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Chapter 29: just a girl


This week I learned a lot about myself. First of all, I hated paperwork. It was always dreadfull and felt useless when there was so much other work waiting for me outside my office. But now I hated it. It felt like a physical barrier between me and Maddy. Every time I wanted to step out of the door, there seemed to magically appear another form or file that needed my approval.

The next thing I learned is that I am horrible at time management. Usually I was very punctual, but lately time was something very absurd. When I was in my office, time moved like a snail. During training or performing other alpha duties, I still managed. But from the moment I stepped into Will's cabin, I seemed to enter another dimension where time just flew by. It always seemed too short and I afterwards I entered a dimension where everything slowed down again.

The last thing I learned is that I am a very possessive Alpha male. It has come to a point where my wolf started to growl if any male came close Maddy. Even baby Mason looked like competition. The last time I visited, I walked in while Maddy was holding Mason close to her chest. My wolf yearned for his mate and to be close to her like that. Soon, I told him. But that only made him growl softly, which I had to cover up with a cough. I coughed so much that day that Maddy asked if I needed to see a doctor. Her concern warmed my heart and my wolf was almost unstoppable.

I sighed in thought, my mate.
I had to gain her trust, but that was easier said than done. Trust isn't something you can gain in a day, or apparently even a week.
She felt more comfortable around me, but she was still nervous and hesitant in the first moments. She still called me Alpha Alexander, which didn't sit right with me or my wolf. I know she is only being respectful towards her Alpha, but ... those were the moment I just wanted to wrap my arms around her, tell her that she was my mate and I would do anything to keep her safe. But I didn't.
Will gave me the stink eye everytime I thought about it. He doesn't think she is ready yet, so I wait.

*Alpha* a mindlink rips me from my thoughts.


*I am on my way to the pack hospital with Maddy and - * I didn't listen to the rest of his mindlink. Hearing Maddy's name in the same sentence as 'hospital', sent cold blood through my veins. My legs were moving before my brain started to function correctly.

I was walking, running, sprinting towards the packhospital. All kinds of horrible images flashed throught my mind. The image of Maddy in the courtroom revealing a bloody hand from under her shirt...
I pumped my legs harder and before I knew it, I stood in front of the packhospital. I practically threw the double doors open and stormed in.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!", I demanded in my Alpha voice.

Everyone immediately lowered their heads, except Maddy. She first looked around before following the others. I walked towards her and gripped her shoulder. My eyes quickly scanned her body for any injuries.

"I am fine, Alpha Alexander. I was just helping the warriors. There was an incident on the trainingground and these two lost control", she assured me and nodded her head towards the two males on the hospitalbeds.

I let out a breath in relief, Maddy was fine. She was okay. My mind processed the information, my heart slowed and my blood warmed up. Just then I realized how close Maddy and I were standing. She seemed to have the same thought because she looked at me and my arms and her scent mixed with anxiety.

I let go of her and took a step back, eventhought it killed me and my wolf to create the distance. But it is better for us to create some distance, than for her.

"What happened?", I asked in a much calmer tone this time. I didn't ask anyone in particular, but it Maddy who answered.

"Will was showing me the territory. We were watching the training, when these two lost control. They shifted and attacked each other. Will stopped them and we brought them here. Don't be too hard on them Alpha, they are still young and just need to control themselves a little better"

One of the young warriors snorted at Maddy's words. "What do you know about being a warrior and controlling our wolves. You are just a girl"

HE SAID WHAT?! How dare he to talk like that to MY mate. I was ready to rip his head off. My wolf was growling and I could feel my own Alpha aura radiating.

But I could only take one step before Maddy stepped in between. Her back straightened up, her arms crossed and I am sure that if her wolf wasn't dormant, it would be radiating her own power.

"Actually I know quite a lot about that, being a Gamma's daughter, I trained with the warriors in the pack. It was my job to train young wolves and help them to gain control. And from what I saw out there you still have a lot to learn. Like guarding you left flank and you need to push harder on your right leg when you try a high kick. But what do I do I know, I'm just a girl"

Everyone got very quiet for a moment. I was speechless. Maddy didn't need me to safe her, she was strong enough on her own. If it wasn't for her injury I was sure she would've taken the challenge outside. Not that I liked the prospect of my mate being challenged, but I was curious to see her in action.

*Alpha, can you lay low on the aura? It's kinda suffocating* my Beta asked me through the mindlink.
I was so intrigued with Maddy's actions that I didn't realize I was still radiating my power.

Immediately I reigned in my aura and the people around me seemed to relax, except Maddy. There was little to no change in her posture. She kept staring at the young warriors, like she was daring them to challenge her again.

"Where was your trainer, you know every training has to be supervised by a high ranked member or head warrior?" I asked to change the subject.

"His mate went in labor so he had to take off. We thought ... he told us we were dismissed but it was our first real training and -"

"So on your first training you decided that you didn't need someone to supervise you?" Will growled.

The two wolves lowered their heads and bared their necks in a manner to show respect and submission.

"This is what's going to happen" I spoke in my Alpha voice, making sure they listened and understood. "You two are suspended from physical training for a week. Use that time to gain control over your wolf and to learn about our rules in this pack" the two young men nodded their head while a nurse came up to clean the last of their wounds.

I turned to my beta "Will, you go to the trainingground and make sure you find a replacement to supervise the training"

"What about me?" my hopefully-soon-to-be-mate asked. "Will was giving me a tour of the packgrounds. Should I just go ... home?"

The left corner of my lip turned upwards and there was no stopping it. This day just got a whole lot better. "You can come with me to the packhouse, I could show you around, if you want."

A twinkling light played in those beautiful eyes and a small smile played on her lips: "that would be very nice of you, Alpha"
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