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Chapter 43: Nick's POV

>> NICK <<

Maddy was mine.

When we were kids, Maddy liked to hang out with us. Eventhought technically we were James's friends, we spend also spend a lot of time with Maddy.

I always admired how strong she was. My parents told me that she had a strong aura, even as a Gamma. So they thought Maddy would be my mate, mine. And I liked to believe them. She was amazing, strong and unique.

And then we turned 18 and everything changed. Suddenly Maddy wasn't mine. No, she was Tobias's mate. Tobias, who was probably the weakest of the trio. Yes, he was my Beta. But James could easily take him if he was provoked. In the old days James could have challenged Tobias for his position. In the old days, I could have challenged Tobias for his mate. But those things didn't happen and the latter was frowned upon. The matebind was sacred.

So I swallowed my pride and let Tobias have her, let her be happy. I only asked that he wouldn't tell her. Not when he knew we would leave for training. Off course the idiot didn't listen to me and I had to watch how Maddy's heart broke when we left. Not for me, but for my Beta.

I tried to be positive. Maybe I would meet my mate at training. It was likely if we met other high ranked members of other packs. But off course that didn't happen. And to make matters worse, Tobias cheated on Maddy.


And not just once. He kept seeing Dana and thought I was stupid enough to think that nothing was going on. That bastard.

While Tobias was doing the devils tango with Dana, I couldn't stop thinking about Maddy. I could only hope she didn't feel it, how he was betraying her, MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.

The evening after Tobias 'one night stand', Tobias left me in the bar. He wanted to catch up on some sleep, tssss.

I was nursing a drink, thinking of my poor Maddy, when a delicious smell hit me. It was fresh like coconut, but also warm and cosy like baked goods. I looked up to see a stunning girl standing in the doorway. Her beautifull dark hair draped over her shoulders. She looked amazing ... but she wasn't Maddy.

I tried to give her a shot and talked with her. But even though she had an angels voice, she wasn't Maddy. They were nothing a like. "You seem dissapointed" she eventually said after our 5 minute conversation.

"I am" I told her ... and then rejected her.

Rejecting her was like hell, like taking a dagger to the heart. But I just couldn't imagine myself with anyone else than ... I dragged my body to my room and looked it befor collapsing on the bed. My body felt cold and distant, like someone drained the heat of my body. I stayed like that for a while. I don't know if it was hours or days, but eventually I was able to get up.

I needed to talk to Tobias, tell him what happened. Tell him what a rejection felt like. Warn him what could happen if Maddy found out. But when I reached his room, I was met with loud moans even before I could knock. Again?

An idea popped up in my head. We were going to meet Maddy sooner than Tobias thought, as a surprise for Maddy. Well, why not make it a surprise for both of them. Why not show Maddy what kind of bastard she was paired with.

Off course it would hurt her, but I would be there. I would comfort her and support her every step of the way. Eventually she would see the man I was. Eventually she would move on from Tobias and fall in love with me. Become my Luna. I didn't have a mate anymore, now Maddy could become my mate. My plan was perfect.

Perfect, except that Maddy didn't get over Tobias as quickly as I thought. Honestly, she just had to let go and move on. But instead she just became this shell of herself. More quiet, less energised ... I didn't know how to fix it. I just wanted to scoop her up in my arms and shield her from the world.

And than her cousin Nick came along and took her away FROM ME. He took ME Maddy. But what could I do? Her whole family was there. So I let her go. It was only a few weeks, right?


They brainwashed her to stay at that miserable pack while I am here, waiting for her, my Maddy.

So I snapped. A piece of me broke inside me and I let it all out. All the hurt, the rejection, the anger. I didn't mean to hurt Maddy, didn't want that to happen. But it did.

And then it got worse. They took her away, on royal decree. They took the love of my life, my only joy, the light in my darkness!

But I didn't give up. I convinced her. And here she was, finally, My Maddy, My Mate ...

My future

And no one is going to take her away from me

Your Mine, Maddy

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