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Chapter 42: bingo

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Hours, it had been hours since we got together to find Maddy. And we had absolutely nothing. Literally.

It seemed like someone had wiped away every possible piece of evidence. Her scent was nowhere, exept her home and my office. No one had seen her, there were no tracks, nothing.

The only lead we got is that someone had tempered with our patrol schedules. It happened in a way that was quickly overlooked, but if you paid attention, it was clear that there were certain 'holes'. It gave us an idea about 'when' Maddy probably left the pack. But that was all.

I was beyond frustrated. My mate, I had failed to protect my mate, again.

"I need some air," I said as I got up and moved for the door. No one followed. They were scared, afraid I would lose my temper again. But I wouldn't. No, Maddy needed me with a clear head. So that is what I would do.

My feet moved without direction. I was to buzy clearing my thought and piecing everything together that I didn't watch where I was going. When I finally stopped, I found myself looking over the trainingground. The youngest warriors were training now. They didn't even know what their high ranked members were doing. And maybe that was for the best. I had only informed my best warriors to be on allert and standby at all time.

Just when I wanted to walk back, something caught my eye. A young warrior was moving in a weird way. Like he was hurt. I decided to get closer. My instinct were on allert, something was wrong here.

The young warriors were facing the other way. Only their trainer saw me coming up, but I signaled him to ignore me and continue. The warriors paired off, this gave me the oppertunity to have a better look.

Damien and the injuried warrior formed one pair. Luca, that was his name. He was the other wolf he had lost his temper that day that Damien disrespected my Maddy. Luca was always quiet. He came from another pack after an incident. At first we thought he was mute, because he never talked. But he slowly opened up.

Now that I saw his face I saw that not only his stance was wrong, but his whole face was covered in cuts and bruises, like he was attacked by some wild animal. My wolf was instantly on allert, something felt ... wrong.

I carefully approached the two warriors, acting like it was a casual visit.

"How is training going?" I asked them. They both seemed a bit startled, but quickly masked their suprise. Luca even seemed to try and stand up straight.

"Great, training is going great Alpha" Luca said quickly. He seemed a bit ... nervous.

"Indeed, it is my first day back. But I am happy to be here" Damien said.

Off course it was his first day back, after all his disrespect I had given him other jobs untill he learned his place in the pack. He had been working as a handy man the last few days and only when his supervisior told me he had done a good job, I had granted him permission to get back to training.

A piece of my puzzle seemed to fall into place as I asked: "Yes, you must've been happy. How did you celibrate?"

A subtle an casual way to ask where he had been last night.

Damien scratched his neck: "Well I didn't actually. I just helped Garry fix the roof of the trainstation"

Good to know

"And you Luca, didn't you want to celibrate with your friend that he could join you again?"

"uhm no - I mean yes, but no - I - uhm. I had patrol and than uhm" Luca seemed nervous, too nervous. And it probably didn't help that I pressed just a little bit of my aura to make him tell the truth.

Luca seemed like a trapped mouse. His eyes darted around in panick and then he ran, BINGO.

*Arrest him* I mindlinked through the packbond. Immediatly two warrior jumped up and even the trainer dropped every to chase the young warrior.

Luca barely made it out of the ring, when a big wolf jumped out of the woods, Olli's wolf. He tackled Luca, who fell with a smack on his back. Olli's wolf scanned Luca's body and he seemed to come to the same conclusion as he growled at Luca.

But Luca seemed to think he still had a fighting chance, litterally. He tried to kick Olli in the nose. But off course, my brother was stronger and faster than the small bastard, and caught the outstretched foot in his mouth. Luca screamed -in pain or fear, I didn't really care - as my brother's wolf dragged him with his foot towards the packhouse.

I let my brother have his fun now, because I knew, from the moment we would enter a more private place, it would be my turn. He took my mate from me. He was going to tell me where she was and then he would pay for even lifting a finger towards her.

I'm coming for you Maddy

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