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Chapter 28


It had been a week since the trial. A week since I permanently moved to the moonlight pack. A week of laying still and resting.

Today would the first time I can finally leave the this stinking hole and get some fresh air. Not that I don't like Will's house. It's lovely and they are amazing. But after a week being imprisoned here, I am sick of it. I've seen every crack, counted every stone and memorized how every step in the stair sounds when Will or Cherry use them.

If it wasn't for Alpha Alexander's visits every day, I would have lost my mind.
The first time he came by, he seemed nervous and it was weird at first, but he has a way of calming me by just being near. It was nice and so I kind of challenged him, to see if he would show up the next day. I wanted to know if he genuinely wanted to know me, or if he was being nice because I'm Will's cousin and looked a bit lonely.
But he did show up the next day and every day after.
He even gave me riddles, challenges to think about when he was a way and in return I gave him riddles.

I am still wrapping my head around his latest riddle.

"I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I?"

... When there is a knock on my bedroom door. I slide from my position on my bed and open the door to find my cousin.

"Morning Will"

"You are sure that you are ready? We could postpone. You could rest for another hour, day, week, year?"

I roll my eyes and sigh. Will means well, but the overprotective big cousin act is getting a little old. I have an older brother who plays that part perfectly, even now when he is miles away. He calls me twice a day for updates, like there is anything to update from this side of the line.

"I am going out, TODAY. But if your old bones need a bit more rest, than you can stay here while I am going to enjoy my life" I tell him and cross my arms in front of my chest. It is a challenge. For other packmembers to do this, challenge the Beta, would be very disrespectful. But between family, it's just teasing, as long as I don't do it in public.

"Old bones?" He asks and cocks his head to the side, looking me over. But I don't back down and hold my ground. "Fine, but you stay close and if you get tired you need to tell me"

"Yeah, fine" is my answer with a wave of my hand.

Will narrows his eyes: "No, not fine. I am serious Maddy"

The eye contact is intense. At first I stare right back in a mocking way, but then I see it, the concern in Will's eyes. It takes me back to a week ago, when I woke up in a strange car with my cousin on one side and horrible pain on the other. This isn't a joke to him. He never wants to see me like that again.

I break the staring competition, but don't lower my head. "You are right, when I get tired, I'll let you know" It seems to be enough to reassure him and without any further discussion.

Our first stop is the training area. Off course this was the place I wanted to visit the most. My fingers were practically begging me to pick up any weapon or training gear and start. But Will gave me a pointed look and a speech about how I had to wait another week for my body to heal. I hated waiting, it isn't in my blood to sit around and wait, but lately I feel like that is the only thing I'm doing.
We walk around the training field outside. It's a beautiful day and many members and warriors have gathered for a training session. Some even pair of to spar with one another, well it's more a show off.

"Have you heard from your brother?" Will asks while we watch how two young warriors circle around each other.

"Yeah, he called this morning. He says it's still weird to lead the pack with the old Alpha and Beta, but he also learns a lot. I think he'll be alright." I tell him. Just then, one of the warriors breaks the circle and charges for the other wolf. He goes for the legs, but the other one is faster.

"Have you asked him to join our pack?"

"Yes ... but James ... he still loves his old pack. He thinks it's his duty to stay with them. Especially now that the Alpha and Beta are out for a while. I think he doesn't want to give up yet, on the pack I mean", I sigh and try to remember my first phone call with my brother after the trial. I was scared that he would be angry for what I caused. But he wasn't angry, just concerned for me. The anger he felt was towards his Alpha and Beta. He said that if he weren't a Gamma, he would've left the pack.
"I don't know if he can ever work with Nick and Tobias again. It's all still very touchy"

"I get it", Will said while he still focused on the two guys in fighting circle, "just tell him he is always welcome, they all are .."

I think that Will wanted to tell something else, but he was cut off by the fight we were watching. The two young warriors had shifted and were attacking each other. Will stepped forward with some other warriors. They told the two younger ones to stop, walk it off. But they wouldn't listen.
Will jogged towards them and slammed his body between them, a menacing growl escaped his lips and the wolves stopped attacking. They looked down, like they were ashamed and then shifted back. Both guys had injuries all over their bodies. Nothing major, but they needed a doctor to confirm that.

I jogged toward my cousin who was holding up one of the young warriors, maybe it was worse than I thought. Without asking or being told, I walked towards the other male and slung his arm over my shoulder to balance him. He was in a better condition and could walk on his own, but I wouldn't take the risk of him fainting on our way.

"So it seems our next stop in the tour is the hospital" I said with a smile.

Will narrowed his eyes in a silent warning. He didn't want me to help the injured males, but that was his problem. I mean what could go wrong?

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