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Chapter 44: rescue mission part 1

TRIGGER WARNING: For any sensitive readers: this chapter will have some very heavy writing like violence and rape. Please be discrete. I will write a quick summary in the next chapter with less explicit details so you can still follow the plot.


I was brought to the small office in the back. As far away from my brother as they could bring me, I guessed. It only angered me more. I just hoped my parents and Vicky got out safely. I hoped they ran somewhere far away, somewhere safe.

Nick had left to make some last minute arranges, whatever the hell that meant. I was just glad I didn't have to see that bastard's face at the moment. No, instead I had Tobias's face to glare at. Tobias, who just seemed to sit by and watch everything happen. How could I have ever loved a boy like that. Because that is what he was, a boy.

The warrior that had escorted me, gestured to a chair in front of the desk. My body was tired from being awake for over 24 hours, but my stubornness won as I denied to sit down. Instead I just crossed my arms and turned from the men in the office.

I stared through the windows that looked out over the large room. But someone had dimmed those lights again and there was nothing for me to observe expect my own reflection.

I looked like a mess. My hair was up in a messy bun and not the cute kind. Exhaustion was evident on my face.

This is a nightmare, any minute now I am going to wake up inside Will's cabin and everything is going to be fine.

A heard some shuffling behind me and saw through the reflection that the warrior was leaving the office. So that left me and Tobias ... alone.

Where I once would panic or feel the hurt of the rejection, was now nothing. After all what they had done to my family, I couldn't bring myself to feel anything for them except disgust.

"Maddy," Tobias started and moved towards me. But I quickly turned and put my hand up to stop him from moving further

"Don't," I said without looking at him.

"I didn't... It was wasn't... " but he couldn't form the sentence right away, so I decided to help him.

"What? You didn't mean to abduct my family to use ad bait just to get me here? Or you didn't mean to sleep zith my best friend and have a child with her while I was your mate? ... should I go on"

Tobias slowly shook his head, but said nothing.

"You hurt me Tobias and it seems every time I see you I'm the one that gets hurt. So please stop the fake excuses and just leave me and my family alone. That is all I ask, leave them alone"

Something like hurt flashed over Tobias's features. I felt no satisfaction. I didn't want any of this. To hurt me was one thing, but touching my family was a whole other level.

Tobias seemed to get the message and didn't speak to me again, didn't even look at me. Instead he seemed to think the floor was very interesting.

Meanwhile I was battling my exhaustion to stay away. It wasn't safe here to fall asleep. Goddess knows what they might do to me if I were unconscious.

After what felt like an hour, but it also could have been a couple of minutes, Nick strode back into the office. This time he was wearing a clean white shirt and trousers. His hair was damp. He looked clean, ready for something. And then it hit me, Nick wanted to do the mating ceremony now.

"Ready?" He asked me and offered his hand for me to take. I looked at it for a minute before answering.

"No" I said eventually and I was a little surprised to hear myself like that.

"No?" Nick asked, he seemed more amused than concerned.

"No! I will not do anything before I know my brother is safe, well and free" wow where did this confidence come from.

Nick amused look melted away and he gritted his teeth. "You will listen to me, you will mate with me, if it is the last thing you do"

And then he lunged for me, with those red eyes. I could do nothing, frozen at the sight of those scarlet eyes, piercing my soul as he grabbed me. He grabbed me. His hands were on my arms and his long nails pierced my skin.

In a flash he turned me around and shoved me against his desk.

I heard him fumble with his belt behind me. Was he going to ... NO!

My body seemed to wake from it's shocked state. "No, let me go" I screamed multiple times, but he seemed to ignore me

"Nick stop this" Tobias's voice spoke from somewhere behind me.

"Get out! This is between me and my mate" Nick roared again, pushing further against the desk.

"She is not your mate" Tobias hissed and a second later the weight of Nick's body was lifted from mine. I quickly turned and saw how Tobias and Nick were facing eachother. Both their eyes were glowing. Nick's belt buckled and buttons were loosened. Tobias stood in a protective stance, like he was ready to fight.

"Tobias, out NOW" Nick roared "that is an order"

Nick probably used his alpha aura, because Tobias almost immediately seemed to response. He only looked back with an apologetic look in his eyes. A boy, that is what Tobias was. Not strong or mature enough to stand up against his alpha, his friend. No, he never was. Always finding excuses.

Tears and panic welled up as the door of the office closed again.

"So where were we" Nick said with a smirk and moved towards me. I looked around to find something, anything to help me. My eye fell on a letter opener on a cabin next to the desk. I grabbed for it and pointed it towards Nick in the hopes to keep him away.

He only snorted "You think that little knife can hurt an Alpha?"

An idea came to life as I shifted the position of the knife towards my own throat.

"No, but it can hurt me. I am not a wolf, if I cut deep enough I'll bleed out before you can speak the words of the ceremony" I said quickly in the hopes to sounds somewhat confident.

Surprise crossed Nick's face as his eyes scanned the knife against my throat. But it was soon replace with a smirk.

"Then your brother will die before you blood is cold" Shit, he seemed to read my panick. "Yes, Maddy, I am not stupid. The whole reason you brother is here, is you. To make sure you behave. If you want him to survive, you'll have to come with me without any of this ... drama"

I slowly lowered my knife, for my brother.

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