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Chapter 30: sl*t of the week


The Packhouse and Packhospital weren't far from each other, but Alpha Alexander choose to lead us an alternative route because there was more to see. He was right. We walked through the town, passed the park which was surrounded with flowerbeds.
But I couldn't enjoy it, not with a brooding alpha next to me. His mood was off and he hadn't spoken to me since we left the packhospital.

I thought he was more than happy to show me around, like I was. Eventhought I didn't want to admit it, I enjoyed out times together and when he was gone I ... missed him? No, that is absurd.

But I can't take this tension, this silence any more. "I'm sorry" I blurted out

Alpha Alexander gave me a questioning look and slows his pace.

Okay, I have his attention. "I shouldn't have spoken out of turn. I disrespected your warrior and that in your presence. I-I just got angry and it -"

"You think I am angry? At you?" He interupted me. One of his brows lifted.

"Yeah, I mean you haven't talked to me since we left the hospital and you are walking so fast, it looks like you are trying to out run me"

He stopped walking and looked at me, really looked. "I would never" he murmured, but I am not quite sure because he immediately started talking again, as if to erase his earlier words. "You have it all wrong, Maddy. I am not angry at you" he sighed. "The way that warrior talked to you ... Nobody should talk to you like that, disrespect you like that"

A corner of my lips perked up. So this is what he was worried about? "I am used to it, it's alright" I tried to coax him, but it only seemed to anger him more.

"No, it's not" he turned and walked inside the packhouse. I quickly followed him. He was clearly upset and needed someone to talk to.
The packhouse seemed grand and lovely, but again, I couldn't enjoy it or take it in. This time because I was following the brooding Alpha.

I managed to keep up and grab his arm. My wound was still tender and even this kind of exercise seemed too much. But I wasn't going to show that, I wasn't weak.

"Alpha, it's -" a growl interupted me. I let go of his arm, missing the warmth, but I knew better than anger a wolf, especially a powerfull one. I took a step back and lowered my head to ensure his wolf I didn't mean to challenge him.

"Alex" his deep voice spoke. I carefully looked up, avoiding his eyes untill I knew he was calmed down enough. My brow cocked up, asking him the silent question to explain. "Please, just call me Alex" he said with a sigh, like he was desperate.

"Okay, Alex" I said and this time I dared to look him in the eye. Only to find them a shade darker than usual.
It was a risk, but still I spoke: "you know, you also disrespected me without knowing me"

His head cocked to the side and his eyes widened with questions and some horror.

"A week ago when I was on my way to the Alpha Challenges with Olly. You called me his sl*t of the week", I crossed my arms over my chest. This was a risk, a very risky gamble, but he needed to hear it. He wouldn't take my carefull approach, well here was not-so-carefull approach to calm him down.

His face dropped and I could swear that his golden skin just became two thones lighter. For a second he just stared, his eyes roaming me, and than he broke his stare. He turned away and his hand rubbed his face, his hair and eventually his neck, before facing me again. There was some kind of sadness and panic on his face.

"Maddy, I didn't mean ... it wasn't... I just ..." he seemed at a loss of words and eventhought I kind of enjoyed most men so nervous and apologetic, my heart constricted. Maybe I didn't enjoy him behaving like this. So I took a step forward to make it stop.

"Alex, it's okay. You did it to protect your brother. It's fine. Off course I did curse you at the moment and called you an egg head" I smirked at the last sentence.
The Alpha, or Alex, gained some of his original color and his shoulders loosened. "You called me an egg head?" He asked with half amusement.

"Seems like we both insulted eachother before knowing the other. Besides Olly agreed with it" I grinned at him. Alex was relaxed now. But only for a second before O heard a voice from behind.

"I agreed to what?"

I quickly turned to see him round the corner with a smile on his lips. When his eyes met mine, the smile seemed to grow, reaching his eyes. "Maddy, nice to see you up on you feet" he greeted me.

When his eyes floated to the person next to me, his smile seemed to falter for a second before he masked it with a fake smile. "Brother" he said with a nod. The gesture seemed very formal and I had a feeling that there was some kind of tension between the two of them.

Olly's eyes darted between me and his brother and it was only then that I realized how close we were standing. So close, I could almost feel warmth of his body radiating from his body.

Alex explained that he was giving me a tour of the packhouse. Just when I tried to take a subtle step aside, Alex turned to me. "Let's start in the most important part"

I gave him a questioning look "and what would that be?"
Right then my stomach decided it was a good moment to let itself be heard.
I felt my cheeks redden. Damn, I hadn't even realized I was hungry in all the commotion.

Alex' laugh boomed through the packhouse and placed a gentle hand on my back, steering me through the building.

"The kitchen off course"
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