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Chapter 35: unknown pov

POV unknown

I stood in front of my wall. The one covered in pictures, facts and random things I had gathered about that bitch the past few days.

The burner phone on the desk started to buzz. I looked at the time: 11:11. It was him. Only he had this number, only he would call whenever it was 11:11.
So I grabbed the thing and picked up.

"So?" A voice on the otherside asked.

"I found the bitch", I answered with a lower voice than I usually used.

"Good, you know where she'll be?"

"Off course," I started, "but I doubt you can get to her easily. She hangs around the Alpha, Beta and Gamma all the time"

I still didn't get how he was going to manage this. Sure, the girl had to go. But abduction was almost impossible, especially with Alpha Alex in his protective mode. Just a day ago he almost ripped me into pieces when I walked into the office. The ass whooping later was evident off his foul mood, but better then getting my throat ripped out.

The person on the otherside of the line chuckled: "I don't need to get to her. If everything goes to plan she'll just come to me. I just need you to keep an eye on her and when I give the signal, clear her a way out. But be subtle about it"

"Whatever you want, as long as you hold up your end off the bargain"

"Off course" he answered and I could almost hear the giant smirk he was probably showing. "There will he a position in my pack for you, if and when you succeed"

"I won't fail you" I said and ended the call.
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