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Chapter 40: daddy isues

>> ALEX <<

It was like waking up from a deep sleep that was way too short. But I had to. When my wolf had taken over I had let him do what he felt like. I didn't want to face anyone, I just wanted to roll myself up in a small ball and let the world take over.

My head felt heavy and I groaned in pain. I was back in humanform, but couldn't really remember anything. Apparently I was in my office again, well what remained of my office. The walls were still there, but the windows were broken, furniture was spread out and in pieces ... it looked like a tornado hit this place.

I inhaled deeply to calm myself and gather my thoughts and then is when it hit me. Maddy's scent. My wolf was again at full attention and I quickly found the source. In my hands, I was holding a shirt, one Maddy probably had worn because it was soaked in her scent. But how did I get it?

A soft knock on my door interupted my thoughts. "Come in" I said in a low voice, not really happy someone dared to interupt me at this moment.

It was Cherry, Will's mate, who carefully walked in. "Alpha" she said in a way of greeting as she lowered her head.
I only hummed and looked back at the shirt in my hands.

"Alpha -"

"What!" I snapped at her, why was she here? Why couldn't she leave me alone

I heard her inhale deeply, but didn't look up. "Okay that is it. You have been wallowing in your self pity for long enough"

Well, that got my attention. My head shot up and I saw Cherry standing there in the doorway. Her hands on her hips, shoulders back and chin up. She avoided looking me in the eye.
Before I could speak, she continued.

"We saw the letter, but do you really believe she wrote it? If she got her wolf back, don't you think she'd scream it from the rooftops, don't you think she would immediately want to join training like the rest?
"And what about that crap about Nick being her second chance, you are her second chance and the only reason that she doesn't know is because her wolf is still dormant. So if you can quit this pity party for 1 minute and come help us find her, that would be great"

And with that, Cherry left the office and disappeared into the hallway.

Her words had felt like a slap in the face, and eventhought my wolf hated the disrespect, Cherry had been right. I'd been so busy being sad that I hadn't noticed the obvious flaws and lies in the letter. It probably wasn't even in het writing. HOW HAD I MISSED IT?
But if Maddy didn't go out of her own free will, that meant she was forced or taken.

In an instant I was walking out of my office, Maddy's shirt wrapped around my fist, like it was the only thing that kept me centered. I followed Cherry's scent towards a room we often used for strategies or for councilmeetings. My usual seat at the head of the table was unoccupied. But the seats around it were occupied. Will, his father and Cherry sat on one side. Olli and my father on the other. A map was spread out on the table and multiple sticky notes surrounded the map, as well as a piece of paper.
As I walked in, the room quieted down, like no one dared to speak. I ignored it and took my seat before I turned to my Beta. "What happened last night?" I asked, I simply had to know what my wolf did to deserve this behavior from my friends.
But it wasn't Will who spoke, it was my father: "You lost control over your wolf. He went on a rampage. You have seen your office, that was just a sample of it. Will and Olliver tried to talk you down, but the only thing that seemed to calm your wolf was a shirt that Will conventiently had with him. Your wolf took the shirt and guarded in your office for the remainder of the night"
I looked at Will and Olli, they had their heads lowered but looked at me sideways. Will gave me a small nod to confirm what my dad had told me. I was so gratefull to have someone like him to call my friend. He knew exactly what my wolf and I needed. But why did he lower his head.
"You have a good team surrounding you son," my father continued, but his calm seemed to end and be replaced by anger "But will someone tell me why the hell that shirt was the only thing to stop your wolf? Or why these to try to set of an emergency alarm, not for you but to find some girl"
I growled at him and stood up from my seat. So that is why my friends looked like this. They hadn't told my father what was going on and he probably used what remained of his alpha aura to get it out of them.
They wanted to find Maddy as much as I did, but my idiot father didn't let them do their job. It was time for me to step in, be the alpha they needed, the alpha and mate Maddy needed.

"Why would that be any of your concern, last I checked, I was the Alpha, not you. So let me and my team do our job" I snapped. I turned towards the map, ignoring my father's glares, and looked at what they had gathered so far. They had pinpointed everywhere Maddy had been that day, people she had seen ...
"Just for some girl ..." My father was interupted by a growl, but it wasn't mine. It was Olli. His eyes were changing color and his neckhair was growing.
"Watch about you speak about my Luna" he growled in a low voice.
My father's face fell, all the anger and frustration ebbed away to reveal shock. "How can I help," he said eventually in a soft voice. His hand was on my shoulder and I could see the apollegetic look on his face.
"Let's rescue my mate

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