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Chapter 34: a bun in a faraway oven


I woke up, but not in my bed, and there was a blanket on me that also wasn't mine. But before I could remember where I was, a growl ripped through the space. In a second I was awake and up.
I was in the Alpha office, where I had been working all morning. Alex was standing in a defensive stance between me and the door. The growl was coming from him. What the hell was happening.
I got up and moved towards Alex. Hair was raising from his neck and I could almost feel power radiating from him, even if my wolf was dormant.
Without a thought, my hand moved to his shoulder and peeked around him to what was going on. There in the dooropening was a warrior on his knees, baring his neck in submission. But I still recognized him, Damien.
"It's okay. Alex, everything is alright" I tried to coax him while absent mindedly stroking his back. It seemed to help and the hair on his neck vanished again.
"I'll find you later" Alex said in a low threatening voice. He slammed the door and in the same movement turned towards me. His eyes were still red, Alpha eyes.

For a seconds I panicked, tensed, I felt the anxiety creep up, pushing my sanity away, ready to run ... and then I felt two strong arms around me, pulling me towards a warm chest. The anxiety melted away. Rest and calm taking it's place. Alex's scent wrapped around me like a secure blanket. I wanted to ...- wait what was I doing!
Before I could protest, Alex's arm loosened so I could take a small step back, his arms still on my shoulders.
"I'm sorry. He came waltzing in again and ... my wolf went full protective mode. I didn't mean to wake you or scare you" he said carefully while scanning me with his eyes. It was like he was checking me for injuries.

"I'm fine, it's okay. I was just a little disoriented. It's better now. Thank you for trying to protect me even if it wasn't necessary" I gave him a small reassuring smile.

"I'll always protect you, Ma - Maddy", he said with a smirk. Reluctantly he let go off my shoulders and walked out of his office to deal with some practicall Alpha Duties. I knew that one of those duties would be dealing with Damien. I didn't know what to think of him. Everytime I saw him he was glaring or sneering. As if I was garbage or gum under his boots. I would make sure to keep an eye on him.

"You fell asleep on the job?" James laughed through the phone. He still called me every day, luckily not twice a day. It seemed like my overprotective brother had calmed down a bit, but he still wanted a daily update and I gladly told him all about my adventures.
"It wasn't on the job, I had a lunchbreak", I protested, but it only made James laugh even louder. He was almost howling.

"My little sissy needed a little nappy", he laughed again, "were you snoring? Please tell me you were snoring and your Alpha heard it"

Oh no, what if James was right. What if I snored? What if I made weird noises and he heard it. Oh no!
"Maddy calm down, I can hear you hyperventilating through the phone. I am sure you didn't snore, you never have, otherwise I would have all ready told you. Besides, I don't think your Alpha would mind" James said through the phone. There was some hint of teasing in his tone.
"What makes you say that" I asked him curiously
"Well he protects you, let's you sleep in his office ..."
"We are just friends" I said, interupting his banter.
"Yeah, just keep telling yourself that. But my Alpha doesn't treat me like that. Just the other day I was late because we had to go to the OBGYN and ... oh shit I didn't just say that"
"James, why were you at the OBGYN? OH MY GOD, is Vicky pregnant?" I yelled happily through the line.
James huffed in response and murmured "Vicky is so gonna kill me"
A second later I heard some strange noises and then Vicky spoke through the phone. "Maddy, I wanted to tell you when we came to visit this full moon, which was a surprise, but your airhead of a brother just spoiled it. Maddy, you are going to be an aunt"
For a second I was silent and then I was squiling. My noises were so loud that Cherry came bursting through the door of my room. She scanned the room, clutching Mason thight to her chest.
"I'm gonna be an aunt" I squeled even louder and this time Cherry joined me and I could hear Vicky on the other side of the line laughing.
"Now I get why Will always calls you squeeky" Vicky laughed when we all calmed down a little. "When the baby is here you have to come and visit"

That made me pause in my celebration. Because I know I couldn't. I was never allowed to visit my old pack again. The alpha king decided that. He tried to protect me, but he seemed to forget that almost my whole family was there and now I could never visit them again.

Cherry seemed to pick up on that and took the phone from me. She started talking about pregnancy and stuff. Mason wiggled in her arms and I took him from her so she could talk in peace. It was time for his bottle and nap so I went down stairs where I found the bottle on the kitchencounter. Cherry probably was about to give Mason his bottle when she heard me squeling.

After his bottle, I placed myself and Mason in one of the comfy armchairs and quietly rocked him untill his eyes were drooping.
My thought drifted to my earlier conversation with James. What did he mean 'I don't think your Alpha would mind'.
Alpha Alex and I were just friends, right? He can't ... I don't ... or maybe ... NO
It doesn't matter that I feel safe with him, or that the nap I had today was ten times better then the sleep I had gotten in the last weeks.
It doesn't matter because he was going to find his second chance mate. He had to. When you lose your first mate, the moon goddess can bless you with a second chance. But those who reject their mate, like me, they don't deserve that.

But could I really stay here and watch how everyone around me got mated and had children, while I stayed alone?

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