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Chapter 38: angry alpha

>> ALEX <<

Will held his word and kept me buzy for the rest of the day. After our patrol, we trained our wolves together. It had been a while since we really trained together and he gave me a run for my money, but in the end it was me who won every challenge, as per usual.

It was almost 1 a.m. when my head collided with my pillow. I sighed in content. Today had been a good day. It gave me hope about the future. I had been close to Maddy. I could still recall the sparks I had felt where our skin came in contact.
And to top it all off, Maddy wanted to go on a date with me. Sure, I had to tickle it out of her, but a date was a date.

My head was filled with all kinds of ideas to do. With one very important thing. Tell her that we were mates. It was the perfect timing; well before the full moon, on a romantic date ... What could go wrong.

I turned around and tried to calm my wolf, he had been yapping and howling over our mate for the past hour. The training had calmed him somewhat, but every silent moment he was sniffing for our mate and ready to go where she was. It had been exhausting. He didn't get that we couldn't just show up in front of her. She needed time, she needed to feel safe.

Just before I could fall asleep, I felt someone trying to mindlink me. Even when I tried to ignore it, the feeling started again, with more pressure. So I decided to open the link.

*Alex? Is Maddy with you?* Will asked me. His voice was calm, but the deadly kind of way.

*No, I haven't seen her since you came to my office around noon. What's going on, where is she?* I quickly responded. I felt dread and fear sleeping in my body. Where was my mate? She was fine when I last saw het, she wanted to go on a date.

*Cherry said that Maddy never came home. We thought she might be with you*, Will said, his voice was less calm and I could feel an edge of his fear through the mindlink.

*We need to find her. She had a training with Olli, you go ask him and I'll check the office* I ordered and quickly made my way to the office.
Luckily I still lived in the packhouse so the trip took only a minute.

But there was nothing in the office. In fact it was exactly the same as I had left it, safe for a note on my desk. I quickly went for it and read it.

Dear Alpha Alexander and Beta Will
Thank you for being there for me and everything you did for me. But I cannot do this anymore. My wolf returned and I now realize that Alpha Nick is indeed my second chance. I can no longer ignore the mate pull and so I decided to give in.
Please do not come for me, this is what I want
I wish you all the very best.

A thousand thoughts were running through my head. It didn't make sense. This couldn't be from her. If her wolf returned ... he is not ...

My vision became blurry and the head ache became even worse. My wolf felt angry and betrayed. He wanted out ... and I let him

《 WILL 》

My cousin vanished, just vanished. I had asked everyone who knew her if they had seen Maddy, but no one had. Not even Olli who was supposed to train with her.

"Sorry man, when I couldn't find her in the office I thought she was just with you" he said again. He felt bad for not checking earlier, just like Cherry. But I didn't blame them. Maddy wasn't a prisoner and the pack was safe. We had more patrols on the ground and around the border to keep it safe, especially with a Luna around who didn't know what her role was.

"It's okay, let's just get to Alex. I have a bad feeling about this" I said and picked up the speed. After closing the mindlibk with him to contact Olli and other wolves, I hadn't heard from him. He didn't respond to my calls or mindlinks. I can't even imagine what I would do if Cherry disappeared like this, but it wouldn't be good.

We are almost at the packhouse when a crashing sound erupted through the quiet atmosphere. We rounded the corner to find it's source. Alex's wolf is out of control, howling, growling and running around the packhouse. The double front door is left in pieces.

"Shit" Olli breathed beside me. And he is right. An Alpha is obviously stronger than any wolf in the pack, but in his state ... he could easily rip the pack apart just to find his mate.

*let's split up. Approach carefully and try to get some sense into him, talk him down* I mindli ked Olli. He only nodded in response before going around the packhouse.

I breathed deeply to calm myself. If Alex or his wolf felt like I was challenging them, I could lose my head. And I wasn't planning on that. Luckily I did some kind of planning. My hand clutched Maddy's shirt just a little tighter.

She used it to sleep in it, so it was covered in her scent. I brought it to help us in her search, but maybe it could also help to calm the Alpha wolf not to far from me.

Carefully I approached the giant wolf. He was buzy ripping apart a lonely bench on the packhouse porch. The poor bench was just in the wrong place and the wrong time, but it was a very good example of what Alex could do to me.
I walked up the three steps that were covered in wood. The steps lightly squeeked underneath my feet. It was enough for the wolf to get his attention on me and leave what remained of the bench alone.

This was it
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