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Chapter 41: home without home

>> MADDY <<

I wanted to turn around. I wanted to go back to Will's house, to my bed, curl inside and sleep. To wake up and find out that it all had been a dream.

But it wasn't, this was reality.

I stood in front of the pack border. Like instructed, I had left the car a few miles back and made the rest of the track by foot. The car apparently had a tracker hidden inside to make sure I didn't change course or stop along the way to ask for help.

The whole ride I had been trying to piece something together, make a plan. But I had nothing. If I didn't follow the rules, someone could get hurt. If I myself was the one at risk, I wouldn't have mind to sacrifice myself. But I wouldn't be on the receiving end of the punishment, my family would be. I know they are strong, but they didn't deserve this. Especially Vicky who was pregnant.

So here I was, just me, in front of the border.

I had never thought my home could feel this cold. This was the place I grew up in. The place my family lived, and yet it didn't feel like home anymore. Like someone had sucked out all the wonderfull feelings and memories and only left the outside shell standing. It felt wrong to call this place home.

A man approached me. He had the build of a warrior, but wasn't wearing the official outfit. His face was hidden beneath his hood. So I waited for him to speak and prepared myself for the worse.

"Maddy?" He asked in a deep voice

"Yes" I answered coldly. Above me the clouds thundered and rain fell to the ground in small drops, soaking my clothes.

The man revealed his face by removing his hood. I recognized him as Peter, a warrior the same age as James, Nick and Tobias.

"Come with me," he said and waved a hand to follow him while he turned around. What was it with these men and waving and nodding?

I let him take a few steps away before I followed him. I didn't really have a choice, but I was taught to always keep a distance, and I wasn't about to ignore good advice.

Silently I had hoped the man would bring me to a car and we could drive where we had to go because the rain was become thinker and my body got colder. But off course I didn't get what I hoped for and so we walked the whole way.

It was a challenge to keep up with the fit warrior. I didn't have my wolf and was still recovering from my injuries. Despite of what I told everyone, I still felt them and sometimes struggled, like now. But as per usual, I wasn't going to show that.

Eventually we approached a warehouse that looked like it had been abandoned, safe for the few lights that were lit inside. The warrior opened a metal door on the side and gestured me to go inside.

Reluctantly I looked inside to find a large dark room. In the far left corner seemed to be some kind of office where a light was burning. The light poored through the office windows, giving the large room a faint, gloomy illumination. It felt wrong, all wrong, o be here, to step inside. But I didn't have much choice.

When I was barely inside, I heard the door behind me slam shut. I quickly turned, but the warrior was nowhere to be seen.

The sound seemed to stir something in the office. Multiple shapes appeared and the light inside the large room flipped on. The lights flikkered, like the didn't want to shine but were forced to. I had to blink a few times and avert my gaze to get used to it.

When I looked up again, Nick stood just outside the office with a giant grin. "My Madeleine," he said, open his arms for me and stepping closer. Instinctively I took a step back. His grin fell a bit but it only took him a second to mask it again.

"Where is my family," I tried to sound confinded and keep my face neutral. But it was hard and the cold wasn't really helping me.

"Right here" Nick said and waved to my right, towards a blue garage door. On cue, the garage door opened. Inside the garage sat my family ... in chains.

"Let them go," I said gritting my teeth. They were clearly not fine. Who chained his own packmembers! Tears were streaming down my mom's face, it only seemed to fuel my anger.

I turned towards Nick and charged at him: "LET THEM GO" I stopped 2 meters away. "You promised"

Nick only smirked and made a gesture in the air. Immediatly 2 warriors came out of the shadows and walked towards the garage door. I watched how they loosened the chains and helped my mom and Vicky up. My father embraced my mom in a protective manner. True fated mates.

They were about to release my brother, when Nick spoke up: "Not him"

"WHAT?" my family and I snapped together. It would've been adorable if we weren't in this shitty situation.

"He stays here," the corner of Nick's mouth lifted, like he just thought of something smart, like he won a game.

"You promised" I scolded. He couldn't do this, we had a deal. He had me, what could he want with my brother.

"I know Sweety and I promise I will let him go, after the mating ceremony" Nick said with a full on smug smile.

"Nick," a voice said from the shadows. "Just let him go, we don't need him" the person stepped out of the shadows to reveal ... Tobias?

He looked tired, with purple bags underneath his eyes, his hair tussled and he looked skinnier than the last time I saw him.

"I will decide what we need, Tobias. And I say we need James, as a witness and to make sure my mate doesn't get any weird ideas in her head. Understood" he said that last part while looking at me.

So that is why James couldn't leave, because he was leverage. Because of me

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