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Chapter 3


I have been running throught the forest all night. My wolf is exhausted, but I don't feel like shifting back. I don't want to. The hurt is too much. Eventually I walk back to my house, hoping I won't see anyone. I don't want to explain myself, I don't even know what to explain. The only thing I know is that they lied

*And they were holding hand* my wolf growls at me.
*I know, I was there* I sigh at her.

I finally arrive at the back of my house. At times like these I am very grateful that my parents don't live in the packhouse like the alpha and beta. We still have a room there, but my father rather stays in the house.

I walk up to the house to see my brother sitting at the porch. When he sees me he stands up and holds my robe out for me. I shift back and put the robe on. James looks worried and exhausted.

"You didn't have to wait for me" I tell him in a soft voice.

"But you are glad I did" he smiles.

He is right. James is the only face I want to see right now. My brother has always been there for me. He always listens to me and helps me to be alright. But I don't think he can fix this.

I sigh and get inside, I am so tired that I can only think about my bed. James helps me to get to my room. We don't say anything until I get in my bed.

"You know you have to talk to them eventually"

I just nod. I know he is right. But for now I am just trying to sleep. My bed feels like a fluffy cloud and my blanket like a feather. Before I know it I drift off


I've been up all night. The first hour I was getting rid of Tobias and Dana. Tobias kept trying to get to Maddy. But I was not gonna let that happen. She needed time and if he followed her, he could chase her off the territory.

I promised him he could talk to her the next day. He didn't like it, but accepted it.

The next few hours I went on patrol, making sure she didn't leave the territory. When I was sure she was safe in the territory, I decided to head home and wait for her. It was a long night.

"She'll be okay, you trained her well" Vicky said when she joined me for a bit.

I wasn't worried about her physique. My parents made sure we both got the best training and I trained her myself. She was one of the best warriors in the pack.
It was the rest I was worried about. My sister is strong, but the betrayal of her mate? ... I don't know if she could handle that.

The sun was coming up and finally I could see some movement in the forest behind the house. Maddy's wolf appears between the trees. I take the robe that Vicky brought me earlier. I walked up to meet her and hold her robe in front of her. Seeing her naked was not new, but I didn't really like it. As werewolf we didn't really mind, but she is still my sister.

While we head upstairs, I keep quiet. I am trying to find a way to tell her that Tobias would come over later.

"You know you have to talk to him eventually?" I ask her, trying to start a conversation.

She just nods and doses off to sleep. I know I should get some sleep to, but I can't leave her alone. Instead I settle on the floor. I am leaning against the wall and crossing my arms.

After a few hours I wake up because someone tries to mindlink.


*yes, Tobias?* I reply in an annoyed voice

*we need you in the packhouse*

*hmm okay, I'll be right there*

I get up, making sure I don't make a sound. Looking back, I see my sister is still sound asleep. I close the door behind me and follow the scent of Vicky. She is standing in the kitchen, helping my mother making lunch. I kiss her forehead.

"I have to go to the packhouse. Maddy is sleeping upstairs. Can someone stay with her untill I get back?" Vicky smiles at me and nods.

"I'll stay with her, maybe she needs a friend for now"

Damn, I love this girl. Vicky quickly became friends with Maddy, she understands how important my sister is to me and even supports me. She is just perfect.

I kiss her before I head to the packhouse. My mom packed me a lunch. She is always worried about everything. Even things like food.

I arrive at the packhouse, everything looks to be fine. So I head to the offices. I knock on the Beta office... no answer.
I turn to the Alpha office, when I see Nick.

"Hi Nick, whats going on?" I ask him.

Nick gives me a confused look.

"What do you mean? Everything is fine"

"But why did Tobias ... TOBIAS" I growl and head downstairs.

He thinks he can distract me so he can get to Maddy. I told him ...

"James, what's going on?!" Nick yells while jumping in front of me.

I have no time to explain, but I also know that Nick won't let me go if I don't.

"Can I explain on the way?"

Nick glares at me. "Fine"

We turn to the frontdoor and head to my house. On the way there I tell Nick that Tobias wants to see Maddy. But that I didn't think she was ready. Instead he lured me to the packhouse so he could be with her.

Nick frowns.

"I don't think he means her any harm" he says eventually.

"Than why did he sleep with her best friend"

"I am not defending him, I am just saying that he just wants to talk"

When we arrive home I can hear screaming, roaring, howling ... I look at Nick. He gives me a nod, signaling we should get inside.
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