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Chapter 4


One week ago.

It had been 2 years since I saw my Maddy. I missed her everyday. It had been hard to not be with her. I know we didn't have a full bond yet, but it still hurt.

My wolf was restless, wanting to go back, be with his mate ... but I couldn't go to her. If I returned early, people would think I am weak. So I stayed. The only thing that could calm my inner beast was having intercourse with other women.

I would have to imagine it was Maddy. If I didn't do that, my wolf would fight me on it.

Currently we are in a town in the South River Pack. Nick already went to bed, calling it an early night. But I couldn't sleep. This town was a 3 day trip to our pack. It felt like i was so close to her, yet so far.
I was sitting at the bar, trying to drown my sorrow. Than a girl walked in bringing a cold wind with her. I knew her, this was Dana. She was Maddy's best friend. They were together all the time. WAIT! Did that mean Maddy was here?

Dana recognized me and joined me at the bar.

"I am so happy to see a friendly face" she smiles at me.

Damn, that means that Maddy is not here. I feel a pang in my heart when I realized that. But I couldn't let Dana or anyone see that.

"Hi you, having trouble with anyone?"

She was shifting in her chairs, nervously looking around. She sighed

"I don't know how to call it. I get a lot of attention from the males here. Normally Maddy helps me, you know. She has a deadly stare or would just beat the crap out of the guys. But I've been here on my own, I miss her and her protection" she sighs again.

I can hear a few men behind me whistling at Dana. She cringes, like they were physically harming her. I need to help her, so I pull her closer to me. Putting my arm protective around her waist so other males knew she belonged with me.

"Thank you" she smiles at me.

The rest of the night we spent talking and having fun. A lot of what Dana says and does makes me think of Maddy. But where Maddy is strong and stubborn, Dana is soft and delicate. I liked this delicate side.

Without really thinking I moved towards her. Brushing her lips against mine. She threw her arms around my neck and deepening the kiss. In my eyes, this was Maddy. Here and now.
Than I carried her to my room. The tonic was working, I felt drunk and blocked my wolf out.

The next morning I woke up, naked and with Dana next to me. I didn't really know what had happened yesterday. But I could put two and two together. Sh!t.

Normally I would leave the girl in the morning, but I couldn't with Dana. She knew who I was.

*You are really stupid! How are you going to fix this?* My wolf growls at me.

He is right, I royally fncked up! What do I do when she wakes up? What do I tell her?

I sneak out of the bed and go to the bedroom. I quickly shower and put on fresh clothes. After that I sneak into Nick's room. I don't bother knocking. Nick is like a saint, he believes in saving yourself for your mate.

Nick is already up and made his bed, he is going throught some paperwork.

"Good morning Toby, looking fresh" Nick teases me.


I sigh and sit on his bed. My face is resting in my hands. I don't know how to tell this to Nick. He'll give me the same speech.

"What did you do?" Nick asks all of a sudden.

Here goes nothing ...

"So I ... I met Dana yesterday in the bar and ..."


I can't get the words over my lips, so I just nod.

"Tobias, this is bad, this is really really bad" Nick says while pacing around the room.

"I know Nick ... I .. I need your help"

Nick and I sit down, talking about what happend and how we could fix it. Nick kept telling me how stupid I was, but was willing to help me.

Nick told me I would have to take care of this right away, by talking to Dana. Explaining that I was drunk and I missed Maddy.

When I got back in my room, Dana was already up. Her smell told me she was in the bathroom. That gave me a few minutes to think this through. I was repeating the story over and over in my head.

The bathroom door opened and I saw Dana emerging from the bathroom. Her damp blonde hair clinging around her shoulder. Her body was covered in waterbeads that were glittering, making her whole body glow.
She covered her body with a towel.

"Hi" I said, a little louder than I intended.

She was taken by surprise, letting her towel slip. Quickly she turned away from me, covering her naked body with her hands.
But it was too late. My member was already hard and working.

"I can see you are happy to see me" she teased while eying me up from top to bottom

Well, I got two weeks to talk so ...
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