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Chapter 21: Take me to court


What the fuck is going on this time, I thought to myself. I was smart enough to not speak it aloud. Instead I asked: "may I ask what this is about?"

The man in black shook their head. Of course, they never tell you anything. It is not their job. Their job is to get me to the Alpha King and he will tell me what's going on.

I sighed. Not this again!
I just wanted to go home, to my pack so my wolf can settle down and I can get some sleep. Was that too much to ask?

There seemed no way out of this, so I turned to my brother. "Go home, make sure the pack is safe" I instructed him.

"No, I'm coming with you!"

"You will not!" I started with irritation clear in my voice. The situation was hard enough without my stubborn caring brother. "There is nothing you can do for me there. So please just go home and make sure the pack is okay. That is the only thing that you can do for me"

He seemed to think for a minute before nodding his head while keeping it down. He didn't want to leave me alone, he wanted to help. I know that, but that wasn't his job, it was mine. I am the strong one, the alpha. My pack looks up to me and I am the one that takes care of them, not the other way around.

Reluctantly my brother makes his way to his plane. Only when he is far enough, I follow the men in black.
This was going to be a long flight.

When I woke up I was a little disorientated as to where I was. After clearing my head, I remembered how the men in black escourted me to the Alpha King's territory. I was brought to one of the guestrooms with clear instructions not to leave. So I guess I really was under arrest, only it wasn't enough to put me in the dungeon. I was a little confused by it all and it didn't help that my wolf has been annoying me for the last couple hours.
My wolf was just settling down a bit yesterday, but it felt worse than before. I don't know what was going on, I just want to go back to my pack so I can get some proper rest.

After getting ready and eating the breakfast that was served in my room, I sit down on one of the comfy chairs, resting my head a bit, when I hear a door open. I quickly stand up and straighten my clothes.

"Alpha Alexander, thank you for being here so soon" a male voice spoke from behind.

It's not like I had much of a choice.

"Off course, I am sure this is just one big misunderstanding" I said while turning around.
It was the Alpha King's Beta, Cedric. "The others have arrived, so I propose we start as soon as possible and get this over with. I think you'd like to go back to your pack" he said with a small smile. I could see how tired he was, the grey circles under his eyes. But it isn't my place to ask so I just nodded and followed him through the long corridor.
We arrived in the courtroom. It was a kind of amphitheater. There was enough room in the seats to house more than a hundred citizens. On the bottom of it sat a throne for the Alpha king, a long table for the elders and two smaller tables for the defender and prosecutor.
I had been in this room before, in the defender's seat just like now and it wasn't so long ago. Maybe that is why my wolf is getting harder to control every step on my way there.

It's going to be fine, I told myself and my wolf.

I settled down on my seat, ready to start. The sooner we start, the sooner we can go home.

After a few minutes the doors behind the throne opened and the Alpha King strolled in, followed by Alpha Nick and Beta Tobias from the Blue Ridge Pack and a few elders. They all took their seats and turned to their King. Beta Cedric stood next to him.
"We are gathered here all today for the trial of Alpha Nick against Alpha Alexander. I hope we are just talking about a misunderstanding, but we will handle this case like any regular case. That means we first listen to Alpa Nick, who will tell us why we are here and give us sufficient prove of his accusations. After that, it is up to Alpha Alexander to speak. Finally I will gather with the elders and we will come to a conclusion and punishment" The Alpha explains, looking to everyone. He then focused more on Alpa Nick and Beta Tobias. "And let me be clear. If this is a lie, if the accusations are not true, there will be severe punishment"

I could almost hear how Beta Tobias' heartbeat accelarated. His Alpha stayed calm and just stood up to start to explain his case against me. My wolf instantly hated him, probably because he was sueing me, maybe something else. But there was this weird vibe about him.
The pacing of m wolf was getting me a headache. He was restless, but I still hadn't figured out why, what was happening?
"Thank you, your majesty. We are here because Alpha Alexander is trying to sabotage my pack. He has been at it for a while it seems. He seems like a decent man, but don't let those looks fool you. His actions have been low blows and we can't ignore them any - " He was cut of midsentence by the sound of doors swinging open.
I couldn't believe what I saw.

My Beta Will walked in with a girl next to him. She was holding her side and slightly limping. When she looked up our eyes met and it just ...


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