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Chapter 23: Step up


What the hell was going on?

A few minutes ago Alpha Nick accused me of working together with Alpha Alexander to hurt and even overthrow his pack, my pack, the pack where I grew up in.

And now the courtroom seemed more like a war zone. Everyone was shouting at each other, no one was listening. They weren’t using violence, not yet.

The worst part is that they seemed to be forgetting me. I know it makes me sound like a brat, but that is not the point. The point is that they have been talking about me, about what I have done and NO ONE even cared to ask ME.

I was trying to stay calm and calm the Alpha’s down but it wasn’t working, not this way. So I did the only thing I could think of. I got up and marched to the center of the room.

“ENOUGH” I bellowed out. The pressure I put on my longs to do this seemed to rip my stitches, but I ignored it. I wasn’t weak.

My method seemed to work, everyone got quiet and all eyes were on me.

No pressure

“With all due respect your Majesty, but I’d like to tell my side off this story that Alpha Nick just told” I said while lowering my head towards him.

“Please, enlighten us” he said with a sigh and a wave of his hand.

“Well first of all, yes I did reject my mate, Beta Tobias” Instantly people started to gasp and I heard some murmurs.

“But not because anyone commanded me. Beta Tobias knew I was his mate before I turned 18. He told me and my family, but that didn’t stop him from sleeping with my best friend. It was all very hard to handle, but I was willing to give him a second chance untill I found out that my friend was pregnant with his child. My wolf was ready to kill her and the baby, so we could have our mate. But I..I... I couldn’t. I couldn’t kill an innocent pup nor could I take one of it’s parents away. So I took the coward way out and rejected him. He eventually accepted”

I had to stop to take a deep breath. There were so many emotions attached to my memories. I swallowed them down and proceded: “After a year, the hurt was still there. Everyday when I saw one of them, it hurted all over again. So when my cousin came to visit and saw what I was going through, he invited me to stay with him. To heal. To be fair, it seemed to help, eventhough I was only there for a week.

In that week I didn’t meet the Alpha, because he was away. This is the first time I have ever seen him”

“And what about the attack the day before yesterday?” one of the Elders asked. She spoke in a low sweet voice, like she was affraid I would break. Only then I felt the lone tear on my cheek. I am not weak, I won’t cry.

I rubbed it away and tried to find Will, I needed my safety net. But Will didn’t look at me. He was staring down I and looked tense. This must be hard to hear, but I needed him. I tried to find another anker point, something to focus on. Weirdly enough I found it. Alpha Alexander stood next to Will. He also seemed tense and his eyes were glowing, but somehow looking at him made me feel ... at ease.

“I took my brother, Gamma James, out for dinner. Alpha Nick happened to be there and we ate together. At the end of the night, Beta Tobias showed up. I was tired and wanted to go home, so Alpha Nick walked me to the B&B I was staying at. On my way there, he ... he got violent. He wanted me to go back to Blue Ridge and said that he had waited long enough. He tried to take me by force, but I resisted” I could see in my mind how he turned, how he clawed at me and absentmindedly my hand shot up to my ribs.

“I got away somehow, made my way to a trainstation and woke up in a car on our way here”

Then there was silence ...

I somehow forgot I was staring into Alpha Alexander’s eyes. Only when he looked away from me, did I seem to wake up from this daze. It snapped me back to reality.

I looked around the room. The elders seemed to be in deep conversation with each other. Tobias sat in his chair, his head hanging low in his hands. Alpha Nick was pale and looked at me with wide eyes. Suddenly he shot up

"This is absolute nonsense! She is clearly under Alpha Alexander's command. Madeleine come here right now!" Alpha Nick boomed out is his Alpha tone. His lie was falling apart. Did he think he could make up more lies by commanding me?.

I straightend up, time to tell the truth.

"Alpha Nick, there is no need for your commands. I don't have to obey your commands or anyone else's for that matter. Because I don't have my wolf any more. She disappeared when I rejected Beta Tobias"

Suddenly low growls were heard from the otherside of the room. I turned to find Alpha Alexander and Will in angry states. They seemed to try and hold each other back. Were they that angry that my wolf was gone?

"Maddy your wounds" Will spoke in a low voice. His eyes were wide and he nodded to the floor. When I looked down I saw red drops covering the floor. Only then did I retract my hand from my side to find it covered in blood.

I started breathing faster and pain was taking over. How did I not feel this a moment ago.

There was a lot of tension in the room and suddenly I felt two strong arm pulling me up. "Beta Cedric will take care of her while we proceed. The girls has been through enough" The Alpha King spoke and I could hear the anger in his voice.

I wanted to scream that I was strong enough to walk by myself, to tell them I didn't need to be babied, but no words came out. My body felt numb and I could only lay there and let them take care of me.

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