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Chapter 25: hit the road

>> MADDY<<

I had tried not to give in to the darkness, and was kind of proud when it worked. When they were stitching me up it got harder, but I managed. They had put me in some kind of corset so I wouldn't rip them again and couldn't scratch when they were getting itchy.

Beta Cedric was bringing me to one of the guest rooms of the castles. I insisted on walking on my own. It took some convincing but he reluctantly agreed.

"You know, you remind me of someone" he suddenly spoke. I turned to look at him, but he was just looking in front of him with a small smirk on his lips and kept walking.

"Oh, who would that be?" I asked

"My little sister. I think she is about your age. She's also very stubborn and strong. You'd be great friends" He said while the smirk grew into a giant grin. It was like he was imagining it, remembering his sister. But I could hear some sadness in his voice and it made me curious.

"Where is she now? Maybe we could meet"

Beta Cedric shook his head, as if he tried to wake up from his memory.

"She's not here, ... she's ... travelling. I don't really know where she is" The sadness was now very evident in his voice and I felt kind of bad for asking.

"We're here" he said and nodded to a door on my right. He moved to open the door and stood back. I could feel that there was something he wanted to ask or say, so I turned to face him. But he said nothing.

"Thank you for everything, Beta. If there is anything - " he snorted loudly at my last words.

"I think I'm suppose to say that" he smiled. "Can I give you a piece of advice?" he asked in a more serious tone.

I nodded: "Please do"

"Don't go back to Blue Ridge. I'm sure the Alpha of Moonlight would take you in and if not, you can always stay here. We could always use a strong she-wolf like you"

Those last words hit me like a brick, stong she-wolf.

I wasn't a she-wolf, not anymore. But the Beta was right. Going back to Blue Ridge wasn't an option. I had to reject that pack, but it also meant that I wouldn't be able to visit my own parents or brother ever again.

A wave of sadness and exhaustion was taking over. I quickly thanked the Beta and hurried into my room. Just when the door clicked shut behind me, a stray tear rolled over my cheek

NO! I'm done crying!

I whiped the tear away angerly and made my way to the bed. Sleep is what I needed right now.

An annoying squeaky sound woke me up from my sleep. I peeled my eyes open to find Will sitting next to the bed on a chair. When he saw I was awake, he nearly jumped on me "Thank Goddes you're okay"

"Why? Everything okay? Something wrong?" I shot up to sit up right. A stabbing pain reminded me that I was injured and probably shouldn't do that.

"Everything is fine, we just had to wait untill you were awake before we could take you home with us." Will said in a calm voice.

"Us?" What did he mean us, who the hell was coming? I looked around the room to find Alpha Alexander sitting in a couch a few meters away. He smiled at me and stood up.

"Yes, we would like to ask you if you were willing to join our pack."
"Why?" I found myself asking. Of course I wanted to join them. In the one week that I had been there I felt better than I did the last year in Blue Ridge. But I thought I'd had to ask and they would have to think about it.

"Because you are family, we take care of our family" Will spoke and stood up with his arms crossed. A silent message to tell me I really hadn't have much of a choice here. He wouldn't just leave me here and hell had to freeze over before he would let me return to my old pack.
"Under one condition" I said in a challenging matter, "I can join the training from now on"
Now I was the one who crossed their arms, which to be honest hurt a little due to my wounds, but I bit through it.

The two men in front of me looked at me and I saw their eyes glazing over for a minute.

"We can arrange something" the Alpha eventually spoke with a smirk. I looked at him and damn, how had I not seen how handsome he was untill now. He was just a bit taller than Will, with dark hair tousled on his head. He looked a bit tired, but his light blue eyes still seemed to sparkle.

The guys sat back down on the couch after I agreed to join the pack. We would head back in a couple of hours when all the paperwork was over. So for now we could just sit back, relax and just talk. I was surprised at how comfortable I was in Alpha Alexander's presence. Usually it took me a while to get used to somebody else, but he had this calm vibe around him. He didn't speak much, but he didn't need to, because Will loved talking.
He told me about the punishment that Alpha Nick and Beta Tobias received. First of all, they had to pay for all my medical bills and a fine for falsely accusing another Alpha. Secondly they couldn't leave their pack for 2 months. To make sure they didn't, they'd have to wear enchanted bracelets. The bracelet seemed ordinary, but if they crossed their border it would burn their flesh like silver.
As a final punishment, they'd have to give up their rank for a month and live as regular packmembers.
I was surprised that the Alpha would punish them like that.

After talking for an hour, Alpha Alexander had to leave to sign some paperwork. When he got back, we could leave. Alpha Nick and Tobias would leave a few hours later, to make sure they couldn't do anything to us.
"Don't you dare to feel bad, they brought this on themselves" Will spoke. He probably saw how guilty I felt. I had never asked for this. I just wanted to live my life and be left alone.

"I know, I was just thinking about the pack and James" I said with a sigh.

"James is strong. He'll take care of the pack. And if he wants to leave, he could always join us" Will said with a shrug and got up. "Now get ready so we can leave this place"

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