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Chapter 45: rescue mission part 2

<< MADDY >>

Nick escorted me toward the larger room again. When I entered the room, the lights were illumanating the room again. In the middle of the room stood an elevated platform with what seemed to be the official ceremonic knife and goblet on a small table.

I don't know why Nick had bothered to put up the platform. It wasn't like there was an enormous crowd to watch the ceremony, not that I wanted to. I didn't want any of this. But if it kept my brother safe ...

I climbed the podium with Nick right behind me, his hand held my wrist tight. He was probably afraid that I was going to make a run for it.

"Behave" he wispered is my ear as we took our place in the middle of the platform. Per tradition, each of the mates should have a witness present, but that wasn't really necessary. Still, they hauled my brother from behind the iron door and dragged him to the stage. I was shocked when I witnessed his bloodied face. The blood seemed fresh and wasn't there when I had seen him just moment before. Bastard! Was this what Nick was 'handling' when he left.

A growl slipped from me before I could stop it. Wait, a growl?

"Maddy, you don't have to do this!" James yelled towards me when he saw me.

"Yes I do" I responded quietly.

James struggled against the two warrior who held him tight. They positioned him besides the platform and forced him to watch. My hard broke as I saw the flash of panic and sadness in his eyes. I wished more than ever that I still had my wolf so I could mindlink him. Tell him that I would make sure he was alright.

And it happened, so fast that for a minute I didn't know what was going on. One of the guards who held my brother collapsed beside him. He clutched his stomach and groaned in pain. But before an explanation was given, the other guard also collapsed. James was ... free?

He seemed as shocked as I was, but there wasn't much time before all hell broke lose. James fought of another warrior who had lunged for him as his collegues still remained in the crouched position. More guards and warriors poured in from different entries.

I jumped from the platform and landed right besides my brother who instantly shifted in his wolf to fight the oncoming dangers. The room soon filled with growl, grouns and howls.

James and I fought side by side, almost like old times. We took down wolves but tried not to kill or injure too badly. They were just following orders, horrible orders.

"ENOUGH" A deep voice boomed from the platform. A second later a figure jumped of and landed on my brother who yelped and howled... It was Nick ... and he was holding something shiny ... something dangerous ...

A silver dagger

coated in blood

James's blood

James collapsed on the ground and transformed back in his human form. He was naked but I didn't care as I ran up to my brother and threw my arms around him.

"No, no no no ..." I sobbed as I witnessed the deep stab wound in his back. In that instance I knew ...

"I love you. Tell them I love them, please" James mumbled as I rocked him in my arms. I tried to apply pressure on the wound, but I knew it was useless. The silver would soon reach his heart. I could already feel his breathing and heart slow down.

"No, no, no, James, stay with me please ..." I kept sobbing. But he couldn't stay. His blood was all over me, too much blood and I doubted that someone here was willing to call a doctor.

James closed his eyes, his breathing slowed ... too much.

"I told you what would happen ..."

I didn't here the rest of Nick's sentence as the world turned red. The color of my blood that was spilled because Nick couldn't control his temper.

Red, like Cherry's hair that I would probably never see again

Red, like the cover of my first journal where I poured all my feelings for Tobias is

Red, like the blood that coated me, my brother's blood.

<< TOBIAS >>

This was my fault. It was all my fault.

I never should have told Maddy we were mates

I never should have cheated on her, especially not with Dana

I should have stopped Nick.

Stopped him when we were in the courtroom and he kept lying. Stopped him when he told me his plan, when he hired that member in Maddy's pack.

In that courtroom, my heart broke when she told what had happened. When she told me she lost her wolf, because of me. That was my fault.

And I did nothing

But now, here, seeing how Nick handled her and her family. I knew it was only a taste of it. I knew that once they were officially mated, no one could stop him doing any worse, exept the Alpha King himself.

I had to stop him. So I did.

When I left the office, I made my way towards the guards, or more like their refreshments. They had been lacing Maddy's family with wolfbane, to make sure they wouldn't shift while they were here. I had intercepted the wolfbane yesterday, in case of emergency, and had kept it.

They didn't suspected a thing as I offered them a shot of alcohol to 'celibrate our Alpha's victory'. And why would they. I had made sure to give James's guards an extra dose. But I didn't know how well it would work and when it would start.

But eventually the wolfbane had done it's work. They collapsed and hell broke lose. But I had never guessed that Nick would ... would do ... that ...

If I had known, I would've helped James and Maddy. I wouldn't have stood there like some ... ugh ... COWARD

I felt the packbond with James, one of my best friends, snap and a seconds later a loud howl filled the space. But it didn't come from the wolves. Not from the guards and warriors who just looked shocked about the death of their ex-Gamma.

No, it was Maddy. She howled. Like a wolf, a real one.

I couldn't believe what I saw next. Right before my eyes, Maddy, she transformed, in a ... wolf.

The howl sounded again, louder this time.

She was gorgeous, like she always was. But she was also different, bigger, stronger

The beautifull wolf turned towards Nick and those howls turned into furious growls.

And those eyes ... they seemed to speak. Seemed to challenge Nick

Maddy lunged for Nick as the doors of warehouse were ripped from their hinges and wolves I didn't recognize ,crashed inside

oh shit

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