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Chapter 39: the other one


I would want to say that I had always known, that I had seen it coming from miles away that he was bad news. That I was prepared and that I knew my family would find out what this warrior was doing and stopped him.

But that wasn't the case. I hadn't known, in fact I didn't even know his name, but he clearly knew mine.

He didn't say much, only short commands, that didn't sit well with me, or gestured where he wanted me to go.
By the way he moved around, the confidence and lack of fear, it was obvious he had prepared this. Which meant a lot of planning. That thought scared me: for how long was Nick planning this, when did he capture my family and what would become of them? ...

We reached some kind of old barn on the edge of town. Through some kind of miracle, we hadn't encountered any patrol. But I guess that was part of the plan.
The warrior opened the huge doors to reveal an old pick up truck in a rusty color.

"Get in" he said in a growl and it seemed to snap something inside me.


"No?" He asked me amused

"I want to know who you are and why you are doing this" I demanded. My voice sounded braver than I felt and I don't even know where I got the strength.

The warrior smirked: "you don't recognize me"
It was more a statement than a question.

"I do" I snapped back "you were that warrior that couldn't control his wolf"

He growled in response "I wasn't the one who lost control, that was Damien. Now get in!"

I didn't respond, I didn't even know what to say to that. But I also didn't move. I just needed to know what I was up against, was he alone, were there more traitors in Alex's pack.

"Fine," he spat, "Alpha Nick promised me the Gamma position in his pack"
I gasped. A part of me knew that Nick wouldn't want James as his Gamma anymore. Not after he captured him and probably beat the crap out of him. But to give the position to some outsider, just for bringing me to them, that's insane.

"How?" Was the only word I managed to ask in response.

He smirked again and crossed his arms, clearly full of himself. Like he just won some kind of prize. "I could say with a lot of scheming, planning and going deep undercover. But you guys made it so easy. The hardest part of the job was to find you, what you were up to and stuff. The beta and alpha hid you very well that first week. I was almost giving up and than you just showed up at training. And in the hospital you basically confirmed my suspicion by telling me you were a Gamma blood"

Damn, I never knew someone was looking for me or that by telling who I was, or rather what, I gave myself away. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Off course I gave myself away. I shouldn't have said that.

"Off course, I can't take all the credit. Damien .."

"I knew it!" I interupted him. Damien was suspicious, my instincts weren't wrong.

"Not in the way you think" the warrior said again. I should really ask his name.

"Damien always had a short fuse. Especially towards women, with his mom beating him, his sister always manipulating and his mate cheating on him. But that made him the perfect distraction. While all of you were looking his way, you didn't pay any attention towards me. I only had to whisper something into his ears and Damien would take the stage while I stayed behind the scenes. He rolled in the Alpha's office, demanding something and when the alpha saw me later, being quiet and obedient, I was the one who got the benefit of the doubt. I was the one who was allowed to join training again, to pick up the patrol schedule, to enter the packhouse and training rooms. All thanks to hot headed Damien"

I couldn't find the words to describe my own shock. Damien wasn't the one to keep an eye on. He was only a cover. Shit
But it did mean that this guy probably worked alone in the pack. Which was good. At least I knew this pack was safe when we were gone.

"So now that I have revealed my evil plan. It is time for you to get in the car and move" he said with a satisfied grin on his face. I wanted to punch that grin right off, but I had to keep my cool. The lives of my family were still at stake.
So I just glared and moved towards the passenger's side of the car. But his voice stopped me, again.

"This way," he said and gestured for the driver's seat. "How else are you going to drive?"

"You want me to drive us back?" I asked. That didn't make a lot of sense. What if I decided to crash the car in the middle of the road. Or was I the only one who thought like that.

"We aren't going anywhere, you are. I have to stay here and tie up some lose ends, but don't worry, you'll see me soon enough"

Dread, that is the word that described the feeling that filled me from inside out. I could live with the fact to leave this pack, to protect my family, that was my job, my mission. And I was relieved to know I took a traitor away from them, but knowing that this man stayed his and did even more damage. That was going to happen, not on my watch.

I moved towards the driver's seat and again there was that grin on his face. But not for long. I lunged at him, taking him by surprise. My nails scratched his face and my knee kicked upwards towards his crown jewels. He grabbed for my wrist with one hand, but missed as he crouched down to protect himself.
My foot connected with his face again and blood erupted from his probably broken nose.

"You bitch", he hissed, but I didn't give him the time to get up and quickly moved around him.

"This is for my family" I said before I punched his face again. The warrior groaned. It was clear that he wasn't well trained, he didn't even know how to defend himself and was too cocky to think I could take him, his mistake. Now I just hoped that the damage was visible for long enough so someone could detect it.
I left one last present behind before I jumped in the care and drove out of the pack and towards my family.
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