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Chapter 22: Wake up, Shake up

>> MADDY <<

I don't remember much of my journey. Before I got unconsious, I managed to stop the bleeding with all the clothes I had brought. I remembered I felt alone and scared. Taking care of myself was my usually way of dealing with things. I was used to it. But I knew there was always a safety net in case anything went wrong. My parents, brother, family, they were always there. But now it felt like I had no one. My own Alpha attacked me, how could he? My phone was lost somewhere, I couldn't call anyone. Those were the last thoughts I had before slipping into the darkness.

I remembered people yelling, asking me things, but I was to tired to answer or listen. That happened a few times. I was slipping in and out of conscious multiple times.

When I finally woke up in a proper way, I expected to be in the train or even an hospital room. So I was really confused to wake up in a car. Not an ambulance, a car, a regular car. My right side felt nice and warm. My left side, however, felt like I was dying. Pain was radiating through my body like there were daggers and needles all over my left side. My left arm feels heavy, like a useless lump of meat. I tried to move it, but the pain made it impossible and I groaned.

"SSSShhh stay still" A deep low voice said.


"Yeah, it's me. You're okay, I'm here for you"

"Where are we?" I croacked out. Only now did I see the two men in suits in the front of the car.

Will sighed "We are on our way to the Alpha King. It seems you are in some kind of trouble"

This woke me up like a cold bucket of water. I sat up and regretted it immediatly. The pain in my side was almost too much and I had to take a minute to recover. Will followed my movements like a hawk.

"Just rest for now, it's still an hour away. No need to worry, I am here for you. Nothing is gonna happen" And with that said, I let the darkness and fatigue take over.

When we arrive, Will woke me up and opened the door for me. In front of me was a wheelchair, ready to go. I looked at it in disgust.

"Anything wrong?" One of the men asked

"I am not using that. If I go in, I'll use my own two legs" I said aloud while trying to get out of the car. The pain was excrusiating but I had to bit through. Hell had to freeze over before I would use a wheelchair.
Suddenly I felt a strong arm around. When I looked up, I saw Will with a sad smile on his face. "You heard my cousin. She doesn't need a chair, she has me"
He pulled me gently out of the car and let me stand on my two legs. He gave me a questioning look, a silent question if I was alright. I nodded to him and he loosened his grip so we could walk inside the giant castle like building. It seemed bigger than the usual packhouses I had seen, but I guess that is in order for the Alpha King's pack.
The men in suits are urging us to move faster because they want us in the courtroom. But after two minutes I need a break. The pain is too much and I just need a breather. The men look angry and frustrated.
"You need to back off!" Will barked at the men. "I told you it wasn't safe for her to travel. You guys dragged us here, even though you knew she was hurt. So stop rushing her!"
For a second his eyes flashed and I know he was struggling with his wolf. A sense of guilt hit me. I had made him worry, he was here instead of his family because of me. I know he won't leave without me. So I need to suck it up and get this over with. Not for me, but for Will.
I pushed myself from the wall and slightly leaned against Will. He guided me throught a long corridor. We arrived in front of a giant oak door.
"You ready?" Will asked. I took a deep breath and nodded.
Let's get this over with

The men pushed the door open and Will and I walked in. Everyone got quiet. When I looked up I saw a lot of eyes staring back at me. Alpha Nick and Beta Tobias are two of them. Another pair belongs to Alpha Leonardo, the Alpha King. The others I don't really recognize. I assume the man next to the Alpha King is his beta and the older men and women at the long table must be the elders. That leaves me to one pair of eyes, stairing straight back at me.

"Your majesty, Alpha's, Beta, Elders, this is my cousin Madeleine. You requested to see her?" Will said.
"Yes, thank you Beta William. You can sit with Alpha Alexander. Madeleine can take a seat over there as a witness" The King spoke and pointed to a chair on the opposite side of where Will was supposed to sit. I made my way there on my own. I was going to do this on my own, like always. But I knew Will was there, my safety net was right there.
"Alpha Nick, please proceed" One of the Elders spoke.
I looked at him and immediatly an image of his glowing red eyes flashed infront of me. A shiver ran down my spine, but I shrugged it of. There was no need to be afraid, I had Will with me.

"So as I was saying, Alpha Alexander has been giving us some low blows, to hurt my pack. We think it all started a year ago when he commanded Madeleine here, to reject her mate ..."
What the hell was he saying? Was he hearing himself?
"... Than yesterday he ordered her to attack me, which of course didn't work ..."
"WHAT! NOO, I don't even know him" I yelled, but in an instant I was shut down by a big bulky man. He wore the King's colors and seemed anything but friendly.
"You speak when you are spoken to" he said in a low deep menacing voice. It defenitely shut me up.
Alpha Nick just acted like nothing happened. The other Alpha and my cousin Will however, looked like they could kill.

"Of course they knew each other through his Beta William, who also happens to be Madeleine's cousin. Through out this connection, Madeleine was able to keep them up to date about my pack and plan any other attack" Alpha Nick said all of this, all these accusations in such a ... business like tone. Like a robot, like he didn't care.

What the hell was going on here!
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