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Chapter 27


Sleep didn't come easy that night or even the next day. I needed the rest, was desperate to close my eyes and loose myself in the darkness. But everytime I closed my eyes, glowing red ones stared back at me and all the events of the last few days came rolling back. Everytime I woke, I was drenched in sweat and panting. I needed my sleep, but was afraid to close my eyes.

Will, Cherry and Mason were out. They needed to visit Will's parents to prepare for Mason's moon blessing. They need to present Mason to a full moon, surrounded by his family and the Alpha to welcome the baby into the pack and wake his inner wolf.

It was planned for the previous full moon, which was yesterday. But due to the 'circumstances' they prolongued the ceremony. My circumstances.

I sighed again and carefully shifted in the couch. The corset they gave me helped to remind me that I should lay still. But it also made it harder to lay down in comfort.

Just when I was about to give up on resting and wanted to head to the kitchen for a snack, someone knocked on the door. For a second my heart stopped, my thoughts spiralling through all kinds of possibilities and horror scenarios, before I took a deep breath and collected myself again. I am safe

I could just ignore the person on the otherside of the door and go back to my room. Or I could call Will or Olly ... but why would I? I was already a burden on them and I didn't want them to think of me as weak. Althought I wouldn't describe myself as 'strong' in this state.

It's just a packmember in need of the beta. I convinced myself. Maybe someone needs help. I need to help others, I was raised to help and protect others.

The knock sounded again and this time my feet moved towards the door while my heart started racing and I kept chanting 'I am safe' in my head.

Hesitantly I twisted the lock and opened the door to find Alpha Alexander with his back to the house. I could see the muscles in his shoulder tense for a second and than relax before he turned to me.

"Alpha Alexander," I said as I tried to make a polite courtesy that only resulted in me wincing as pain erupted from my sides. It was the formal and polite way to greet an Alpha, especially an Alpha you didn't know.

"Please don't" he mutured under a sigh and walked in as I stepped aside . "You don't have to be so formal. I'm not here as the Alpha"

I blinked, trying to order my thoughts. "Will is not here" I said as I made my way to the couch. My sides were already aching from the short walk to the kitchen and frontdoor.

"I'm not here for Will" he said in a low voice while following me to the living area. I sat down on the seat I had left earlier. It looked messy with all the blankets and pillows and a feeling of shame crept up my spine. Great impression on the Alpha.

The Alpha was left standing next to the armchair, but made no move to sit down. He didn't even look at it. Instead he was looking at ... me? Nope, probably just looking at the messy couch or trying to acces my injury.

"Have a seat, Alpha," I said nodding to the armchair "Is there something I can help you with?"


I didn't know what to expect when I came here. I didn't even plan to come here. The plan was to give her a day or two to rest and then come over and casually ask how she was doing. But somehow my feet got their own minds and dragged me here. I knew Will wasn't home, I knew she was alone and maybe that is why I am sitting here. Because I need to protect her. The thought of her being alone, hurt with no way to protect herself.
She was different and there was a smidge of fear and nerves in the air. Her body language made it very clear that she was on guard and closed off when she let me in. But after a few minutes I could see her body relax in the couch.
I had to explain why I was here and had no better excuse than saying that I came to "check up on a new packmember".
She seemed somewhat surprised that an Alpha was willing to do that. But I hadn't actually lied. It was the responsibility of the Alpha to make sure his pack was safe. That included feeling at home. He still remembered how his mom used to take him to the new packmembers. To welcome them, see how they were adjusting ...

"So, how are you?" I asked her, hating the nervous tone in my own voice.

She cocked her head to the side. "Polite answer or the truth?"

"Ugly truth is better than a polite lie"

The corner of her lips tugged up as she answered "Smart choice... I'm - I'm okay. My side hurts as hell and sleep is... rare, I'm bored out of my mind ... but I am okay"

Although she was showing a small smile on her lips, in her eyes I could see sadness and something like fear. But it wasn't enough to change her scent, or she was very good in cloaking it, hiding it from others.

"Bored out of your mind?" I asked, because it seemed the safest subject to talk about.

Maddy explained that in her previous pack she was always doing something; work, Gamma stuff, train ... there were always people who needed her help with something. She had wanted to become a warrior, but that was thrown out the window when she lost her wolf. My wolf didn't like that last part. He still wants to rip that Beta's head off, I can't say I was very happy to keep the boy alive.

I like listening to her. The way she talked about her pack, helping people ... well I just liked that she talked, to me. My wolf felt at peace and for just a minute, I could forget the whole world around us.

After an hour I was ripped from my peacefull cocon when my smart-ass brother decided to mindlink me. He wanted to let me know that there was a fresh pile of paperwork waiting on my desk with my name on it. My brother knew full well where I was and with who, but he didn't seem to care.

Reluctantly I stood from my seat and explained to Maddy that I had to go. Her smile dropped a little when I told her and she walked me in silence to the door.
Before I walked out of the door, I turned towards her.

"Thank you for inviting me in. I really had a good time"

The smile on her face rose again. "Thank you for stopping by Alpha. I really enjoyed you being here. If you ever find the time, you are always welcome to drop in"

I couldn't stop the grin that stretched from ear to ear. I'm pretty sure I looked like a psycho, but Maddy didn't look weird at me.
She wanted to see me again. My head filled with to do lists and schedules. I had been away for a week and still had a lot of work to catch up on.

"I think I have a spare hour tomorrow"

Stupid stupid stupid stupid, way to sound desperate!

"Then I will see you tomorrow Alpha. You know where to find me" she winked playfully.

I'll always find you

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