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Chapter 36: tickle attack

《 ALEX 》

"Alex?" A sweet angelic voice asked. I hummed in response while overlooking the last of my paperwork for the day.

"I have finished everything you asked me. Is there anything else you need my help with?"

Shit, I had been afraid of that ever since she started working here. I had underestimated her when she first started. Still, it had taken her longer to finish all the work than I thought after that first day. But now, not even a week since, it did finish. I had almost hoped that she would be working slower, just to spend more time with me. But off course that was just some cruel kind of hope.

"I am sure that I'll find something. Just let me wrap this up" I quickly scribbled my signature on a few of the papers and tossed them somewhere on a pile behind me. When I looked up, Maddy was frowning with her eyes focused on her phone.

"Something wrong?" I asked her and got up from my chair.
She quickly put away her phone and shook her head to wipe away her frown.

"It's nothing. So, what do you got for me" she smiled.

Damn that smile ... not now. Okay, breath. I can do this. I still got a week and a half. Shit that isn't a lot of time. DAMN IT, FOCUS
Wait, that was it, the full moon!

"Well, actually I could use your help for the next full moon preparations. We usually do the same, food, games, midnight run and the occasional ceremonies. It would be a big help if you could help with the logistics of it all. Lately we've been having too much, or too little food and I am a little lost on which ceremonies I have to attend. I just need someone to bring some organization in this." I explained and a small smile appeared on Maddy's lips.

"No worries, I am your girl"
Wait what?
Maddy's eyes widened as if she just heard her own words. "I didn't mean, your girl. Not that I am not yours - no, I didn't ... ugh ... Alex, you can count on me"

I chuckled at her reaction and the fact that she was so out of breath that her face had turned red.

"Don't laugh at me" she scoffed and slapped my shoulder. I laughed even louder.
"Stop it!" She whined and poked my sides. My laugh almost immediately died out, did she try to ... tickle me?
My eyes narrowed slightly in a playfull manner "Oh, it's on" I teased her before charging at her.

Maddy tried to turn and run but I was faster. My right arm wrapped around her and pulled her back to my chest, while my left hand found her waist and tickled her sides. She laughed and squirmed in my arms.
"No, please, stop! Alex, please. I'll do anything if you stop now"

My hand slowed as I came closer. My mouth lingering next to her ear. "Anything?" I asked, before tickling again.
"Yes" she squealed.

"Go on a date with me", I murmured in her ear while inhaling her scent. Had I ever been this close?

I felt her body still for a second, but I fixed it with another tickle attack. It maybe isn't the most traditional or romantic way to ask, but it felt right.

"Yes" she squeeked out. Now it was my turn to still. My arms loosened a bit but stayed around her body as Maddy turned around to face me.
I had expected a shy or embarrassed version of my mate. Instead she glared at me. Actually GLARED at me. Like she was trying to vaporize me with her eyes

"But NO tickling ever again" she said while one of her fingers poked my chest with every word that came from her sweet lips.

"How about no tickling for a week?" I suggested and her eyes narrowed, not leaving mine for a second.
Then one corner turned up "deal"
The finger that had been poking my chest, became a full hand. She nodded towards her hand "shake on it" she said. The confidence she showed made my wolf hum in delight. Sure she was very sweet, this mate of mine. But seeing her like this, challenging me, playing and full off confidence... let's say that the step back I took was not only to shake her hand.

"Is this what you call paperwork?" Will spoke from the doorway with a giant smirk on his face. Shit, I hadn't even noticed that he came in. I need to focus more if I want to protect my pack ... and my mate.

"Just wrapping up" I said tightly and reluctantly let go of Maddy's hand. Her face was still a bit red and she clearly avoided mine and Will's looks.

"Perfect timing then, I came to get you for our patrol run" he smiled and walked over to Maddy. "And how is my little Squeeky doing lately? Isn't Alex boring you with all this paperwork?" He said and winked at me.

"I'm fine, Will" she huffed, probably because Will used that ridiculous nickname.

My wolf didn't like it. Even if he knew Will was her family and my beta. The nickname didn't sit well with us.

"And how is your training with Olli going?"

Another thing my wolf didn't like. Olli was still ... apprehensive about the whole mate thing. But we promised Maddy she could train. And because she had Gamma blood in her AND Will, Olli and I agreed that training her with the other wolves wasn't an option, the only choice there was, was to let her train with one of us. Olli conveniently was the first to run in to her and offer his help.

"Like I promised I am taking is slow, but it really is great to just train again. Almost like old times" she smiled. And that, right there, was the only reason why I didn't stop her from training with Olli.

As long as he'd keep his mouth shut and his hands to himself, we'd have no problem.

"Good to hear" Will mused. "Alex, ready to work in the real world?"

"You wanna call me out? Let's see who is the better runner?" I smirked, knowing my wolf was bigger and faster than his.

"Oh, it's on. I hope you hadn't planned anything for the rest of the day, because you are going down" Will howled in delight and ran outside

Pfff as if he could ruin my day, Maddy agreed to go on a date with me. Nothing was going to ruin this day.

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