I get downstairs and see my family waiting for me. My dad, mom, brother, Vicky and even my uncle and aunt from the moonlight pack. My uncle used to be the Beta there, but my cousin took over a few months ago. I hug my uncle and aunt. It is ages ago that I saw them last, but they still look the same. My aunt is my mother's sister. They look the same, except for their hair. Where my mother has long dark hair, her sister had short blond hair. But I love them almost equally.

"Nice to see you guys" I tell them when they let me go.

"Yes, it has been far too long Madeline" my uncle smiles.

"These days she prefers to be called Maddy" my mother says when she gets closer.

"Oh well than, happy birthday Maddy" my aunt smiles.

I smile and nod at them. I look around.
"Where is Will? Didn't he join you?" I ask when I can't find my cousin between my friends and family.

"No, he is very busy with his new Beta duties. But he wishes you the best" my uncle is practically glowing with pride for his son.

After welcoming my guest, my mother opens the buffet and everybody gets to eat and drink. The party takes place in the garden. It's late summer, so it's still warm enough to party outside.

I am walking between my guests and making small talk when there was some kind of rumble between the guests. They all went to the front of the house.

*what is going on?* I mindlink James

*they are here*

My heart is almost beating out of my chest. My feet move without thinking. Before I knew it, I am standing in the front of the house. I am looking around when a scent hits me. It smells like pinecone and chocolate. I am mesmerized by the smell. It makes me turn to the road where a car is parked. The door is open and a man gets out. The smell gets intenser. I lock eyes with the man and immediately recognize those hazel brown pools. It's Tobias...

I feel some kind of pull, leading me to him. My feet move without thinking. The rest of the world fades away. It's just him and me. I can see him smiling at me, just like before he went to his training.

My feelings for him are still the same, just intenser. He is still the same friendly boy that would carry my books, the same guy that punched the boy who called me ugly ...

I feel a warm feeling growing in my chest, my wolf is excited ...

But then ... a girl get out of the car ... she stands next to Tobias and takes his hand in hers and smiles at him.

The warm feeling in my chest is replaced with rage, my wolf is angry and trying to claw her way out.

I look at Tobias, the smile on his face is gone. His whole face changed. He looks guilty and sad.

Why is he looking like that, why is he not pushing her away, what is going on?

Than I look at the girl next to him, I would recognize that blond hair and red lips anywhere. I know I thought she was the most beautiful girl in our pack, but now I only see betrayal and anger ... it's Dana ...


It's my sister's 19th birthday. I arranged that our future alpha and beta would return today instead of next week. I know she and Tobias are mates, so I thought it would be the perfect surprise.

While making plans, I only talked to our future Alpha Nickolas. Nick and I have been friends since we were three. With my dad as current Gamma, we'd spend a lot of time together and became best friends together with Tobias. When we turned 18, Tobias confessed his mate was my sister. We asked to keep it from her, so she could experience it herself. And because they would leave for 2 years, it would only hurt her. But he didn't listen.

My sister tried to live her life, but she still missed him. I cursed Tobias for doing this to her, but I knew he meant well. Even if it was selfish.

So I arranged everything with Nick, because I was still kind of angry and Nick wanted to surprise him too. We planned everything a month ago and today is the day.

We are all standing at the front of the house. As soon as the door opens and Tobias walks out, I can see him locking eyes with my sister. It makes me feel like cupid. They are both smiling like dorks and she is walking up to him.

But someone else steps out of the car ... it's Dana? She is standing next to Tobias. Why is she with him?

I look at my sister, Maddy is angry, her face is angry and sad. I can see her baring her teeth. Before I can think I run to her and hold her. She needs me, even if she didn't say it, I can feel it.

The people around us are leaving the party. The vibe changed and it looks like everyone got the message. After a few minutes it's just me, my sister, Dana, Tobias and Nick.

Maddy pushes me away, her eyes are on Tobias and Dana. Tobias has taken his hand back from Dana. It looks like he wants to talk, but Maddy cut him off.

"EXPLAIN NOW!" She growls at the pair in front of her.

"It is not what it looks like" Dana squeeks.

"Maddy, please" Tobias begs her.

She only growls at them. I try to calm her, but she ignores my attempts.

"We met last week, at the South River Pack. So they gave me a ride" Dana says.

Maddy looks at them both, and then she looks at Nick.

"LIARS" she screams and falls on her knees.

I can hear her sob and cry. Kneeling next to her, I try to comfort her. In the corner of my eye, I see Tobias moving to us. I turn my head and growl at Tobias. He hurt my sister, again. How could he!

Nick steps between us, telling Tobias to stay away. Underneath me I can hear the breaking of bones. I stand up and see my sister's wolf appearing. Her face is full of hurt. She looks at me with sad eyes. When she looks at Tobias, she growls and then she turns around and runs away, into the forest.
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