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Chapter 26: welcome back


Relief and peace, those were the words that came to my mind when I finally crossed our borders. I was finally back home. With my mate, eventhought she didn't know it yet. My wolf felt finally at peace. He was still howling and urging me to mark her, to claim her so everyone knew she was mine. But I was willing to wait, to gain her trust first.

Will drove us to his house so Maddy could rest. I wanted her to stay with me in the packhouse, but I hadn't had a logical explanation for her to move into the packhouse when her family wanted her to stay with them. It would be one of those things I'd have to live with for the time being. Another thing was that I couldn't touch her like I wanted. I wanted to nuzzle my nose in her neck and inhale her scent, but I couldn't. For now her presence was enough for me.

We got to Will's house and I climbed out of the car and opened Maddy's door, like a gentleman. She gave me a small smile and my heart nearly bursted at the sight.

Just then the front door of the house flew open and my little brother ran towards us. I braced myself for his brotherly bear hug - he was a hugger, I was not- but it never came. Instead he wrapped his arms around Maddy, my mate! A growl escaped my lips before I could stop it.

Both Maddy and Olli turned to look at me with shocked faces. Damn how can I fix this?

"Carefull little bro, we just got her stitched up"

Olli took a step back and examined Maddy with his eyes.

"I'm fine" Maddy said and waved with her hand as if she wanted to wave our concern away. I knew better than that. The doctor had told me she needed bedrest for a week to make sure everything would heal.

"You get your ass inside and in bed" Will said pointing to Maddy and then the house. He stood on the porch with his arms around his mate while she snuggled into his side. That is what I wanted.


"No buts, no cuts, just get in bed and stay there for the rest of the week" Will ordered with a playfull smile, but a serious tone in his voice.

"Come on Maddy, Mason missed you", Cherry smiled and without another word Maddy ran inside, waving her hand at us.

Olli, Will and I were in my office. Will and Olli started with informing me how the pack was managing while I was away. After that Will informed Olli about the lawsuit with Blue Ridge. Hearing what they had done to my mate, set my wolf back on edge and I was pacing next to the window.

Will had stopped talking a few minutes ago, but I couldn't focus on that. I was trying to calm my wolf again.
"What's up with you?" I heard Olli ask.
A deep sigh left my lips. Well I guess I should tell my little brother before I rip his head off for touching my mate.
"Maddy ... Maddy is my mate" I saw how his eyes grew wide and his jaw hung open.
"No way" he whispered "Your mate, she ... how? ...whut?"
I sat down behind my desk. Olli and Will sitting on the otherside. Will seemed a little awkward while Olli was just shocked.
"I just found out myself. She's my second chance, but she doesn't know"

"How can she not know?"

"Because her wolf is dormant"

"... But you told her right?"

There was a very awkward silence where only looks were exchanged between the three of us.

"I can't believe the two of you. She has the right to know, she needs to know! How long are you planning on keeping this from her?" Olli was frustrated to the point he was almost yelling at us. My wolf didn't like the disrespect he was showing me, his Alpha. But as his friend and brother I knew he didn't mean it like that.

"What Maddy needs, is to feel safe. She has been going through a lot. Just a few days ago she was attacked by her own Alpha" Will spoke in a very calm voice. "If we would tell her now, she would feel the pressure of not only being someone's mate, but also a future Luna. I don't think she could handle that right now"

Olli sat there in silence, taking in what Will just said. After a few minutes he slowly nodded his head.
But before I could thank him for understanding, he spoke "a month"

Both Will and I shot him confused looks, urging him to explain further. "I give you a month. From tonight's full moon untill the next. If she doesn't know by then, I'll tell her myself"
A month? It felt like a long period, but also a too short, all at the same time. A month to gain her trust and tell her we were mates. If my wolf could make the desicion himself, he'd be racing towards her right now. But I couldn't get those images from the courtroom out of my head.
She needed time and I was willing to give her that, but I don't know if a month would be enough.

I sighed "fine, a month"
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